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Semex is pleased to announce that famous dairy cattle photographer Patty Jones will be inducted into the Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame.

The inductee notice reads, “Patty Jones has built a world-renowned business with a seasoned skill for photographing dairy animals that has changed the way they are marketed in Canada and around the world. For more than 44 years, Patty has been expertly capturing a visual history for Canadian dairy breed improvement as one of the most respected and well-known livestock photographers in the world. Her library contains more than 70,000 animals from all breeds, and she’s trained many aspiring livestock photographers to carry on the craft. Her official photographer status extends to major shows, including 4-H and the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Patty’s passion for the dairy industry includes her own Silvercap Holsteins farm where she buys, sells and breeds. Patty Jones lives in Puslinch, ON.”


Semex CEO Paul Larmer comments, “On behalf of Semex and our owning partners, it was our pleasure to nominate Patty Jones to the Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame. When reflecting on Patty’s 44-year career, it was easy to garner strong support for her nomination, as her contribution to Canada’s dairy cattle industry is immeasurable. Her skill for photographing female and male dairy animals to perfection has changed the way animals are marketed in Canada and around the world.”


“Patty built a world-renowned dairy cattle photography business, and the benefactors are dairy cattle breeders and the Canadian and global dairy industries,” says Larmer. “Semex was honoured to nominate Patty Jones to the Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame and we’re pleased the Selection Committee has recognized her for her extraordinary contribution to the dairy cattle industry, youth programs and Canadian agriculture.”


Patty will be formally inducted into the Hall of Fame at a ceremony on Thursday, November 30, 2017 in Calgary, Alberta.