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December 2013 Proofs Confirm Semex's Commitment To Genetics for Life

The December 2013 genetic evaluation confirmed Semex’s commitment to offering our clients the best product to deliver profitable results. Dairymen working with Semex are covered whether they’re looking for outcross bloodlines, high fertility, newly released daughter proven sires or high reliability sires. This is Genetics for Life! For those dairymen looking for leading genomic young sires, Semex’s Genomax™ lineup is where you want to be, as five of the top 20, 10 of the top 40 and 13 of the top 50 GTPI genomic young sires born over a year ago, with semen ready for use call stud code 200 home. Repromax™: As the world’s only international fertility evaluation, Repromax sires offer you higher conception and non-return rates, which means more pregnancies on your farm. Joining this group of fertility leaders following the December evaluations are:    0200HO03695    CHARTROISE SATISFACTION *RC  (MR BURNS *RC x GOLDWYN)  0200HO03700    GLEN-TOCTIN LANGLEY  (PLANET x SHOTTLE) 0200HO03699    HOWARDVIEWWG LIGHTNING  (GOLDWYN x TOYSTORY) 0200HO03701    LADYS-MANOR ANDERS  (HOWIE x GOLDWYN) 0200HO02547    PARADISE-D GLONNI  (ARMSTEAD x GOLDWYN) 0200HO06162    SCHILLVIEW GUNGHOE  (PLANET x SHOTTLE) 0200HO03722    UFM-DUBS SHAC  (ACTIVE x SHOTTLE)      0200HO03711    VELTHUIS SOPHOMORE  (PLANET x LOU) 0200JE00469     ESTRAN RANDOM  (LEGACY X BLACKSTONE) 0200AY00697     PALMYRA BINGO  (POKER x JERRY) HealthSmart™: Semex’s HealthSmart sires produce profitable daughters that are healthier, more fertile and last longer. This means lower costs and more profit in the ledgers. Semex’s HealthSmart sires including 0200HO00402 Mainstream Manifold and 0200HO05929 Gen-I-Beq Brawler are proven to sire desirable, healthy cows. New to this roster following the December evaluations are: 0200HO09901    CLAYTON-CREST ACE  (SHOTTLE x GOLDWYN) 0200HO02600    O-BEE KRUSADER  (PLANET x SHOTTLE) 0200HO00582    REGAN-ALH PRIDE  (SOCRATES x DURHAM) 0200HO06152    REGANCREST TYRON  (PLANET x TOYSTORY)              0200HO06163    ROCKYPATH-HO BLUFF  (SOCRATES x OUTSIDE) 0200HO02557    SANDY-VALLEY ALLSTAR  (SOCRATES x SHOTTLE) 0200HO02595    SANDY-VALLEY TIAGO  (ARMSTEAD x GOLDWYN) 0200AY00702     LESSARD JUMPER  (NORMANDIN x TRIDENT) Genomax™: Semex clients looking for the best in genomics look to Semex’s Genomax as the youngest and brightest genomic sires available anywhere. Our rigorous selection standards ensure that Semex’s bulls are the industry’s finest genomic stars. Our Genomax line-up is envied worldwide and includes young bulls that have become household names including 0200HO07450 Amighetti Numero Uno. New to this line-up in December are: 0200BS00303 LIME ROCK SEASIDEBLOOM 0200HO03949 LADYS-MANOR OLYMPIAN *RDC 0200HO02790 ROYLANE FLEX 0200HO06572 STE ODILE CHAPLIN 0200HO02955 JIMTOWN NADEEM-ET *RDC 0200HO06573 SUMMERLIZ LIVING 0200HO03937 DONNANDALE JUGGERNAUT 0200HO03881 HAMMER-CREEK KOZAK 0200HO03935 MR WELCOME THORLEY 0200HO02985 CLAYNOOK DELAWARE 0200HO08173 ORMEFIELDS BUNGEE-IMP 0200HO02959 LOOKOUT-PESCE STOP 0200HO03871 VELTHUIS SG EVASION 0200HO10006 LADYS-MANOR DURBIN 0200HO02990 SILVERRIDGE AVALANCHE 0200HO02945 BUTZ-HILL LAURENTIAN 0200HO02995 TRUSTMORE ACCELERATOR 0200HO02781 STANTONS XMAS 0200HO02953 DRIFTY-HOLLOW ACTION 0200HO03913 CROTEAU LESPERRON UNIX 0200HO03912 CROTEAU LESPERRON URBAIN 0200HO03989 KHW ANAHIEM *RDC 0200HO06530 EDG SKATEBOARD 0200HO03938 VELTHUIS B AUDITION 0200HO03920 MACPES LONIC 0200HO02951 DE-SU TRUSTY 0200JE09836 BW ARES 0200JE00230 BUTTERCREST GAMEDAY 0200JE07756 GOLDEN GDK VIVALDI For more information on Semex, Genetics for Life, Repromax, Genomax or HealthSmart sires visit www.semex.com