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De nye avlsværdital august 2016

De nye avlsværdital viser endnu engang hvor stærkt semex tyrene udvikler sig. Brugstyre med forskellige afstamninger gør det rigtig godt i Canada og USA og sørger for et flot udvalg af tyre til jer der stræber efter sikkerhed og pålidlighed. Desuden står vores Genomax tyre i toppen og scorer højt på både TPI og LPI. LPI tyre i toppen: Val-Bisson Doorman har på nuværende tidspunkt 600 døtre i produktion og forbliver en god tyr med eksteriør i toppen (+18).  Chartroise Smurf er stadig den bedste Snowman søn og videregiver mere end 2000 liter mælk. Derudover er Smurf en pålidelig eksteriørtyr. JK Eder-I Control scorer højt i eksteriør (+17) og stiger i produktion. I Canada er man lyrisk over hans kvaliteter.  Gen-I-Beq Brawler bliver ligeledes ved med at gøre det godt og med hans store andel af døtre i både Holland og Belgien sørger han for en stor tilfredshed hos kunderne.  Monument Impression forbliver stærk og med de første kvier der nu kælver, bekræftes hans kvaliteter. TPI tyre i toppen: Den absolutte tyr i toppen og nr. 1 TPI tyr er ingen mindre end Sandy-Valley Saloon. Han scorer 2669 GTPI med enorm meget mælk og 2.84 PTAT. En genetisk gigant!  Sully Hart Meridian har på nuværende tidspunkt 1260 døtre i USA, videregiver 2281 Lbs mælk og scorer en utrolig høj 3.21 PTAT. Val-Bisson Doorman forbliver en nr. 1 tyr i eksteriør indenfor top 100 listen med 3.54 PTAT (2.23 lemmer). Numero Uno har nu mere end 2000 døtre og scorer stadig højt i eksteriør (2.46 PTAT) og holdbarhed (5.3 PL). Med hensyn til Genomax tyre kan vi meddele at der er inden længe vil være meget høje tyre tilgængelige udover dem vi allerede tilbyder. Semex er Genetics for Life og ... Læs mere...

Semex Immunity+: Full-Body Solution For Herd Health

The only product offering 30% heritability to improve herd health, Semex’s Immunity+ continues to distinguish Semex as the worldwide genetic company of choice.

With over 20 years of research in immunogenetics and associated health benefits, immune response is highly effective and 30% heritable. Each generation bred to an Immunity+ sire is expected to reduce disease incidence by at least 5-10%. These offspring produce higher quality colostrum with more antibodies and have a greater response to commercial vaccines. 

“It’s our mission to offer our clients the very best solutions to improve herd health and profitability,” says Paul Krueger, Semex Immunity+ Global Brand Manager. “There’s no question that Immunity+ is their best option. It’s 30% heritable and is the only full-body solution for herd health that begins at birth.”

In its elite Genomax™ lineup, Semex now has:

72 Genomax Immunity+ bulls over +2400 GTPI
37 Genomax Immunity+ bulls over +2500 GTPI
10 Genomax Immunity+ bulls over +2600 GTPI
13 Genomax Jersey Immunity+ bulls
  6 Genomax Ayrshire Immunity+ bulls

This group is led by 0200HO10648 Endco Apprentice *RC (Kingboy x Supersire x Alchemy), who is the #2 Kingboy available in the breed at +2724 GTPI, +840 NM$, +125 CFP, +7.5 PL, 2.71 SCS, +2.1 DPR with solid +2.39 PTAT, +2.11 UDC. He’s also HealthSmart™, RobotReady™ and Red & White and his dam is a VG-85 Supersire x VG-85 Alchemy x EX-95-2E Altitude, the dam of the famous Apple!

For more information on Semex, Genetics for Life, Immunity+, Genomax sires or any of Semex’s brands visit:
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Semex Sires Lead GTPI Rankings In August Summary

Semex’s Genomax program continues to be enviable worldwide, as 200HO is now home to the breed’s #1 and #5 GTPI sires in August 2016! These sires along with new releases and mainstays including Millionaire Sire, 0200HO00402 Mainstream Manifold who has ranked in the top 100 an impressive 22 consecutive times, spell success for Semex’s Genomax program. August highlights include:

December 2015 graduate, 0200HO02792 Sandy-Valley Saloon now ranks as Holstein USA's #1 High Ranking Sire at +2669 GTPI! This increase saw his figures rise to +2749 PTAM, +87 Pro, +96 Fat and +2.84 PTAT, making him the highest PTAT sire in the top 20 and the highest PTAM bull in the top 60. As an A2A2 sire, he's one of the most in-demand sires globally.
Ranking as the #5 GTPI sire, 0200HO03859 Sully Munition debuts with a full proof at an impressive +7.8 PL and +2557 GTPI. Also A2A2, Munition is a Repromax™, Calving Ease, Robot Ready™ and HealthSmart™ sire. Dairymen tell us they’re happy with their trouble-free Munitions.
The breed's leading *RC sire, 0200HO02828 Dymentholm S Sympatico *RC, increased to +2482 GTPI and +1854 PTAM with low 2.76 SCS, +4.7 PL, ranking as the #17 GTPI sire. Along with his high fertility Repromax status he’s also HealthSmart, Calving Ease, Robot Ready and Red & White, making him even more valuable.
Graduating in August are two Facebook sons, 0200HO02875 Teemar Alistair and 0200HO02870 Mr Lookout P Enforcer. Alistair is +2353 GTPI and Enforcer is +2348 GTPI. Alistair is a Calving Ease and Repromax™ sire. Enforcer is a Calving Ease and A2A2 sire.

Semex’s Genomax lineup has over 250 active Holstein sires including 60 over +2600 GTPI, 168 over +2500 GTPI and averages of +648 NM$, 2.79 SCS, +4.8 PL from 60 different sires!  

Topping this list:

0200HO10648 Endco Apprentice *RC (Kingboy x Supersire x Alchemy): #2 Kingboy available in the breed at +2724 GTPI, +840 NM$, ... Læs mere...


Semex is pleased to announce that Gerrit Wensink (EastGen) has been appointed as President & Chairman of the Board for 2016-2017, succeeding Norm McNaughton (EastGen). Norm will continue as Executive Member of the Board. Also assisting Gerrit is Gary Bowers (CIAQ), who has been re-elected for a second term serving as Vice President. Other members of the Board of Directors include: Robert Wright (EastGen); Warren MacIntosh (EastGen); and Art Pruim (WestGen).
Semex is also pleased to welcome four new members who will serve on its Board of Directors:

Jean Bissonnette (CIAQ)
Ben Brandsema (WestGen)
Jean-François Morin (CIAQ)
Jean-François Simard (CIAQ)

Semex consists of three Partner Owners: WestGen, CIAQ (Centre d'insémination artificielle du Québec) and EastGen. For more information on Semex please visit
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The Passing of a Friend of Semex - Dr. J. Clare Rennie

It is with profound sadness that Semex announces the passing of a prominent supporter of Semex and Canadian agriculture.  Dr. Clare Rennie passed away peacefully on June 23, 2016 at 90 years of age. A long-time friend of Semex, Dr. Rennie was influential in developing relations between Semex and the Chinese dairy industry while advancing dairy technology in China. He served the agriculture industry in senior administration roles, including head of the Department of Animal Husbandry, acting dean of OAC in 1972, and later as an assistant deputy minister at the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food for 17 years. Following his official retirement, Dr. Rennie began an exciting opportunity with Semex and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) as Project Director of the Canada-China Integrated Dairy Cattle Breeding Project to help China expand and improve their dairy industry. As a result of the 12-year project, animal health and production improved tremendously in China, and milk consumption grew. Dr. Rennie was honoured with the prestigious “Friend of China” Award in 2006 from the People’s Republic of China, which recognizes significant contributions by foreigners to economic and social progress in China. Among his many achievements, Dr.  Rennie was also inducted into the Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame in 1991.
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Semex believes that people are the cornerstone of its success and is pleased to announce the hiring of Drew Sloan as Director, International Sales & Business Development. Based in the UK and effective August 24, 2016, Drew will manage European and other key markets. 

Very familiar with all facets of the dairy industry, Drew began his work as a Sire Analyst for Genus. While at Genus he had an extremely successful career and was instrumental in the planning, execution and implementing the purchase of ABS Global. His roles included product development, semen production and finally in sales and marketing as Director for Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

In 2009, Drew joined the Scottish Government as Chief Agricultural Officer. In this prestigious position, he led a staff of 600, providing business and agriculture industry advice to the Cabinet Secretary. Most recently, Drew held the position of Chief Executive Officer for Silent Herdsman Ltd. Through his leadership skills he worked with their board to develop the company’s strategy, ultimately leading to the business’ sale in February 2016.

“Drew wished to join Semex,” says Gordon Miller, Semex’s Vice President, Sales & Business Development. “He saw us as the fastest growing, most innovative company in the industry and wanted to be a part of that! We’re excited to welcome him to our team and to work closely together as Semex expands its global footprint.”
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Semex announces today that the companys Chief Financial Officer, Vince Bosquet, will retire effective June 30, 2016, bringing to a close 25 remarkable years of service to Semex and our partners. Bosquets contribution to Semex began as General Manager of Eastern Breeders Inc (EBI) where he worked closely with the General Managers of Westgen, CIAQ and Gencor to form the Semex Alliance in 1997. Ten years later, he joined Semex as the Chief Financial Officer, leading the financial reporting team, the information technology department, and also servingas Vice President Corporate Affairs. Vince was integrally involved in expanding our global footprint, says Paul Larmer, Semex Chief Executive Officer. He has always thought of Semex first, and has been a support to not only me personally, but also our Board of Directors. Vinces greatest asset has always been his open, direct and bilingual communication. This, along with his great sense of humour, quickly and easily made him a key resource to the entire Semex organization. During his tenure, Semex experienced unprecedented sales growth, with an expanded presence in both theglobal marketplace and emerging markets, changing the traditionalbusiness model. Key to his success, Vince had a deep understanding of the entire Semex organization, considering the supply chain, marketplace and the future in his analysis. To grow, you have to invest, reflects Bosquet. The challenge was to invest wisely, thinking long-term, considering risks and opportunities. Second, you need the resources for the investment and really this is only a cost if its not successful. Ive always thought it was as important to decide what not to do, as what to do. Semex appointed Robert McRae to the role of Chief Financial Officer, effective April 1, 2016, allowing for a complete and thorough transition of responsibilities. Robert joined Semex in August 2011, as Vice President, Global Operations, to lead the newly formed Operations ... Læs mere...

Semex's Steven Larmer Completes PhD In Animal Science

Semex would like to congratulate Global Dairy Solutions Coordinator Steven Larmer on completing his PhD in Animal Science with a focus on dairy cattle breeding and genomics. As a valued addition to the Semex Genetic Solutions Team in October 2015, Dr. Larmer will be instrumental in the development of new genetic tools and as the technical lead of our exclusive Immunity+™ technology. He will also play an important role in our global genetic education program and will work closely with Semex's genetic strategy and research initiatives.

Steven is no stranger to the dairy industry from his involvement in his family farm, Vintage Land and Cattle Ltd in Ontario. Following his passion in his educational studies, Steven attended the University of Guelph completing his BSc in animal biology and his MSc in animal science. As his interest in research and genetics advanced, Steven pursued and completed his PhD on the next generation of genomic technology for dairy cattle selection.
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Jersey tyre katalog april 2016

Jersey tyre katalog april 2016.

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Tyre katalog april 2016

Tyre katalog april 2016. 
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