Semex: Your Source For Goldwyn Sons!

The long-awaited release of Goldwyn's diversified sons arrived August 17, 2010, confirming what Holstein enthusiasts had been speculating... Goldwyn is truly one of the breed's 'great' sires and 'Semex is Your Source For Goldwyn Sons'! As promised by early deviations and from field reports spanning the continent, the Goldwyn sons have arrived with force! Dominating the LPI rankings, 13 sons placed in the top 100, six in the top 20 and four in the top 10. In the US, Goldwyn sons dominated the top type rankings, with Semex's Goldwyn x Laurie Sheiks (Lauthority) ranking as the top Goldwyn son at an impressive +3.61 PTAT. In the UK, Goldwyn sons have landed at the very top of the breed, peppering the top 30. Proven in all areas of Canada and the USA, these sons of the current #10 TPI and #5 LPI sire each offer traits influenced by Goldwyn himself, but also transmit the very best from their maternal lines.     "It's important to note that these Goldwyns are not all the same," says Brad Sayles, Semex Alliance Vice President Global Marketing. "They each offer something different, meeting the varying needs of dairies worldwide. Breeders can feel confident that these sons of Goldwyn are as a group and individually the best in the business - we're committed to providing our customers with proven sons from the breed's top proven bulls and deepest cow families. These Goldwyn sons are no exception." As the breed's newest #1 LPI sire, Designer Series™ sire 0200HO05575 Gillette Jordan arrives after ... Read More...

Holstein Canada Recognizes Semex Sires

With each genetic evaluation Holstein Canada recognizes sires who reach elite standards in production, conformation and also genetic indexes through their Superior Production (SP), Superior Type (ST) and Class Extra (EXTRA) programs.

Superior Production
The following Semex sires have been recognized in August 2010 as Superior Production sires having combined genetic indexes for Fat and Protein in the top 5% of the Canadian sire population. Sires must have a reliability of at least 85%.
The following Semex sires have been recognized as Superior Type in August 2010. Sires winning this award are within the top 5% of the sire population for their type proof (Conformation, Mammary System, Feet & Legs, Dairy Strength, Rump) and with a reliability of at least 85%. CANM102227590

August 2010 Proofs Now Online At Semex

August 2010 LPI proofs are now online at!

Semex Holstein sires had a tremendous run, capturing 65 of the top 100 spots, including four new releases in the top 10!

# 1 LPI Holstein Sire: 0200HO05575 Gillette Jordan (#1 New Release Sire: Goldwyn x Durham)
# 5 LPI Holstein Sire: 0200HO03205 Braedale Goldwyn (#1 2nd Crop Sire)
# 6 LPI Holstein Sire: 0200HO09804 Crockett-Acres Eight
# 7 LPI Holstein Sire: 0200HO05577 Gillette Jerrick (#2 New Release Sire: Goldwyn x Durham)
# 8 LPI Holstein Sire: 0200HO05588 Comestar Lauthority (#3 New Release Sire: Goldwyn x Igniter)
#10 LPI Holstein Sire: 0200HO05562 Delaberge Lureck (#4 New Release Sire: Goldwyn x Durham) # 4 LPI Ayshire Sire: 0200AY00642 Hautpre Knockout (#1 New Release Sire: Peterslund x B B Kellogg)
# 5 LPI Ayshire Sire: 0200AY00329 Jelyca Oblique
# 6 LPI Ayrshire Sire: 0200AY00622 Kildare Percy
# 7 LPI Ayshire Sire: 0200AY00597 Kildare Jupiter
# 8 LPI Ayrshire Sire: 0200AY00594 Duo Star Normandin
# 9 LPI Ayrshire Sire: 0200AY00596 St Clement Edmour
#10 LPI Ayrshire Sire: 0200AY00328 Kellcrest Humour # 4 LPI Brown Swiss Sire: 0200BS00406 Hilltop Acres Goldmine
# 7 LPI Brown Swiss Sire: 0073BS00018 R Hart Cartoon

# 2 LPI Guernsey Sire: 0200GU00109 Pine Ridge Double L
# 3 LPI Guernsey Sire: 0200GU00001 Rozelyn Enhancer Jordan
# 4 LPI Guernsey Sire: 0200GU00111 Myown Poker Bingo
# 5 LPI Guernsey Sire: 0200GU00400 Knapps Enhancer Krunch
# 6 LPI Guernsey Sire: ...

Semex Alliance & Holstein Canada Launch National 3K Genomic Testing Pilot Project

With the aim of providing Canadian national genomic testing services for various dairy breeds, Holstein Canada and Semex Alliance along with its four partners CIAQ, EBI, Gencor and Westgen, launched a pilot project using the new 3K genotyping panel recently released by Illumina. This project will also test the use of nasal swabs produced by Canadian-based DNA Genotek for the collection of tissue rather than tail hair samples. The partnering of Holstein Canada and Semex Alliance provides the foundation for a nationally based program to facilitate genomic testing by Canadian dairy producers. With joint cooperation on all genomic testing services and the distribution of nasal swab kits, maximum efficiencies are achieved without duplication at the farm level. Several tissue collection systems are being considered with a view of streamlining the entire handling process from the producer to the laboratory, which has led to the pilot project for nasal swabs. Since November 2008, Holstein Canada and Semex Alliance have collaborated in establishing genotyping services with a Canadian laboratory, DNA LandMarks, using the 50K panel. Since August 2009, resulting genotypes have been used to increase the accuracy of genetic evaluations offered by Canadian Dairy Network (CDN). The arrival of the new 3K panel offers a lower cost option for providing genomic evaluations of similar accuracy and therefore the opportunity for broader usage within and across dairy herds in Canada. The pilot project involves 295 females in 36 herds from across the country with all DNA samples submitted by August 10th. Genotyping by DNA LandMarks shall be completed by August 25th and unofficial genomic evaluations will be ... Read More...

Semex Senior Geneticist Receives 2010 Dairy Cattle Improvement Industry Distinction Award From CDN

Reprinted with permission from Canadian Dairy Network. Dr. Jacques Chesnais, Senior Geneticist at The Semex Alliance has been selected by the Canadian Dairy Network (CDN) Board of Directors as the 2010 recipient of the Dairy Cattle Improvement Industry Distinction Award. CDN Board Chairman, Grant Roy, summarized this selection stating "Dr. Chesnais has been instrumental in realizing several Canadian research projects in the area of genomics, which ultimately positioned Canada with the ability to introduce official genomic evaluations starting August 2009. There is no doubt about the benefits that dairy producers and industry stakeholders will realize with this early adoption of genomics in Canada." Dr. Jacques Chesnais joined The Semex Alliance team in 2003 as Senior Geneticist and immediately developed a broad-based genomics research program involving collaboration between L'Alliance Boviteq, University of Guelph and University of Alberta. Early genomic initiatives used microsatellites, but moved quickly to SNP panels, first with 1,500 markers, then 10,000 and eventually to the now common 50K panel. In 2010, Jacques was also involved with the research that led to the whole genome sequencing of Braedale Goldwyn. Dr. Chesnais has consistently demonstrated his leadership and vision aimed at advancing new technologies in the area of genomics, and genetic improvement in general, to a point of implementation to the benefit of Canadian dairy producers. His outstanding technical knowledge, combined with an understanding and ability for technology transfer to practical application, has been a major asset to the industry. Canadian Dairy Network is the national genetic evaluation centre for dairy cattle and ... Read More...

Every Dose Counts At Semex

Just like on the dairy, every dose counts at Semex. We work hard to ensure that each and every dose stamped with the 200 stud code is the very best product available, from the bull to the farm tank. Semex's focused and dedicated staff prides itself on exceeding industry standards for sire care, laboratory, warehouse and transportation services. This commitment to excellence and belief that every dose counts, guararntees that Semex sires are the most reliable, fertile and profitable choice for dairymen everywhere. Click here to learn more. ... Read More...

Semex Learning Centre Trains Semex Staff Worldwide

Semex is working hard to ensure that the Semex sales force continues to be the industry's most well-respected and informed staff, committed to delivering profitable solutions to dairymen around the world. This continuous development and commitment to ongoing education is at the foundation of the Semex Learning Centre (SLC). Recently several training sessions were held: In the USA, Semex USA staff completed the second phase of their SLC 'Roadmap To Sales Success' training. This training involves a group of programs designed to ensure Semex sales people continue to focus on meeting their clients' needs, while delivering profitable solutions and ultimately results to their clients. These courses involved three days of traditional, in-class training designed to engage an ongoing conversation with Semex clients, understanding their goals and objectives. Semex Germany sales staff traveled to Canada for hands-on training regarding Semex's products, programs and services, Canadian genetic evaluation, Holstein Canada's classification program. Additional sessions focused on salesmanship and customer as well as management and daughter tours. Additional Semex staff from Algeria, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Holland, Pakistan, Portugal, United Kingdom, Mexico, Korea and Thailand attended a training session in Canada at the end of May regarding Semex products, programs and services, the Canadian dairy industry, understanding the Canadian genetic evaluation system and Canadian classification system. "Today's dairy industry is competitive, very competitive," says Brad Adams, Semex Alliance Global Training Manager. "Semex sales staff have to be the best in the world ... Read More...

Profitable Outcross Sire: Lancelot

When we think about what is important in a dairy cow we quickly identify traits that translate to profitability and a long career in the milking herd... Breeding back easily, producing well with good components and having udders built to last. Semex's Health$mart™ sires are specifically identified for these traits, making it easier for dairymen to put these profitable sires to work. In January 2010, Semex added 0200HO02082 Bomaz Lancelot (98%-I), a Lancelot son proven through its USA Premier™ program to Semex's Health$mart™ line-up. Lancelot's pedigree makes him very interesting, offering an outcross pedigree while still being one of the top bulls in the industry. As a son of the German bull Lancelot, his pedigree is more than just an outcross due to his sire. On the maternal side his pedigree is filled with excellent production and high classification scores. Not only was Lancelot's Rubytom dam scored EX-91-2E, but both she and his grandam produced over 16,329 kgs in 305 days in their second lactations. This unique pedigree has made him a stand out from contemporaries, but has also drawn worldwide attention from other AI centres that are looking to use him as a sire of sons. Analyzing Lancelot on paper it's easy to see that he has many of the traits dairymen look to when looking for profitable sires. He posts excellent figures for milk production, components, mammary systems, with above average fertility in both the USA and Canadian systems, predicting his daughters' will to live and contribute. Proven through his first crop ... Read More...

Semex Announces First Ever Beef Photo Contest

Semex is pleased to announce its first ever Semex Beef Photo Contest. Semex is looking for new and exciting beef photos to use in Semex promotions such as posters, brochures, catalogues, website and much more. Preference will be given to photographs that include cows and will be judged on composition, quality and character of image, suitability and/or creativity and overall impression of the photo. The winning photo will have the honours of gracing the cover of the 2011 Semex Beef Catalogue, which is distributed to producers all around the world. All entries must be received by September 30, 2010. Visit the Semex Beef website today at to enter and to access full contest rules, terms and conditions. ... Read More...

Semex Designer Series™ Adds Sons From World Dairy Expo Supreme Champions

The Semex Designer Series™ sires are hand-selected for their ability to sire individuals with Semex's famous high-type look. These sires transmit head-turning looks as well as longevity and its related increased production and profitability. New releases to the program on July 1, 2010 include two Genomax™ sires: · 0200HO02553 Duckett-SA Federal (Shottle x Harvue Roy Frosty) · 0200GU00305 Indian Acres Prada (Aaron x Indian Acres MM Pistachio Pie) 0200HO02553 Duckett-SA Federal is an exciting Shottle son of the 2009 WDE Supreme Champion and RWF Res. Grand Champion Harvue Roy Frosty EX-95-5YR-USA. Federal is her high-ranking Shottle son and joins her only Goldwyn son, 0200HO02554 Duckett-SA Fremont, at Semex. Frosty is widely considered to be one of the finest cows to ever walk the tanbark and impressed show enthusiasts worldwide with her performance in 2009, gaining the title of 2009 Unanimous All-American & All-Canadian 5 Yr Old as well as being named Holstein World's People's Choice Cow. 0200GU00305 Indian Acres Prada is an Aaron son from the 2007 World Dairy Expo Supreme Champion, Indian Acres MM Pistachio Pie EX-94-USA. Pistachio Pie is a four-time National Champion, two-time All-American and two-time Jr. All-American. Pie hails from an extremely prolific family, with her dam being VG-88 and granddam scoring EX-91 and was named Res. All-American Jr 3 Yr Old 1995. The next three dams are all VG. These Genomax™ Designer Series™ sires are the result of Semex's Balanced Breeding philosophy, a selection process based on the careful mating of the world's most popular sires and proven cow families, and are ... Read More...