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Working shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients worldwide, Semex is committed to finding synergistic relationships and offering genetic solutions based on our clients’ needs. Semex and Zoetis both believe in putting clients first, and this shared philosophy is at the heart of providing Zoetis’ Dairy Wellness Profit Index™ (DWP$™) to Semex clients.

“Zoetis’ new Dairy Wellness Profit Index is another tool we’re pleased to offer Semex clients,” says Paul Krueger, Semex Immunity+ Global Brand Manager and Director, Sales and Business Development, United States. “We firmly believe in putting our clients’ needs first, and offering them the very best genetic solutions. Adding DWP$ to our lineup alongside NM$, GTPI and other profit indexes offers our clients additional information in their decision making process. This, along with having the world’s only immune genetics available with nearly 150 Immunity+™ sires, ensures Semex has the most complete and superior genetic portfolio available worldwide.”

DWP$ was developed from Zoetis’ CLARIFIDE® Plus results and is a multi-trait selection index that includes production, fertility, type, longevity, wellness traits and polled results, allowing producers to use corrective matings to improve herd health.

Exclusive to Semex, Immunity+ is based on 20 years of research, over 100 published papers and is 30% heritable. And, it’s the sole, full-body solution to herd health for both viral and bacterial diseases.

“Our clients are looking for and deserve the best options to improve herd health,” says Krueger. “At 30% heritability, using Immunity+ is one of the easiest decisions you can make to improve the health of your entire herd, starting at birth and continuing generation after generation. Putting our clients first and providing the best information possible is what makes Semex different. And, although disease traits often have lower heritability, we simply believe more information is better.”

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