Profitable Laudan From Allen's Family Joins Semex Line-Up

none0200HO00423 Canyon-Breeze Alaska is Semex's #1 LPI Release sire in April, ranking an impressive #12 LPI at +2039 GLPI.

Sired by Laudan and from the same family that gave us Semex great Canyon-Breeze Allen, Alaska debuts ready to work as a Health$mart sire and ranking high for both TPI and PL in the Semex lineup.

Alaska's dam is a VG-85-2YR-USA BW Marshall from a VG-88-6YR-USA Storm and then the EX-94-3E-USA DOM Emory sister to Allen himself. Their dam is an EX-93-5YR-USA GMD DOM x EX-91-2E-USA GMD DOM x VG-85-7YR-USA, all with high production lifetime records.

Health$mart sires are identified as those that sire the most valuable and profitable cows on the dairy. These sires excel for qualities that dairies can easily quantify in their ledgers including Daughter Fertility, Milking Speed, SCS, Herd Life and Daughter Calving Ease. Alaska easily fits this bill being +103 Daughter Fertility, +103 Milking Speed, low 2.78 SCS, +106 Herd Life and +105 Daughter Calving Ability in Canada. All this with a solid conformation, solid +1039 Milk and positive deviations of +0.12F and +0.13P.

In the USA, Alaska will create a great deal of interest, not only for his outcross pedigree but also for his solid type debut of +2.06 PTAT, +1.47UDC and +1.58 FLC. Additionally, his low 2.88 SCS, 8% Calving Ease +2.8 PL and positive deviations make him extremely profitable. Additionally, Alaska is Semex's #5 TPI sire and #4 PL sire.

Ask your Semex representative today about this new, balanced sire!