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In December, Semex is proud to announce it now has 264 reasons to use Immunity+!

“We’re excited about our Immunity+ lineup,” says Semex’s Paul Krueger, VP, Global Key Account & Solutions Strategy. “We now have 264 sires that have been tested to be Immunity+. This is your fastest, best option to breed a healthier herd. And, with this many choices, we know Semex has the Holstein, Jersey or Ayrshire bull that will meet your genetic criteria.”  

Dr. Steven Larmer, Semex Geneticist & Business Analyst concurs, “Despite all of the improvements made with dairy animal husbandry there continues to be worse health performance. When all else is equal, the thing that's going to differ between two cows on your dairy is, 'how strong is their immune system? How able are they going to be to respond to that challenge?' Because no matter how well-managed a dairy is, every cow is going to encounter both bacterial and viral pathogens almost every day," Larmer says.

Launched on December 4, 2012, Immunity+ was billed as an industry first – an exclusive product that would dramatically change the way dairymen developed their own breeding strategies and managed herd health.

Six years later, dairymen worldwide are seeing the results. A study of Semex sired animals from 35 commercial dairies in 2017 showed improvements in a number of areas on about 30,000 cows and 75,000 heifers tested. The reductions were seen in eight health incidences, with the most significant being a 20% reduction in mortality and 17% reduction in persistent mastitis. The improvements in immune response would have resulted in $72,330 savings for herds milking 1,000 cows during one lactation period.

In December, Semex is proud to offer 264 Immunity+ sires including:

  • 41 Holstein sires over +2600 GTPI
  • 14 Holstein sires over +800 NM$
  • 46 Jersey Immunity+ sires
  • 11 Ayrshire Immunity+ sires

As Semex’s lineups grow, 200 code Genomax™ sires remain a global brand of choice. Highlights in December include:


  • #2 Genomic RZG: Expansion
  • #3 Genomic RZG: Soundcloud


  • Top PLI Proven
    • #1 0200HO07790 Hoanster Zanzibar
    • #4 0200HO10195 View-Home Littlerock
    • #9 0200HO00402 Mainstream Manifold
    • 37 in top 100 PLI Proven


  • #5 LPI 0200HO03910 Comestar Lautrust
  • #12 LPI 0200HO03950 Richmond-FD El Bombero
  • #21 LPI 0200HO06642 Blondin Integral*RC
  • #1 Newly Proven Pro$ 0200HO10294 Boldi Accurate
  • Progenesis has 6 of Top 10 Genomic Conformation Sires Under 11 Months
  • Seven of Top 10 Genomic Sires Over 11 Months
  • #3 Pro$ & #4 GLPI Young Sire 0200JE10034 JX River Valley Chief {6}
  • Six of Top 10 Jersey LPI Sires
  • Three of Top 5 Jersey Pro$ Sires


  • #1 Semex TPI Proven Sire: 0200HO09137 Sandy-Valley Gram
  • #1 Semex Genomax™ Sire: 0200HO11318 Sandy-Valley Emerald
  • Four bulls in top 20 PTAT
  • 26 of Top 100 World Top 1500 GTPI
  • #2 (tied) #2 HR G code sire at 204 GJPI & #9 CM$, 0200JE01163 Pine-Tree Decade {6}