The Future Looks Bright

Our future looks bright.... We're growing to feed a hungry planet, evolving to reinvent the future with solutions, innovation, research and the best genetics. All this through our global distribution network, progressive partners, dedicated employees and YOU!

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Semex Immunity+™ At Schwab Dairy

Semex Immunity+™ is making an impact at Schwab Dairy in New York. Video featuring Professor Bonnie Mallard, PhD, MSc, BSc from the University of Guelph, Ontario Veterinary College as well as Jason Schwab and Nate Bennet from Schwab Dairy.

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Congratulations Patty Jones!

During the Canadian National Holstein Show at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Semex was pleased to honour and congratulate photographer Patty Jones on her induction into the Canadian Ag Hall of Fame. A video was played during the show, highlighting her career and we're happy to share it with the world!

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Semex 2017 Royal Daughter Display

This year's Royal was awesome in so many ways! If you weren't able to be there here's a quick video on the daughters we showcased in our display! We featured daughters by: 0200HO02828 Sympatico *RC, 0200HO02770 Meridian, 0200HO06480 Doorman, 0200HO03950 Bombero, 0200HO03913 Unix, 0200HO10363 High Octane, 0200HO10000 Lineman, 0200HO10146 Solomon.

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0200HO06593 Silverridge V Extreme Dec 2017

Check it out... Semex's 0200HO06593 Silverridge V Extreme (Supersire x Snowman x Planet) is a high fertility Repromax™, HealthSmart™, Calving Ease and RobotReady™ sire with daughters that impress owners with their high volume of milk, easy calving and ability to get right to work! They're intermediate stature, have a pleasing rump structure, good heel depth and high, wide rear udders.

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0200HO10000 Comestar Lineman December 2017

Semex's 0200HO10000 Comestar Lineman (a Mogul brother to #3 LPI sire 0200HO03910 Comestar Lautrust) debuts as the #9 LPI sire as an Immunity+™, Calving Ease and Robot Ready™ sire at +3177 LPI with +107 HL, 2.52 SCS, +11 Conf and +15 MS! Check out his daughters in the UK and Canada here!

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0200HO10196 View-Home Mandate December 2017

Semex's 0200HO10196 View-Home Mandate (Day x Robust x Zenith) graduates at +2560 GTPI, +797 NM$, +6.8 PL, 6.6% SCE with solid type and is a HealthSmart™ and Calving Ease sire.

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0200HO06676 Ladys-Manor Octoberfest December 2017

0200HO06676 Ladys-Manor Octoberfest receives his progeny proof in December 2017 and is one of the highest-ranking daughter proven Immunity+® sires at +2503 GTPI. A high fertility Repromax™ sire Octoberfest is also +7.3 PL, low 2.54 SCS with solid type.

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0200HO06628 ELI023 Masterful December 2017

A high fertility Repromax™, Calving Ease and Robot Ready™ sire 0200HO06628 ELI023 Masterful receives a progeny proof in December 2017 at 5.3% SCE, +4.5 PL, positive deviations and solid +2.02 PTAT.

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0200HO02954 EDG Duty Free DEC2017

Check out this video of a 0200HO02954 EDG Duty Free daughter. Duty Free is a RobotReady™ sire with solid +2.86 PTAT, +2.76 UDC, +2.06 UDC, +4.5 PL, +2.3 DPR.

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