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Semex adds to Immunity+ and Sexed sire range

Semex has introduced three new genomic sires to its range, including a new sexed Immunity+ sire. This take the number of sires being marketed in the UK for its exclusive immunity-boosting range of sires to 20.

The new Immunity+ sexed sire is Lexvold Teddy -  a Superstition son whose dam is by Man-O-Man with her pedigree extending back to the legendary Dellia herself. His genomic proof gives him scores of +2.81 for UK TM, +2.40 for Mammary and +2.59 for Feet & Legs. With a milk figure of +746kg, expect his daughters to be high producing, tall, strong dairy cows with exceptional feet, legs and udders. With a SCC score of -16, he will help reduce cell counts keeping milk price higher.

Also available sexed is Kellercrest Lancome, who has been extensively used as a sire of sons by Semex. He is an Epic son from Kellercrest Manoman Lacy VG-85-2yr. Significantly there is no Shottle, Planet, Goldwyn or Bolton in his dam's pedigree, with Shottle three generations back in his sire's pedigree. As a result he will feature high on the list of choices for herds which have used these sires extensively in recent years. His predicted proof puts him at +2.91 for UK TM, +2.83 for Mammary and +1.98 for Feet & Legs. His daughters will be medium-sized with shallow, strongly-attached udders and excellent feet. Functional traits are good, milk and PLI are high, and he is also -16 for SCC.

Richmond-DF El Bombero is sired by one of Semex' most popular sires in recent years - the Immunity+ sire Amighetti Numero Uno - and is out of a Superstition daughter. He is very high PLI at £256; has very high milk, low SCC and high daughter fertlity (+0.3). His daughters will be well-balanced, combining plenty of width with ideal dairyness. His attributes all add up to produce long-lasting cows, which ar shown in his very high Lifespan and Herd Life scores.

"All of the sires are extremely complementary to the others in the Semex range and will make a positive contribution on all dairy farms," says Semex UK genetics manager Willie Tait.

"With Immunity+ now more than a year old, farmers are increasingly recognising its benefits and anecdotal evidence from the UK shows that progeny of Immunity+ sires are able to fight off infections better. Semex is fully committed to investing in genomic testing to continually improve the genetic merit of our sires."