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Semex's Genetics for Life Takes Center Stage At World Dairy Expo

Known as the ‘Center of the Dairy Universe,’ World Dairy Expo (WDE) 2013 will certainly go down in the record books as one of the very best ever at Semex.

With thousands of people visiting with us in order to find out more about our products, programs and services, the Semex Tent and our booth in the exhibition hall were the places to be at WDE. Both locations showcased Semex’s key products and services including: Immunity+™ (a Top 10 Winner of the 2013 Dairy Herd Management Innovation Awards); Semex Works™ (an easy, interactive, flexible program that will keep dairies a step ahead); Semex ai24™ (the SCR-HR® tag was a Top 10 Winner of the 2013 Dairy Herd Management Innovation Awards); and daughters of our Premier™ program graduates. The Premier program is the fastest growing in the US and the display included daughters by:

  • 0200HO09901   CLAYTON-CREST ACE: HealthSmart™ sire graduating in December 2013
  • 0200HO05929     GEN-I-BEQ BRAWLER: HealthSmart™ sire
  • 0200HO03648     DOMICOLE CHELIOS: Repromax, Calving Ease and Show Time sire
  • 0200HO05592     CRACKHOLM FEVER: Repromax™, HealthSmart, Robot Ready™ and Show Time™ sire
  • 0200HO00528     SILDAHL JETT AIR: HealthSmart and Calving Ease sire
  • 0200HO05549     REGANCREST REGINALD: Repromax, Calving Ease™, Robot Ready and Show Time sire

“Our guests and visitors were extremely impressed with the time they spent with us at World Dairy Expo,” says Paul Krueger, Semex Director, Sales & Business Development, USA. “Semex and Genetics for Life™ is about genetic solutions, our commitment to research & development, developing long-lasting, profitable herds and lifelong partnerships. Dairymen saw that Semex’s programs and services are their best option when it comes to building long-lasting, healthy and profitable herds. Our team was excited to share our story with these folks and looks forward to visiting with them more in the future.”

For more information on any of Semex’s brands or the products, programs and services featured at World Dairy Expo visit: