Semex Delivers 11th Millionaire Sire!

noneRecently, Semex sire 0200HO04779 R-E-W Buckeye reached the pivotal Millionaire Sire mark at Semex, joining 10 other elite Semex sires that have each produced over one million doses of semen.

Semex continues to lead the industry in delivering sires that are the ‘bestsellers’ of their time, the truest testament of breeder satisfaction and approval. As Semex’s 11th Millionaire Sire, Buckeye is joining an elite fraternity of industry icons including: Ladino Park Talent *RC; Hanoverhill Inspiration; Madawaska Aerostar; Startmore Rudolph; Comestar Lee, Leader, Outside and Lheros; Stouder Morty; and Oliveholme Aeroline.

These sires represent Semex’s unique ability to combine genetics, production, sales and customer demand into one package. Without a doubt, Buckeye is the complete package sire.

Proven in August 2005 through the USA Premier™ young sire program, Buckeye’s popularity was instantaneous, arriving as one of the world’s most popular BW Marshall sons and ranking #4 TPI. In February 2006, he climbed to the #2 TPI position, commanding international respect for his desirable production, solid type and in-demand health traits.

“Buckeye’s arrival as a high TPI and LPI sire made him attractive to all breeders worldwide,” says Pierre Laliberte, Semex Alliance Senior Vice President, Genetics & Research. “High milk, strong udders, feet & legs, great calving ease and low somatic cell scores make Buckeyes the trouble-free cows that spell profitability everywhere.”

The Buckeye daughters have always been known for their exceptional feet & legs, mobility and flatness of bone. Their tremendous udders are silky, very well-attached and are designed to handle the large volumes of milk that his pedigree dictates. But it wasn’t just Buckeye’s type and production that allowed him to appeal to so many breeders; the addition of his easy calving scores put him in line with the needs of many commercial dairymen.

“The Buckeyes are the daughters you never hear any complaints about on farm,” says Nick Sarbacker, Semex Midwest Premier Consultant about Buckeye daughters. "Their owners love how wet, dairy and silky they are.”

Selling every dose he produces, Buckeye semen has been sold in over 50 countries worldwide, with the USA, Japan, Canada and Spain each selling well over 100,000 doses.

“Buckeye is another example of Semex’s commitment to breeder satisfaction worldwide,” says Brad Sayles, Semex Alliance Vice President, Global Marketing. “He continues to deliver exactly what dairymen everywhere are looking for… profitable, long-lasting cows. As Semex’s 11th Millionaire Sire, Buckeye is a symbol of Semex’s global proving program and our commitment to supply the world with the most popular and profitable sires in the breed.”