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Impressive Repromax® Results In Brazil

Dairymen worldwide need all the tools available to ensure reproductive efficiency in their herds during warmer months and year round.

Semex's Repromax™ brand quickly identifies those Semex sires with above average semen fertility, and leading conception rates. Recent research results from field studies in Brazil clearly show the advantages of Repromax™ for conception rates in herds with reproductive challenges. The following study was carried out on nine dairy farms in the counties of Castro and Carambeí, State of Parana, Brazil, where high milk yields contribute to even greater reproductive challenges. The results speak for themselves:

none These impressive results only prove the seriousness, quality control and success of Semex semen and Repromax™. Do not miss the opportunity of using Repromax™ in your breeding program! For more information on Semex's Repromax™ line-up click here.