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At Semex we know Beef production must increase from 60 million to 130 million tons by 2050 to feed our growing world, and it’s estimated 70% of this production will come from subtropical and tropical regions of the world. Therefore, Semex is excited to announce the expansion of its Progenesis Product Development Program to include the valuable tropical breed Nelore.  


The Nelore breed is uniquely suited to tropical climates. It is extremely hardy, having both physical strength and an ability to thrive under harsher climates, it is heat and insect-resistant, easily converts poorer forages to beef, and has meat that is highly palatable being low calorie and lean with no compromise for taste. 


Brazil leads the world with its Nelore breeding program, having the highest quality and largest populations, making it a natural home for the Progenesis Tropical Breed Program.  


“Over 12 million doses of Nelore semen are sold in Brazil alone,” says Nelson Eduardo Ziehlsdorff, Semex Brazil General Manager. “With this new program, we will partner with local Nelore breeders to deliver the best bulls for Brazil and other tropical climates.”


“Semex continues to see unprecedented growth in our Nelore and Bos Indicus products in Brazil and around the world. This initiative will build on the great relationships Semex has with our genetic partners and drive future growth of genetic sales from this important market segment,” says Brad Sayles, Semex Chief Operating Officer.