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Semex widens stud appeal with "commercial dairyman's dream" and two talented Talent sons

Having bulls to suit every dairy breeder in the UK whatever their management system or breeding objective: that's the Semex Works Everywhere philosophy, and bearing that out is the recent proof run and latest new entrants to the Semex product line-up.

Sons of Semex legend Talent have proofed-up strongly with two excellent Talents introduced this proof round.

But bringing a new dimension to Semex's portfolio is 'the commercial dairyman's dream' - CROCKETT-ACRES EIGHT. This O Man, out of Crockett-Acres Mtoto Elly, is currently ranked No.3 for PLI in the UK with a score of 226, with +547kg milk, high fat and protein %. Moreover he has a staggering -26 somatic cell count.

Plus for type, mammary, and legs and feet his daughters are medium in stature. Daughters milk out easily and his high Lifespan score shows they have the ability to last for many lactations.

Semex continues to build on the Talent bedrock by introducing two of his sons -MORSAN FRONTRUNNER RC and WEST PORT BOOKMAN RED.

FRONTRUNNER is from the Raven family via Rudolph and out of the superb Markwell James Fiona VG-89. Proven in the US as well as Canada he has a very balanced, all-round type, scoring +2.62 Type Merit, +2.22 for mammary and +2.16 legs and feet with a PLI of 120.

His daughters are good producers with positive fat and protein % and a lower somatic cell count. Overall, breeders can expect quality mammary systems, with the tremendous rumps that Talent delivered.

WEST PORT BOOKMAN RED is a true Red and White sire combining Semex's two most famous RC sires - Rubens on the maternal side and Talent on the paternal side. Also proven in the USA and Canada, Bookman shows many of the same characteristics of Talent. He scores +3.10 for UK Type, +3.13 for mammary and 1.52 for feet and legs, with +221kg for milk at positive fat and ... Read More...

Applicants sought for Jersey exchange trip

Calling all Jersey fanatics between 18 and 25 years of age!

If you fancy a three week study tour exchange trip to Canada on a leading Jersey farm, and with all travel and accommodation paid for, then get your thinking cap on as to why you're an ambassador for the Jersey breed, and put it down in writing in not more than 500 words. The exchange is co-sponsored by Semex UK and Semex Alliance in conjunction with Jersey Canada and UK Jerseys. The placement will take place in July/August 2009.

Application forms are availble by contacting UK Jerseys, or on-line at

"The 2009 exchange to Canada will involve exciting travel and educational opportunities for a Jersey enthusiast from the UK," says Peter Arthur, Marketing Manager at Semex UK. "It is a great opportunity for any young person interested in the breed to further their knowledge and experience."

Last year's successful Canadian exchange applicant was Jenny Butcher from Paris, Ontario. Commenting on her experience she says. "I encourage all Jersey youth to apply for the 2009 exchange because it truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity".

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Semex fills gap in the sexed market with "highest type, best value" offer

Semen from Silky Powerplay - from the same family as the acclaimed premier sire Silky Gibson - is now available sexed at a price of just 26/straw. His proof and price positioning make him "the highest type, best value sexed bull on the market", claims Semex UK.

Out of Silky Storm Impala, and sired by Summershade Inquirer, his Type Merit is considerably higher than his nearest rival in the same 25 to 30 per sexed straw bracket. Where Powerplay comes in at 2.69TM, his nearest rival has one of 2.13, but Powerplay is 2 a straw cheaper. After that the TM scores of the other bulls drops below 2.00 with the average score for the group being just 1.60. However in nearly every case the price of the semen is higher than Powerplay.

This demonstrates that the choice of sexed bulls for this price band is almost entirely production-orientated, with few, if any, high type bulls being available.

Over and above his impressive type proof Powerplay has a production score of +352kgs milk, with +18kgs fat and +8kgs protein. He has a mammary score of 2.61,a feet and legs rating of 1.92 and a somatic cell count of -9. Desirable milking speed and temperament adds to the appeal of this value for money sire.

The bull produces flat-boned, clean dairy cows with good feet that are ideal set to the leg and udder that are silky textured with a strong centre ligament and with longer, ideally placed teats.

Although available in non-sexed form before, Semex believes that his availabilty in sexed form will show the real value of this well-balanced bull for many UK dairy farmers.
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