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Semex's Immunity+: Best Option To Improve Herd Health

Like no other product on the market, Immunity+ with its 30% heritability, distinguishes Semex as the genetic company of choice for dairymen worldwide.

“Our clients want the very best options to improve their herds’ health,” says Paul Krueger, Semex Immunity+ Global Brand Manager. “Without a doubt, Immunity+ is their best option. It’s 30% heritable and is the only full-body solution for herd health that begins at birth.”

At the heart of this technology is more than 20 years of research and over 100 published papers in scientific journals on immunogenetics and the many associated

health benefits. Immune response selection is highly effective, because it’s 30% heritable. Each generation bred to an Immunity+ sire is expected to reduce disease incidence by at least 4-8% and these offspring produce higher quality colostrum with more antibodies and have a greater response to commercial vaccines.

In April 2016 Semex has:

  • 56 Genomax Immunity+ bulls over +2400 GTPI
  • 27 Genomax Immunity+ bulls over +2500 GTPI
  • 6 Genomax Immunity+ bulls over +2600 GTPI
  • Three new Jersey Immunity+ bulls:
    • 0200JE01039 Sun Valley Jive                   
    • 0200JE01044 Faria Brothers Matic
    • 0200JE01047 Faria Brothers Courtois 

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