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Semex reaffirms its position as the “go-to” stud for UK farmers

The April UK proof run has returned a number of high-ranking bulls across the spectrum of lists and Semex has once again demonstrated the ability to provide a stud of wide-ranging bulls, suitable to all UK dairy producers.

Joining the Semex stud is PROGENESIS MAHOMES. With a PLI of £892, this highest ranking Genomax bull is an Elodrado son from a Milktime dam.

“MAHOMES is already in demand globally for breeding the next generation of breed influencers due to his unique genetic offering,” says Owain Harries, International Sales Manager at Semex. “It’s rare these days to see such a high index sire also score high for Type Merit, but Mahomes bucks the trend coming in at 2.04 UKTM. This is no surprise with a lineage tracing back to Gold Missy. Farmers looking to reduce stature without compromising strength or the ability to produce cows with a natural ability to milk, need to look no further than this high-ranking superstar”.

Owain continues, “MAHOMES is ideal for farmers on both constituent and liquid milk contracts, offering over 1,000 kgs milk with positive percentages. With over 10 points on Fertility Index and exceptional Lifespan figures, we will continue to see the benefits that this bull offers for many years to come”.

MAHOMES is offered to the UK market as part of the Semex Faststart Sire programme.*

On the AHDB Holstein PLI listings, Semex is now home to 40% of the top 20 available UK Proven Bulls, one of which is WESTCOAST YAMASKA, who has added more daughters, and now boasts £720 PLI, with 560 kgs milk, and extreme percentages at +0.21 fat%, +0.15% protein, together with +9.1 Fertility Index.

Owain comments, “YAMASKA is undoubtedly the star with his daughters proving to be strong and wide, with exceptional locomotion, and at 1.78 UKTM he is amongst the highest Type options within the Top 10 PLI bulls. It is gratifying to see Semex Genomax sires of yesteryear confirming their hype with high-performance daughters in ... Read More...

I Can’t Believe It’s Not The Semex Conference

Semex will host a series of Webinars in early 2021 to carry on its role in setting the tone for the dairy sector for the year ahead despite having to cancel its annual Dairy Conference for the first time in 30 years. 

Titled, I Can’t Believe It’s Not The Semex Conference, the webinars will deliver on the sought-after facts and figures dairy farmers need to navigate their way through the year ahead. 

Michael Dennison, National Sales Manager, Semex UK says, “With the year we have all experienced it is important we kick start the New Year by doing what the Semex Conference does best, bringing together the industry movers and shakers with like-minded dairy farmers.

“With the industry’s most renowned pundits sharing their views, opinions and wisdom the webinars are designed to create debate, challenge beliefs and plug the information void in an entertaining way,” concludes Michael.

Chaired by former conference chairmen, the webinars, which are all free of charge, will be an hour long and be in the format of part presentation and part Q&A to the speakers.

The I Can’t Believe It’s Not The Semex Conference Webinars will take place from January through March 2021.


Tuesday 12th January 2021 1pm– Chewing the Cud on 2021: Walkland & Potter ruminate on the year ahead.

Chair: John Allen, Kite Consulting

Speakers: Chris Walkland,   Ian Potter

It is the first time these three knowledgeable characters will appear on the same platform to discuss milk contract legislation, the latest on Brexit, price prospects and other challenges on the milk radar.


Monday 1st February 2021 1pm – The Fog lifts on Brexit: What we know now and what the implications will be.

Chair: Philip Halhead, Lancashire dairy farmer & MD of Norbreck Genetics

Speaker: Ash Amirahmadi, MD of Arla UK  and Dairy Co ... Read More...

December Proof Returns Top Three Rankings For Semex

The December 2020 proof run delivers the number one slot in three of the four main Holstein UK rankings for Semex UK. On the proven rankings Gen-I-Beq ATTICO-RED tops the UK and International list on Type Merit with +3.58. The number one slot on the Genomic rankings for UKTM again goes to Claynook DAILY at +2.90. Westcoast GUARANTEE with a PLI at £697 maintains his pole position in the proven PLI rankings. From the same herd, Westcoast YAMASKA remains in second position (PLI £672) with solid figures for fat and protein percentages (+0.22% fat, +0.14% protein) and 1.9 UKTM. Michael Dennison,  National Sales Manager-Semex UK, comments, “Just like in August this proof run has reinforced the diversity in the Semex stud which continues to be second to none with sires to cater for every dairy farmer irrespective of their breeding objective.” Debuting at No. 4 in the rankings is Siemers BRAVE, the highest Genomax sire to join the Semex stud with a  PLI of £830. This Timberlake son hails from one of the strongest cow families in the breed, the Gypsy Grands and ranks highly on many global indexes. With a combination of 1,188 KGs milk and 84.5 CFP, Brave is the highest milk bull in the top 20 as well as the breed leader for protein (42KG). A Faststart* sire, he’s available both sexed and conventional. Semex have also added to their Immunity+ sire list. Michael continues, “The latest addition to our Immunity+ line up is Fairmont RIDGELINE, a son of newly proven Progenesis TOPNOTCH. This sire’s ability to pass on a higher immune status to his progeny places him in the top 10% of the breed for disease resistance. At £568 PLI and 1.91 UKTM, RIDGELINE has a no holes linear and with ample milk 671 Kgs and positive deviations and will initially be available sexed only.” Particular attention was paid to how Walnutlawn SIDEKICK would fair this proof run and this much sought-after bull did not disappoint. Having secured enough classified daughters in his ... Read More...

Semex conference cancelled for the first time in 30 years

For 30 consecutive years Semex has organised and hosted the dairy industry’s most prestigious and informative dairy conference, with its early January time slot helping to set the tone for the sector for the coming year.

But not in 2021, alas. As with many events Covid 19 has got the better of it, with the recent escalation of the pandemic dashing hopes that life might be back to normal enough by January to host the event. Because the conference has an unrivalled mix of business and pleasure, with its renown Burns Supper, it will not be replaced with a virtual version.

“We’ve been working on the conference all year in the hope that we’d be able to host it and provide even more of an interesting and entertaining line-up that would act as a morale booster for the industry,” says Michael Dennison, Semex UK’s National Sales Manager. “We had also chosen the title "Boldly Go" in a spirit of optimism and determination post-Covid, but we always knew the odds of hosting it were even, at best.

“Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be, and we also don’t think we can replicate the atmosphere of the conference in a virtual environment so we’ve taken the decision to postpone until 2022. So it’s a case of same conference… same time… same place… same theme… but just a year later.

“On behalf of everyone at Semex may I wish everyone and their families well through these difficult times, and I look forward to welcoming people to the Conference in 2022.”
...

Semex Genomax program proves itself

The latest proof run delivers no less than five of the top six proven PLI sires for  Semex UK, demonstrating that the transition from a Genomic to Proven sire is still the definition of success in breeding.

On the proven rankings Westcoast GUARANTEE tops the AHDB  UK Available bull list on PLI at £737, a ranking boosted by  breed leading health and fertility traits. Second on the list is Westcoast YAMASKA with a PLI of £696.  “Yamaska is a new entrant on the PLI list and tops off a great day at the office for Semex”, says Michael Dennison, National Sales Manager, Semex UK. 

“He’s a sire that’s seen heavy usage for his components and he’s backed that up at 0.23% Fat and 0.16% Protein. We are looking forward to seeing how he goes over the next few runs”, continues Michael.

The other three bulls in the top six are the ever-present View-Home LITTLEROCK £672 with Hoanster ZANZIBAR and Progenesis UNICORN looking good options at £666.

 “It is gratifying to see our Genomax™ program paying off and that irrespective of their genomic predictions or position on a table, our sires when tried and tested under UK conditions are proving their worth time and time again hitting the heights when it matters”, explains Michael.

With farmers demanding cows that get back in calf quicker, Semex is now home to 19 of the top 50 proven Fertility Index sires with Lookout Pesce HUNGER leading the way at +21.1 and the average of all 19 sires  at an impressive +14.4. 

“We strive to breed healthy fertile cattle which over time will pay dividends to the farmers and these 19 sires reaffirm that when it comes to producing cows that breed back, Semex is the No1 stud of choice”, added Michael.

Not to be overlooked the Semex Genomic selection took the number one slot on the Genomic rankings for UKTM with newly released bull, Claynook DAILY at +3.04 and today they added another balanced sire in Progenesis METALLICA to ... Read More...

Another Healthy Proof Delivery For Semex UK

Following a day of base changes and roll backs, Semex UK genomic sires have delivered on their promise when graduating to proven bulls based on UK milking and classified daughters. Leading the UK proven Type Merit rankings at 3.43 is Gen I Beq ATTICO RED with Stantons APPLICABLE closely following at 3.12. View Home LITTLEROCK tops the UK proven PLI rankings at 677 followed by Hoanster Zanzibar at 673. These sires swap places on the ACI ranking with Zanzibar at 617 and Littlerock 591. Owain Harries, International Sales Manager at Semex comments, After 2 or 3 proof runs with more UK milking daughters added to their proof, it is heartening to see these bulls delivering exactly what we expected them to when they were first introduced as genomic sires. Other proof highlights include genomic Immunity+ sire Westcoast RIVER who is now No 4 in UK PLI rankings at 771 and also boasts a fertility index of +15.6 . Two new Immunity+ sires will now join the Semex stud bringing the number available to UK dairy farmers to 84: Claynook ZAZBERILLA (CASPER X DUKE X YODER ) 704 PLI and 1.72 UKTM and Claynook FORBES (CASPER X DUKE X DOORSOPEN) 562 PLI and 2.65 UKTM. Owain continues, With every male and female in the world experiencing changes to their numbers, the one thing that remains constant is the Immune Response level of our Immunity+ sires. Semex have added a further six bulls to their stud with a blend of Type Merit and Production. Breeding genetics for life is at the heart of everything Semex does and our new sires have the perfect balance of production, health and conformation. The strength of our proven and genomic line up, coupled with our ability to breed cattle who are more disease resistant, this week has shown that Semex UK has a line-up of sires that will suit any farmer or any system concludes Owain. The new sires are: Progenesis BANKSY (MARIUS X IMAX X DENVER )787 PLI and 0.9 UKTM Vatland MASTERCARD (MARIUS X EXPRESSO X KINGBOY) 747 PLI and ... Read More...

Semex Renews Sponsorship of Holstein Young Breeders (HYB)

Semex, the innovative genetic solutions company, invests for a seventh year in the future of young dairy farmers by renewing its principal sponsorship of Holstein Young Breeders (HYB).

The support from Semex makes a significant contribution to the advancement and success of HYB by supporting aspiring young breeders who are the future cornerstone of the dairy industry. Semex has an active presence at all major HYB events, including the Weekend Rally and the All Breeds All Britain Calf Show, as well as supporting a plethora of prestigious HYB Awards such as the Littlestar and Presidents Medal Award. In addition to the sponsorship, Semex pay for the three HYB Presidents Medal finalists to attend the Semex International Dairy Conference and also fund a trip for the winner to the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto.

Semex have the opportunity to sit on the judging panels for national awards and competitions, host workshops and seminars and be at the forefront of the organisations ethos to engage, innovate, educate and equip the future generation of dairy farmers many of who have the potential to progress onto international cattle breeding platforms - for a prosperous future.

Michael Dennison, UK National Sales Manager for Semex said, We are delighted to sponsor HYB for a seventh year. It is important for Semex to invest and support our young breeders who are the future of our industry. Supporting HYB enables us to engage, educate and encourage the next generation.

Cerys Petrie, National HYB Coordinator for Holstein UK, said, The support from Semex is a vital asset to HYB at a national and local level. Their sponsorship enables us to carry out numerous events, awards, activities and learning experiences for our members. Working in partnership helps us to support, educate and shape the future for young dairy farmers and breeders.

HYB, part of the wider ...


Semex is taking social distancing very serious and will continue to follow the Government recommendations as we all must do our part to minimise risk to customers, staff, and their families. There will be absolutely no sales farm visits all customer contact will be done over the phone. Essential service farm visits will continue for provision of: Liquid Nitrogen AI Semen Delivery All deliveries will be pre-agreed with customers where arrangements are to be made to ensure zero human contact. Where this is not possible a minimum of three metres apart will be adhered to. Disposable gloves will be worn and disposed of after each visit. Please call your Semex Genetic Consultant with any questions or concerns. The details are here. #stayhealthy
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Proofs return fertile and healthy verdict for Semex

The December proof run sees three new sires introduced to the growing Immunity+ Semex stud. The firm’s investment in immune response technology continues to deliver through the genetic pipeline to help UK dairy farmers breed inherently healthier cows and reduce antibiotic use.
Westcoast RIVER Guarantee x Montana x Supershot with £861 PLI is at the top of the genomic sire list available in the UK.  With a combination of milk (+914g), 62.4 KGS CFP %, low SCC at -37, and impressive daughter fertility (+16.4), RIVER, is an ideal bull for breeding productive, fertile, profitable cows. He will sire moderate-sized daughters, and also holds A2A2 status. He is available both conventional and sexed.
Silverridge V EINSTEIN, Topnotch x Duke x Supershot is a Faststart sire at £783 PLI.  Einstein’s Faststart status gives UK breeders the opportunity to use this bull earlier than normal. With a blend of 957 KGS milk, 71.7 KGS CFP, Positive deviations, -28 SCC and 7.2 Fertility Index, Einstein is a sire that fits well into any breeding program. Available conventional and sexed.
From the same maternal line as RIVER is Westcoast ALMAMATER offering £767 PLI. An Alcove son, ALMAMATER is also an A2A2 sire. With Milk +568kg,  52.6 KGS CFP and positive deviations,  his Fertility Index (+14.5) shows his daughters get back in-calf easily. 
Michael Dennison, National Sales Manager, Semex UK says, “Immunity+ sires are exclusive to Semex and only gain this designation after having been tested and shown to have genes which confer the highest levels of immunity. This results in daughters of Immunity+ sires having significantly lower levels of most common diseases, compared to daughters of non-Immunity+ sires. These three new Immunity+ sires provide a good selection of high PLI, components and type, together with excellent health and fertility credentials to meet the needs of UK dairymen ... Read More...

30th Anniversary of the Semex Dairy Conference Promises to Be Extraordinary


The UK is experiencing extraordinary times both within and outside of the dairy industry, and an extraordinary response will be required to make the most of the opportunities, and to mitigate the challenges, of the coming years in a new era for British agriculture.
On that note the 2020 Semex International conference the 30th anniversary conference - captures the mood with the theme Be Extraordinary and will bring together speakers and delegates that will influence and shape the UK dairy industry for the next three decades.
Chaired by Ben Briggs, Editor of Farmers Guardian and from a Lancashire dairy farming background, the line-up of speakers include :
On trade, prices and the future of milk:
PATRICK MLLER, CEO , Mller Milk & Ingredients (MMI);
JOHN ALLEN, Managing partner with Kite Consulting;
CHRIS WALKLAND, Journalist, commentator and market analyst;
PAUL TOMPKINS, UK dairy farmer and Vice Chair of the NFU Dairy Board;
Talking about meeting the demands of the consumer:
DR TAMSIN COOPER, Deputy Director of the National Food Strategy at DEFRA;
IAN WRIGHT, Chief Executive, Food & Drink Federation;
KEVIN WHITE, Fresh Food Editor at The Grocer.
Providing technical and practical expertise:
KING HICKMAN, Independent global dairy nutrition and management consultant;
CLAUS LUERSSEN, Dairy Farmer from Germany milking 850 cows;
LYNSEY AWDE, A born and bred fell farmer from Cumbria;
Looking at our industry from a different angle:
JANE CRAIGIE, Marketing & Communications consultant in food and farming;
PETER HYNES, Irish dairy farmer, who together with his wife Paula, have raised over 40,000 for mental health charities.
And taking a look at the role of technology in the genetics industry:
DR STEVEN LARMER, Semex Genomics Program Manager;
JORDAN LEAK, COO of Double A Dairy and Twin Ridge Genetics in Idaho, USA, ... Read More...