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Semex and The Cenatte Group in Brazil are pleased to announce the establishment of a joint venture that enhances the strengths of both companies.

Located in Pedro Leopoldo, MG, Brazil, Cenatte is one of the world’s leading biotechnology and bovine reproduction companies, working to increase beef and dairy client productivity for nearly 30 years. Enjoying excellent client satisfaction levels, Cenatte provides embryo transfer services, in vitro fertilization and genetic solutions, all now available through Semex Brazil.

As both companies are dedicated to providing their customers and partners with the most innovative genetic solutions and technologies available, Cenatte aligns well with Semex’s global strategies and beliefs, and is well supported for future growth.

“We are excited about partnering with Cenatte and its people,” says Paul Larmer, Semex Chief Executive Officer. “We know that we’re living in a global marketplace and we’re looking beyond our borders in order to provide leading genetic solutions. Cenatte will be integrated with our North American in vitro fertilization technologies, further strengthening our product line while offering the most up-to-date technologies to our Brazilian customers. We’re looking forward to working with our colleagues at Cenatte as one of our global partners, developing long-lasting and profitable herds for our clients. We believe that this is Genetics for Life and a key part of our vision and mission.”

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