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Genomax®: Putting Tomorrow's Sires To Work Today With Genomics

noneSemex has been at the forefront of genomic research, leading the industry and working closely with both Canadian and USA officials to develop the very best options for dairymen everywhere. The main goal in using genomic selection and offering our Genomax™ product has been to increase both the number and diversity of elite bulls available to our clients. This will allow Semex customers worldwide to make the most genetic progress and ultimately profit within their own herds. “We’re committed to bringing the benefits of genomic selection to our customers,” says Brad Sayles, Semex Alliance Vice President, Global Marketing.  “Semex’s Genomax™ line-up certainly offers dairymen the best genomic options.  We’ve hand selected these sires, knowing that they have the genetic capability to excel and be profitable. The Genomax™ line-up includes some of the world’s highest rated young sires for traits directly related to profitability on farm.” Through a careful selection process Semex offers the best genomic tested young sires available today. These sires are those that top the rankings, whether you’re looking for LPI or TPI and feature young sires that are the best for: Net Merit; TPI; LPI; Type; Calving Ease; and additionally offer sexed genomic bulls known as Genomaxx™ sires. These newly released Genomax™ sires are truly standouts with unlimited potential, ready to give you tomorrow’s genetics today:

  • 0200HO02272 WABASH-WAY ARBOR (Shottle x BW Marshall)
  • 0200HO02427 ARDROSS STERLING *RC (Mr Burns *RC x Shottle)
  • 0200HO05645 GEN-I-BEQ SHOTGUN (Shottle x Storm)
  • 0200HO05663 REGANCREST BALTIMOR (Shottle x Durham)
  • 0200HO05908 HENDEL BIGSTONE (Bolton x Oman)
  • 0200HO05929 GEN-I-BEQ BRAWLER (Baxter x Shottle)
  • 0200HO00547 DE-SU BURNISH (Baxter x Oman)
  • 0200HO00555 RALMA-RH TRUMPET (Baxter x Goldwyn)
  • 0200HO02197 COMESTAR LADNER (Goldwyn x Champion)
  • 0200HO02216 GOLD-N-OAKS GAVIN (Goldwyn x Ford)
  • 0200HO02331 MR MARVELOUS (Toystory x Finley)
  • 0200HO02366 WEST PORT ARRON DOON MITEY P (Goldwyn x Sept Storm *RC)
  • 0200HO02438 ERBCREST ROLO (Baxter x Goldwyn)
  • 0200HO02475 MEMENTO BENEDICT P (Shottle x Oswald)
  • 0200HO03603 GILLETTE STANLEYCUP (Bolton x Blitz)
  • 0200HO03648 DOMICOLE CHELIOS (Baxter x Goldwyn)
  • 0200HO05565 REGANCREST LONGTIME (Shottle x Stormatic)
  • 0200HO05588 COMESTAR LAUTHORITY (Goldwyn x Igniter)
  • 0200HO05589 DESLACS SHAQUILLE *RC (Shottle x Durham)
  • 0200HO05630 COMESTAR LAVANGUARD (Goldwyn x Titanic)
  • 0200HO05655 DELABERGE SHOCKER (Shottle x Durham)
  • 0200HO05668 REGAN-ALH DRAGON (Goldwyn x Oman)
  • 0200HO07404 COLARO (Roumare x Shottle)
  • 0200HO07405 DURHAM RED (Mr Burns *RC x Goldwyn)
  • 0200HO02205 LA PRESENTATION GARTER (Goldwyn x Forbidden)
  • 0200HO02308 SANDY-VALLEY GLORFINDEL (Buckeye x Lancelot)
  • 0200HO03516 GINARY JACK (Goldwyn x Allen)
  • 0200HO03630 DIAMOND-OAK J S NEPTUNE-ET (Jet Stream x Titanic)
  • 0200HO05904 KLASSIC BILLBOARD (Ramos x Shottle)

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