Semex Works In Portugal!

noneS. Miguel is the largest island in the Azores, the Portuguese archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The agriculture economy is milk production and cows are on pasture year round. The passion for good cows is high and the local dairymen breed them, using the best genetics possible, as they are not allowed to import replacements from the mainland.

For many years, Semex genetics have been in great demand with dairymen recognizing Semex sires as delivering long-lasting cows that produce well effortlessly.

At the annual show held on May 14-16, dairymen from around the island presented their best. Semex sires had a great day capturing more than 50% of the first five places in all classes, with a variety of great Semex sires doing very well including: 0200HO03067 Pursuit September Storm *RC, Braedale Goldwyn, 0200HO03315 Braedale Pagewire, 0200HO04779 R-E-W Buckeye, 0200HO04820 Fortale Lomax, 0200HO05024 Dudoc Mr Burns *RC, Wilcoxview Jasper, 0073HO09945 Comestar Manager, 0072HO01758 Comestar Lheros, 0200HO01677 Regancrest Dolman, 0200HO04674 Poly-Kow Mailing, Canyon-Breeze Allen, Summershade Inquirer and Comestar Stormatic.

Goldwyn was the winning sire of the heifer show, siring the Calf Champion who was also the Overall Jr. Champion and two more class winners. A Dolman daughter was named Heifer Champion. Additionally, Goldwyn sired the winners in the first two milking cow classes.

In the Best Udder class three of the four competitors were Semex sired. The winner was a 6 Yr Old Stormatic, followed by an Inquirer who had won the 5 & 6 Yr Old Class and a Canyon-Breeze Allen that was the winner of the 3 & 4 Yr Old Class. At the end of the day, the Stormatic was Grand Champion and the Inquirer was Res. Grand Champion.

Congratulations to all exhibitors for their passion for quality genetics!