Semex Jerseys Lead Breed On Both Sides of Border

noneApril 2010 Genetic Evaluations: Breed Leaders in Semex’s Jersey Lineup on Both Sides of the Border.

Semex sires continue to dominate the Lifetime Profit Index following the arrival of Canada’s first genetic evaluation run that included genomic data from the Jersey breed in early April.

Semex is home to the top three active AI sires standing in Canada for GLPI. They are 0200JE00314 Hollylane Lilibet’s Legacy, 0200JE00946 Sunset Canyon Dice-ET and 0200JE00430 Lencrest On Time-ET at +1746, +1542 and +1350 for GLPI, respectively. A further scan of this all-important list reveals that the 200JE code is home to 5 of the top 10 of the breed’s top bulls and 11 of the top 20 bulls for GLPI.

Exciting newcomer to the proven line-up is high fertility Repromax™ sire 0200JE00142 Lencrest Tyler-ET EX-91-CAN, a son of former Semex great Willoa Laser, debuting at +1108 for GLPI. This is high enough for 11th position in the breed and boasts a balanced breakdown across production, conformation and functional traits. All this makes Tyler very similar to his older maternal brothers in the Semex lineup, 0200JE00423 Lencrest Blackstone-ET and 0200JE00430 Lencrest On Time-ET who are both also Repromax™ sires.

Canada’s type leader since January 2010 and Semex Repromax™ sire, 0200JE00427 Select-Scott Minister-ET, added 18 additional daughters to bringing his total daughters classified to 82 daughters in 49 herds, maintaining his supremacy in the conformation department at +13, two points higher than his nearest rival.

In the US, veteran 0200JE00990 Sunset Canyon RP Militia-ET has added over 1300 daughters to his proof since August 2009, and has strengthened his numbers considerably. He is currently #5 for JPI on the active list at 160 and ranks #1 in the breed for NM$, CM$, PL and DPR, traits many commercial dairymen are focusing on today. His linear breakdown shows that he improves feet & legs and stature while not taking away from strength.

After sharing the honour during the August ’09 and January ’10 summaries 0200JE00944 Maackdairy Region-ET now ranks alone as the breed’s top sire for type at +2.1. This high fertility Repromax™ Legion son is quickly becoming the first choice among Jersey breeders for udder improvement. Now with an impressive group of daughters in second lactation this very popular Semex sire boasts a balanced combination of traits across his breakdown, for an overall JPI of 106.

Definitely one to watch in future summaries is 0200JE00985 BW Seville, a Barber Bill son from a View out of the same family which produced the Semex veteran 0200JE00989 BW Country. Seville added 18 early second crop daughters, to maintain his JPI at 126 this time while many other sires dropped. Several recently fresh Seville two year olds have been spotted and they exhibit desirable sweep of rib, flat bone in the rear leg, and are very eye-appealing from the side view thanks to well-attached fore udders. Viewed from the rear, the Sevilles impress with their high, wide rear udders.

Another newly released sire based upon favourable production information on his daughters in milk is 0200JE0030 Forest Glen Fanatic, Semex’s first proven Action son. His first 39 daughters in milk indicate his milk production potential at just over 800 lb, and while no official type proof is available yet, early daughters inspected in the field are medium in stature and have strong fore udder attachments and superior rear udder height.

0200JE00946 Sunset Canyon Dice-ET ranks well in the Jersey breed in both Canada and the US. Superior udder traits with an emphasis on teat placement, along with very high fat and protein tests and low somatic cell counts is a combination that many of today’s dairymen are seeking.