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Semex’s Ability to Increase Herd Health Grows with More Immunity+®

Semex has strengthened the number of Immunity+ sires available to UK dairy farmers with another four entering the fold recently, bringing the number of these unique award winning, health-boosting sires to 69, with the selection offering breeding solutions for all systems. With their release coinciding with the April Proof Run, their introduction expands the choice further because three of the new sires possess the A2A2 gene, and two of which are available as Sexed.

With the focus on herd health and reduced antibiotic usage on farm increasing, Immunity+’s proven ability to deliver disease reducing benefits that significantly improve animal health and welfare has seen an increased demand on these sires, says the company.

The four latest introductions are:


These sires have a blend of different pedigrees and complement Immunity+ daughters currently on the ground in the UK.

Stantons USEFUL, (Ł663 PLI), traces back to Larcrest Cosmopolitan and scores +2.35 on the new UKTM (+2.24 US PTAT). Moderate on stature and wide chested, as expected, he transmits high daughter fertility (+10.1) and long lifespan (+0.5). With moderate milk, positive deviations for fat and protein, and being an A2A2 carrier he’s a bull that easily fits into any breeding program. He’s also suitable for robotic milking systems. USEFUL is also available Sexed.

Westcoast ARDOR (Ł678 PLI), is out of Gold-N-Oaks MVP Aria2185, who already has several sons at Semex, including the hugely popular Westcoast ALCOVE. He scores +1.70 on the new UKTM (+1.97 US PTAT). As with USEFUL this sire offers moderate stature and chest width and transmits high daughter ... Read More...

Immunity+ Wins Royal Dairy Innovation Award 2018

...


...


The latest proof run with a revised Type Merit (TM) calculation sees continued domination by Semex of the genomic sire rankings, with one in five of the top 50 ranked on TM having been bred or acquired by the company, including the top two bulls, and four of the top ten.

Stantons Applicable is way out in front of its rivals in first place on the TM listings, with a score of +3.35, which results from a truly class-leading combination of an exceptional mammary score of +3.84 and a feet and legs score of +2.13. On top of those traits his daughters will have a very desirable combination of good chest width, wide rumps and excellent mobility.

Following him is Westcoast Lighthouse in second place, with a TM of +3.27, with a mammary and a legs and feet rating of +2.98 and +1.91 respectively. He breeds daughters with lower pins and slightly longer teats and, again, his locomotion score shows they move freely.

Also making it into the top 10 on type are two from the Silverridge stable - Allclass and Imax, with both over the +3.0 threshold. Even with the change to the TM formula Allclass is still an impressive +3.10 and Imax’s score has improved to +3.07. Imax daughters are moderate in stature with great chest width and lower rump angle and he is expected to be extremely popular in a wide range of dairying systems.

Since the last proof run several new Immunity+ genomic sires have been introduced by the company, including Claynook C-Suite, Claynook Dealmaker and Sandy-Valley Piston. C-Suite has a PLI of £622, combining high milk with very good fat and protein %; low SCC and good daughter fertility. Piston is also high PLI at £670 and will breed well-balanced daughters with a lot of milk and positive fat and protein %. Dealmaker also excels for udders and daughters will also have balanced frames with a slight slope to the rump.

Immunity+ sires have been identified and selected as possessing more inherently “healthy genes” than other ... Read More...

Semex International Dairy Conference 2018 'Countdown to a New Dawn'

Prepare to “Countdown to a New Dawn” at the 2018 Semex Dairy Conference   At the end of March 2019 the UK will formally exit the EU, although the extent of the transition period is still subject to political uncertainty. Regardless of that, though, farming is facing significant change, with dairying set to go through its biggest period of change since deregulation!   What might the future of the industry be, therefore? Where lie the opportunities and threats? How can we ensure we thrive and prosper? How are processors and other farmers positioning themselves or responding to the new challenges ahead? So many questions!   As befits the industry’s leading dairy conference, and one that has been at the forefront of change for over a quarter of a century, some of the pointers – if not all the answers! – will be aired at the 28th Semex Dairy conference. It adopts the theme “Countdown to a New Dawn” as its conference theme.   The top line-up of internationally renowned speakers and business leaders include: · TOM TYNAN Member of Cabinet of Commissioner Hogan’s Office, European Commission; · DOMINIC BROWN Business Unit Director Dairy, Kantar Worldpanel; · DR JUDITH BRYANS Chief Executive, Dairy UK; · DR JUDE CAPPER Livestock Sustainability Consultant; · ROB HUTCHISON Agriculture Director at Müller UK & Ireland Group; · GAIL SOUTAR NFU Chief Advisor on Brexit and international trade; · ROBIN SUNDARAM Milk Buyer & Sustainable Sourcing Lead, Nestlé; · PROFESSOR PATRICK WALL Professor of Public Health, UCD; · HEFIN RICHARDS Independent Ruminant Nutritionist; · SIMON BUGLER Gold Cup Winner, Dairy Farmer from Dorset; · DR DAVID BLACK Managing Director Paragon Veterinary Group; · PAUL KRUEGER Vice President, USA Sales & Global Marketing, Semex; · BRAD SAYLES Vice President, ... Read More...

Immunity+™ Competition Winner Announcement

The Robertson Partnership, owners of Brinkmarsh Holsteins from Falfield, Wotton-Under-Edge, Gloucestershire are the lucky winners of the Semex Immunity+ competition drawn at UK Dairy Day. They effectively win a year’s supply of Immunity+™ semen plus 100 straws of British Blue beef semen, worth over Ł6,000! The partnership consists of Philip & Ann, their son Graham and his wife Sarah Robertson, and they milk 250 high yielding pedigree Holsteins averaging 12,500kgs at 3.80% fat and 3.30% protein, selling their milk to Cadbury’s. They also manage 750 acres, growing grass, maize and wheat to feed the cows. He entered the competition because of the attraction of using more Immunity+™ sires within the herd, he says. “We are delighted to win,” said Graham. “First of all we thought it was a wind-up when we heard. It was fantastic news and not only made my day but my year! “For us herd health is our top priority, followed by type. We used Semex sires before Immunity+™ technology was launched, and fortunately some of the bulls we used were identified later as High Immune Responder Immunity+™ sires. As a result, we have the cows milking within the herd now and have seen an improvement in health. Going forward we are prioritising Immunity+™ sires and their benefits, as well as using with Robot-ready sires and also selecting milking speed, lower stature, type and longer teat length. To help Mr Robertson make the best use of his straws his local rep Mark Pickford will run Semex’ Optimate™ breeding manager programme to ensure the best selection of sires and to minimise the effects of inbreeding. Mark Pickford from Semex commented "Immunity+™ is growing in popularity at an exponential rate across the Semex customer because it is delivering real tangible results and benefits. The competition was enormously popular and I am delighted that my customer has won it. I look forward to helping him make the best use of it all!"
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