Semex Releases World's First Proven Goldwyn Son

noneIn April 2010, the worldwide Goldwyn phenomenon continues with the release of Goldwyn’s first proven son, Designer Series™ sire 0200HO03491 Ladys-Manor Aurora.

Aurora arrives at a time when the demand for all things Goldwyn only equals his growing list of accomplishments! This includes recently being named the 2009 Worldwide Premier Sire by Holstein International, and dominating the 2009 All-American and All-Canadian contests. In the April 2010 genetic evaluation, Goldwyn still ranks near the top for TPI at #8 overall with a +2115 GTPI, and remains Canada’s #1 Second Crop Sire, ranking #4 overall at +2581 GLPI.

Aurora’s maternal line adds just as much interest, being extremely deep and powerful. His dam is a VG-85-2YR-USA Champion from a VG-89-3YR-USA GMD DOM 2* Aaron, then eight more generations of VG or EX dams, each with tremendous production records!

Eagerly anticipated by breeders worldwide, Aurora’s initial Canadian information does not disappoint. Like father, like son, Aurora excels for Herd Life, Conformation and Somatic Cell Scores. His solid conformation scores, +102 Herd Life and low 2.68 Somatic Cell Scores will make him instantly popular around the world.

“The Auroras are very refined, (like Goldwyns), with a feminine head, neck and legs,” says Carl Saucier, CIAQ Progeny Analyst. “They’ve got nice shallow udders are medium-sized and very refined with clean thighs and good udder texture.”

In the USA, where Goldwyn still dominates the top 10 High Ranking Sire Report at +3.33 PTAT, Aurora debuts with +2.47 PTAT, +1.60 UDC, +1.21 FLC and an overall +1672 GTPI. These type figures are supported by positive fat and protein deviations and low 2.73 SCS.

With big shoes to fill, Aurora steps into the worldwide spotlight backed by a great first proof. Additionally, breeders can capitalize on his high fertility Repromax™ status and his designation as a profitable Health$mart™ sire. Worldwide, the demand for this sire has been tremendous even before his release, and is expected to remain constant through August when Semex will release several more early progeny proven Goldwyn sons.