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Semex along with its owners, EastGen and CIAQ, are pleased to announce the donation of a combined $100,000 to the British Columbia Dairy Association adding to the $100,000 donation previously made by WestGen. Last month the BC Dairy Association worked quickly to set up an emergency recovery fund with all monies raised directed towards providing urgently needed services and supplies to dairy farms and their families.

"The entire country has been moved by the devastation seen by our clients, friends and partners in British Columbia following these catastrophic floods," says Paul Larmer, Semex CEO. "Our deepest concern has been and continues to be the health and safety of farmers, farm workers and livestock in these affected areas. With our partners at WestGen, we collectively worked immediately to protect supply chains and deliverables, and now together we're working to support the work needed to rebuild in these critical farming areas in what has already been a challenging year."

"British Columbia's farmers were there for us during the Great Ice Storm of 1998," says CIAQ President, Jean-François Morin. "Now it is our turn to be there for them. On behalf of our Board of Directors, employees and client-owners, we are making this gesture of solidarity to help them get through this terrible ordeal."

"As partners in Semex, we work together for producers across Canada," says EastGen President Gerrit Wensink. "Now, as the individuals and families in British Columbia deal with the devastation brought by the floods, producers in Eastern Canada are united in support of their colleagues and partners in BC."

"We're proud to be partners in a key part of Western Canada's dairy community and will continue to support and evaluate needs in this recovery effort," says Larmer. "Today we're proud to announce this collective commitment and we look forward to helping rebuild this critical part of the agricultural landscape."