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Long-Lasting Semex Sires Dominate Mature Cow Class At Royal

noneDeveloping cows that are built to last is key to reducing expenses and increasing profitability on dairies worldwide. These long-lasting, trouble-free cows are the real cows on real dairies that deliver real profitability day after day. They are the favourites on any operation and at the Royal Winter Fair on November 13, they were among the favourites at the entire show.

The Holstein Mature Cow Class was an impressive display of dairy strength and longevity for the thousands of visitors who watched as the 100% Semex-sired class proudly entered the ring. These veterans were sired by seven different Semex sires, known to deliver profitable daughters including: Shoremar James, TCET Lyster, Silky Cousteau, Comestar Lheros, Innwood Terrason, Markim Thunder and Comestar Stormatic.

Led by the 2009 Grand Champion cow, EX-97-2E Thrulane James Rose, who has nearly 64,000 kgs of 4.6F and 3.8P lifetime, each of these cows showed the qualities that spell durability and endurance. They each possess tremendous dairy strength, strong mammary systems and great feet & legs, and an average final score of 94 points, showing that they exemplify long-lasting, functional conformation.

Production drives profitability and these impressive individuals average 43,477 kgs of 4.1F and 3.4P lifetime to date, showing that Semex sires not only deliver long-lasting cows, but also deliver the real cows that deliver real results and real profitability.

Providing the genetics to breed those real cows on real dairies that are profitable and long-lasting is Semex's #1 goal. With the past being the best predictor of the future, dairymen worldwide can trust that Semex has the breeding knowledge, history and understanding to continue to deliver the most valuable daughters on any operation worldwide.