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Genomax®: Works For Semex Customers

noneSemex has been at the forefront of genomic research since 2003, and has been incorporating genomics into its breeding program to increase both the number and diversity of elite bulls to our clients.

Since August 2008 Semex’s Genomax™ product has done just that, allowing Semex customers worldwide to make the most genetic progress and profit within their own herds. Following the January 2010 genetic evaluations, Semex is extremely pleased with the official evaluations posted by its first Genomax™ team.

“In August 2008 Semex released its first team of five genomic bulls in North America,” says Pierre Laliberte, Semex Alliance Senior Vice President, Genetics & Research. “Not even 18 months later, as four of those bulls are officially proven, we can definitely say that this concept works better than we hoped. If we look at the average of these proven bulls and compare it to their genomic proof, the group obtains a +1895 for TPI now compared to +1889 in August 2008. Production is slightly lower, but the type is up with desirable functional traits.”

In fact, many traits for this group of sires increased, including fat and protein percentages, PTAT, UDC, FLC, PL and NM$. Individually these bulls are leaders of the breed and are poised to make their mark, with Semex customers already reaping the benefits of having utilized these Genomax™ sires when first made available:

• 0200HO00422 MORSAN OMANNY (Top 10 New Release TPI Sire Jan 2010)
• 0200HO05357 COMESTAR LECLYPSE (Top Herd Life, Calving Ability & Low SCS Sire)
• 0200HO05378 KLOVER-HILL JAVA-ET (#1 FLC & UDC Int’l Sire Jan 2010)
• 0200HO05428 MY-JOHN KARIK-ET (Increased TPI, Deviations & FLC)
• 0200HO05575 GILLETTE JORDAN (Early Goldwyn son poised to make impact in April 2010)

“Breeders that used the first Genomax™ team were able to take advantage of very fine genetics in advance,” says Laliberte. “As Semex has always said, the reliability of a team of genomically proven bulls is very close to that of a first crop sire. When used as a group, genomically proven sires are very attractive.”


Semex carefully selects the best genomic-tested young sires available today. These sires are those that top the rankings, whether you’re looking for LPI or TPI, and feature young sires that are the best for: Net Merit; TPI; LPI; Type; Calving Ease; and additionally offer sexed genomic bulls known as Genomaxx™ sires.

Below are Semex’s new Genomax™ sires. These sires are truly standouts with unlimited potential, ready to give you tomorrow’s genetics today. Like the original Genomax™ Team of 18 months ago, these sires bring with them unlimited genetic potential, and are ready to make an impact on your herd.

  • 0200HO05983 COMESTAR LAUBURNS *RC (Mr Burns *RC x Igniter)
  • 0200HO00546 DE-SU BOWMAN-ET (Baxter x O Man)
  • 0200HO00578 DE-SU JOCKEY-ET (Stol Joc x O Man)
  • 0200HO02512 DREAM-PRAIRIE BREAKER-ET *RC (Mr Burns *RC x Goldwyn)
  • 0200HO03685 GREENLEA ARTIE-RED-ET (Mr Burns *RC x Regiment Red)
  • 0200HO00542 HENDEL MISCHIEF-ET (Bolton x Shottle)
  • 0200HO05643 REGEL BEAMER-ET (Duplex x Stormatic)
  • 0200HO06060 SANDY-VALLEY ARTISTIC-ET (Planet x Outside)
  • 0200JE09822 FOREST GLEN ACTION ALAMO (Action x Montana)
  • 0200JE00030 FOREST GLEN FANATIC (Action x Bold)
  • 0200JE00455 MOLLY BROOK UPPERCUT (Militia x Action)

Contact your local Semex representative today for availability and additional information regarding Semex’s Genomax™ sires or any of Semex’s growing suite of programs designed to increase real dairy profitability or visit