Semex Nyheder


Semex recognizes the need for cattle that are most profitable in a pasture-based production environment. This means sires that yield high components, produce progeny of a limited size while maintaining strength, durability and mobility. Efficiency is the key to good grazing animals. Semex’s GrazingPro sires will maximize component yield and put focus on health and reproductive traits to ensure highly profitable, long-lasting animals with limited problems.

These animals will also ensure easier calvings and create more, darker coloured calves. GrazingPro sires are designed to make management in grazing environments as effortless as possible, while maximizing profitability and peace of mind.

“These sires have been selected to be efficient, long-lasting animals that will provide high component yields and good reproductive performance,” says Dr. Steven Larmer, Semex Dairy Solutions Coordinator. “GrazingPro sires are also chosen for their limited calf size, good feet & legs and udder composite, limiting mobility and udder health problems. They are also selected for coat colour, ensuring no problems with fair-skinned animals in sunny climates. On average they are 30% better for component yield than other sires, have higher daughter pregnancy rates (1.3% higher), less difficult calvings (0.8% lower) and have 14% lower Somatic Cell Scores on average. Overall this means more profitability on pasture than other sires.”