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ai24®: Proven Heat Detection Technology Impresses Dairymen At World Dairy Expo

noneDairymen attending World Dairy Expo (WDE) seek out new technologies aimed at increasing profitability. Without exception, visitors to WDE were impressed by the industry’s most highly proven and reliable heat detection program, ai24™. This time-tested program features proven heat detection rates of 85-90% and is reducing days open and increasing profitability on herds across the USA and around the world with over 500,000 collars in use.

ai24™ was featured in Semex’s exhibit hall booth and in the Semex tent, with hands-on demonstrations and testimonials from long-time ai24™ user Joe Stewart of Stewart Farms, Inc. of Nampa, Idaho.

Joe was also the featured speaker at the World Dairy Expo Virtual Farm Tour held on Wednesday, September 29. Dairymen from coast to coast and around the world were in attendance, captivated by Joe’s innovative dairying techniques aimed at increasing profitability and his utilization of ai24™’s Heatime® technology. Stewart Farms, Inc. has achieved remarkable reproductive success through its Heatime® use including a 54.5% conception rate, 30-day reduction in days open, decreased calving interval to 12.6 months and a rolling herd average of 26,504 pounds of milk. If you missed the Virtual Farm Tour, go to WDE’s website and download a podcast at

“Customers are looking to reduce reproduction expenses, decrease days open, reduce labor and semen costs and simply get more cows in calf,” says Chris Sheahan, ai24™ Program Manager. “Visitors to World Dairy Expo saw that the ai24™ system is the most reliable, proven and accurate heat detection system available. The response to the system has been tremendous and we look forward to working with dairymen to increase profitability.”

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