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Semex is excited to announce the enhancement of its Product Development Team. Comprised of the Genetic Development and Product Acquisition groups, this team’s focus is ensuring Semex remains an industry leader through its unique genetic strategies and acquisitions, as well as its own internal product development and promotion strategies.

Working alongside exclusive and preferred partners and breeders globally, this team will cultivate long-term and mutually beneficial relationships that will continue netting the world’s most sought after genetics.

“We’re extremely excited about this talented group of people,” says Brad Sayles, Semex Vice President Product Development & Client Solutions. “Each one brings excellent knowledge and the proven experience in today’s fast-paced genetics environment that will continue propelling both Semex’s and our partners’ genetic strategies forward. We look forward to their contributions to Semex and the genetics industry.”

Genetic Development Team:

  • Thierry Laberge: Thierry’s contributions to Semex’s genetics portfolio are significant and he will continue working closely with Canadian partner herds as he has since joining Semex in 1995

  • Mike West: Since 2007 Mike has been a part of the Semex Team. His dual role saw him providing excellent product support as well as sire acquisitions in the US, Canada and Europe

  • Carl Saucier: Carl has worked closely with Semex through partner-owner CIAQ since 1991, providing excellent product support as well as leading international tours

  • Jim Biggar: Like Carl, Jim has worked closely with Canadian herds through his role at Semex partner-owner EastGen since 1996, providing excellent product support and leading international tours

  • Carl Barclay: Carl has been with Semex partner-owner WestGen since 2007, most recently as a Reproductive Consultant, providing technical knowledge to sales persons and clients in Western Canada

Product Acquisition Team:

  • Brian Carscadden: Joined the Semex Family in 1994 as a Sire Analyst with United Breeders, buying bulls from Canada, the US and the UK  

  • Julien Chabot: Julien also joined the Semex Family in 1995 as a Sire Analyst with Eastern Breeders Inc, responsible for bull purchases in Canada, the US and Western Europe

  • Paul Trapp: Paul has over 20 years of experience as a Sire Analyst with a global competitor and is well-versed in supporting genetic programs through sire acquisitions and client relationships