Exceptional September Storm Son Added To Semex Line-Up

By the extremely popular Semex Master Series™ sire, Pursuit September Storm *RC, 0200HO05379 Kerndt Stallion's unique pedigree is certain to make him popular worldwide. His dam is an EX-91-2E-USA Mtoto with over 133,000 lbs lifetime, then four more EX-USA dams with big records.

Ranking #6 LPI, Stallion is the #1 new release sire in Canada. Stallion excels for desirable type traits at +14 Conf, +14 Feet & Legs, +15 Dairy Strength with an impressive +86 Fat, +43 Protein with +0.52F and +0.13P and a low 2.89 SCS with pleasing production. Adding to his credits, Stallion is a high fertility Repromax™ sire.

In the field, CIAQ Progeny Analyst Chris Studer describes Stallion daughters as very stylish cows. "These are tall, angular cows with great dairy strength. We like their shallow udders and strong ligaments with very well-attached fore udders. Dairymen will be very pleased with these daughters."

"Stallions are cows that are open, angular and dairy with a nice rump and foot and a fine bone," says Mike West, Semex Sire Analyst & Product Support Specialist. "Their udders show lots of rear udder crease telling us they'll last through many lactations."

A USA bred bull from the Kerndt family of Lansing, Iowa, Stallion scores well on the TPI listing at +3.42 PTAT, +1.68 UDC and +2.49 FLC with 2.97 SCS.

Ask your local Semex representative today about adding this exciting September Storm son to your breeding program.