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International Sensation Braedale Goldwyn Passes Away

Semex regrets to announce that the international breeding sensation Braedale Goldwyn has passed away.

Widely believed to be one of the greatest sires of his time, Goldwyn's popularity has continually been on the rise, adding numerous accolades to his already impressive resume each and every day.

"Rarely a day goes by that we do not hear from someone about their individual sucess with their Goldwyn daughters," says Paul Larmer, Semex Alliance Chief Executive Officer. "Never before have we seen a sire with such impressive results in production, index, type and show ring like we have from Goldwyn. Being named the first-ever top 10 TPI Premier Sire at World Dairy Expo 2008 is certainly a testament to his breeding power and popularity."

Used worldwide as a sire of sons long before the arrival of his second crop in April 2008, Goldwyn's influence through his numerous young daughters and the eventual arrival of his sons will certainly be highly anticipated. Semex has over 100 Goldwyn sons in waiting, with their debut scheduled for early 2010. Used on varying maternal grandsires, Semex's Goldwyn line-up is not only highly anticipated, but will offer dairymen a variety of mating choices to increase their profitability.
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