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Semex Visitors Expect 'Royal' Experience In Toronto

As one of the dairy industry’s ‘must attend’ events each November, the 92nd Royal Agricultural Winter Fair will play host to hundreds of Semex’s international guests next week in Toronto, Ontario.

Semex plans to introduce and feature key products and services designed to increase dairy profitability and build lifelong partnerships with guests from Canada, the US and dozens of countries worldwide. Visitors can expect the ‘Royal’ treatment while with Semex including:

  • Immunity+™: A 2013 Dairy Herd Management Innovation Award Winner, Semex's patented Immunity+ sires have a naturally high immune response and will improve the health of the next generation 

  • SemexWorks™: Visitors are invited to use Semex’s interactive tablets to define their own genetic strategy 

  • Semex Dairy Celebration: Thursday, November 13 from 3-5:00 pm gather at the Semex display for dairy refreshments as Semex salutes the world’s hard-working dairymen! 

  • Semex Daughter Display: A highlight of the fair, Semex is highlighting daughters by some of the industry’s most in-demand proven sires, offering the genetics that result in healthier, more profitable and longer-lasting herds:

    • 0200HO05929 GEN-I-BEQ BRAWLER: HealthSmart™ & Robot Ready™

    • 0200HO06156 LARCREST CONTRAST: Repromax™ & Robot Ready

    • 0200HO03753 MARBRI FACEBOOK: Immunity+™, Repromax, HealthSmart & Calving Ease™

    • 0200HO00560 MONUMENT IMPRESSION: Immunity+, Repromax, HealthSmart & Robot Ready

    • 0200HO05575 GILLETTE JORDAN: HealthSmart & Calving Ease

    • 0200HO06267 GEN-I-BEQ LAVAMAN: Repromax, HealthSmart & Calving Ease

    • 0200HO02770 SULLY HART MERIDIAN: GenomaxPlus™, Repromax, HealthSmart & Calving Ease

    • 0200HO05549 REGANCREST REGINALD: Repromax & Show Time™

    • 0200HO05567 R-E-W SEAVER: Immunity+ & Show Time

    • 0200HO02644 MISTY SPRINGS SMOKIN: Repromax & Calving Ease

    • 0200HO02106 STANTONS STEADY: Calving Ease & Robot Ready

    • 0200HO02698 MISTY SPRINGS SUPERSONIC: Genomax™, Immunity+, HealthSmart, Repromax, Robot Ready

    • 0200HO07450 AMIGHETTI NUMERO UNO: Genomax, Immunity+ & HealthSmart

Semex is a proud sponsor of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and invites attendees to visit the Semex booth and the daughter display located adjacent to the entrance to the cattle barns. For more information on any of the sires featured at the Royal Walk of Fame, Semex, Genetics for Life or any of Semex’s brands visit: