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August 2009 Proofs Now Online at www.semex.com

August 2009 LPI proofs are now online at www.semex.com

Once again dominating the LPI listing, Semex Holstein sires capture 72 of the top 100!

# 3 LPI Holstein Sire: 0200HO05049 Morningview Ashlar
# 4 LPI Holstein Sire: 0200HO03205 Braedale Goldwyn (#4 Conformation Sire & #1 2nd Crop Sire)
# 5 LPI Holstein Sire: 0200HO09804 Crockett-Acres Eight
# 6 LPI Holstein Sire: 0200HO05379 Kerndt Stallion (#1 New Release Holstein: September Storm x Mtoto)
# 7 LPI Holstein Sire: 0200HO05024 Dudoc Mr Burns *RC
# 9 LPI Holstein Sire: 0200HO03427 Springway Cleveland (#2 New Release Holstein: Titanic x Addison)

# 4 LPI Ayrshire Sire: 0200AY00328 Kellcrest Humour (#1 New Release Ayrshire: Peterslund x BBB Kellogg)
# 5 LPI Ayrshire Sire: 0200AY00594 Duo Star Normandin
# 6 LPI Ayshire Sire: 0200AY00597 Kildare Jupiter
# 7 LPI Ayrshire Sire: 0200AY00596 St Clement Edmour
# 8 LPI Ayrshire Sire: 0200AY00311 Visserdale Etro
# 9 LPI Ayrshire Sire: 0200AY00601 Lagace Ristourn

# 3 LPI Brown Swiss Sire: 0073BS00018 R-Hart Cartoon

# 2 LPI Guernsey Sire: 0200GU00109 Pine Ridge Double L
# 3 LPI Guernsey Sire: 0200GU00111 Myown Poker Bingo
# 4 LPI Guernsey Sire: 0200GU00001 Rozelyn Enhancer Jordan
# 5 LPI Guernsey Sire: 0200GU00400 Knapps Enhancer Krunch
# 9 LPI Guernsey Sire: 0200GU00401 Millborne Bolero
#10 LPI Guernsey Sire: 0200GU00102 Knapps Mr America

# 1 LPI Jersey Sire: 0200JE00430 Lencrest On Time (#1 New Release Sire: Sultan x Declo Belle)
# 2 LPI Jersey Sire: 0200JE00946 Sunset Canyon Dice (#2 New Release Sire: Jace x Lemvig)
# 3 LPI Jersey Sire: 0200JE00314 Hollylane Lilibet's Legacy
# 7 LPI Jersey Sire: 0200JE00420 Pine Haven Senior
# 9 LPI Jersey Sire: 0200JE00423 Lencrest Blackstone

Semex is proud of its 100% CVM-Free product offering; all bulls are tested free of this hereditary defect found in the Holstein breed.