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Semex at American Jersey Cattle Association Convention


A group of over 450 Jersey enthusiasts enjoyed the hospitality of Eric Silva and family at the famous Sunset Canyon Jerseys in Beaver, Oregon on Thursday evening, June 24. This final stop of the day for the American Jersey Cattle Association Convention tour of Tillamook County was sponsored in part by Semex and Micro.

Convention goers were able to see Semex's ai24™ Heatime® system in action, and have questions answered regarding the system by representatives from both Semex and Micro.

Additionally Semex featured a daughter display of newly added high fertility Repromax™ sire 0200JE09826 BW Surefire (Illusion x Centurion) and sponsored a judging contest featuring the daughter group. Jersey Canada Executive Secretary Russell Gammon officiated with all participants receiving an ai24™ hat and winners receiving a special Semex Jersey offering.

The evening was finished with a memorabilia auction to benefit the AJCA Research Foundation, concluding a truly a fantastic event that Semex was honored to be vital part of.

On Saturday evening June 26, the convention ended on a high note at the 53rd Annual National Heifer Sale held at Forest Glen Jerseys, averaging a record $4,547.40 on 44 lots, 10 of which were Semex sired. The second high seller at $10,500 was a first choice by Semex Genomax™ sire 0200JE00060 BW Renegade from Sun Valley. The high seller was from Sunset Canyon, bringing $11,000 and was from an EX93 Sultan dam.

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Former Semex & CIAQ General Manager Made Knight of Ordre national du Quebec

On June 3, 2010, Robert Chicoine, a former Semex Alliance and CIAQ (Centre d'insémination artificielle du Québec) General Manager, was made Knight of the Ordre national du Québec and the award was bestowed on him by Québec Premier Jean Charest at a ceremony at Hôtel du Parlement.

Mr. Chicoine is among the 34 notables to receive one of the three titles of the Ordre national du Québec, the highest distinction bestowed by the Government of Québec.

Robert Chicoine devoted his professional life to the artificial insemination industry at Centre d'insémination artificielle du Québec in Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec, and his career could be summarized thus: a competent and rigorous agrologist, who built on scientific research, as well as an outstanding administrator, who brought the Canadian dairy cattle superior genetics to the international scene. His knowledge, know-how and personal attributes have often led him to counsel governmental organizations and other major players of the bovine industry. He was also invited to participate in many overseas assignments.

Robert Chicoine was the first General Manager of the The Semex Alliance, and his name will forever be linked to the worldwide recognition of Canadian genetics.

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Semex Sires Dominate 10th Mercolactea Show In Argentina

noneIt was an unforgettable show for Semex in Argentina at the 10th edition of Mercolatea. Semex sires set a new record for champion titles claimed.

International phenomenon Braedale Goldwyn claimed six champion titles, which easily made him Premier Sire of the Show.

Other Semex sires with class winners included: 0200HO01677 Regancrest Dolman, Wilcoxview Jasper, Comestar Lee, 0200HO03067 Pursuit September Storm *RC, Hartline Titanic, Comestar Stormatic, Comestar Outside and 0200HO00113 Cedarwal Spirte.

The Grand Champion & Best Udder of Show was Comestar Outside daughter, Reforma 2634 Vanina Outside. Res. Grand Champion was by Comestar Leader, Pepe Nazarena Leader and Hon. Mention was Centennial 2927 Freeman.

Congratulations to all the exhibitors at the 10th Mercolatea!

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Semex Works In Portugal!

noneS. Miguel is the largest island in the Azores, the Portuguese archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The agriculture economy is milk production and cows are on pasture year round. The passion for good cows is high and the local dairymen breed them, using the best genetics possible, as they are not allowed to import replacements from the mainland.

For many years, Semex genetics have been in great demand with dairymen recognizing Semex sires as delivering long-lasting cows that produce well effortlessly.

At the annual show held on May 14-16, dairymen from around the island presented their best. Semex sires had a great day capturing more than 50% of the first five places in all classes, with a variety of great Semex sires doing very well including: 0200HO03067 Pursuit September Storm *RC, Braedale Goldwyn, 0200HO03315 Braedale Pagewire, 0200HO04779 R-E-W Buckeye, 0200HO04820 Fortale Lomax, 0200HO05024 Dudoc Mr Burns *RC, Wilcoxview Jasper, 0073HO09945 Comestar Manager, 0072HO01758 Comestar Lheros, 0200HO01677 Regancrest Dolman, 0200HO04674 Poly-Kow Mailing, Canyon-Breeze Allen, Summershade Inquirer and Comestar Stormatic.

Goldwyn was the winning ...

Semex Alliance Announces New Distributor In Finland

The Semex Alliance, a leading global genetics company, is pleased to announce that Semex Finland is Semex's distributor in Finland effective immediately.

Semex has enjoyed a successful relationship with dairymen in Finland through a distributorship provided by Semex Sweden. For over 10 years, Semex Sweden has cultivated relationships with the Finnish dairyman, building a new dairy culture in Finland.

"In 1998 I started using Semex sires on my own herd," says Semex Finland General Manager, Sari Alhainen. "I have been so pleased with the results that I wanted to make Semex genetics more widely available to Finnish farmers. Working with Semex Sweden I began marketing Semex's lineup and our Promate™ mating program. The results from Semex Sweden's efforts are remarkable, and we are all very proud of this development."

A family run business, Ms. Alhainen will run Semex Finland with her three sons.

"Sari is an extremely passionate ambassador for Semex," says Brad Sayles, Semex Alliance Vice President, Global Marketing. "Finland has 300,000 dairy cows with Ayrshires being most prevalent. Semex's balanced breeding philosophy is very appealing to these dairymen who demand cows that milk well, are long-lasting with healthy udders and have good feet & legs. We are thankful for Semex Sweden's dedicated work and have no doubt Semex Finland will continue to grow our business."

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Semex Photo Contest

noneIt's not too late to enter! Semex is looking for new, exciting photos to use in Semex promotions such as calendars, posters, brochures, website and much more.

In 2009 almost 250 photographs from 17 different countries, including New Zealand, Australia, the UK, France, Spain, Hungary, Brazil, Denmark, the Netherlands, Colombia, Belgium, Germany, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, the USA and Canada were vying for top honours, visually proving how Semex Works Everywhere!

This year's categories are as follows:

Preference will be given to photographs that include cows and will be judged on composition, quality and character of image, suitability and/or creativity in relation to a category theme and overall impression of the photo.

Prizes will be awarded in each category as follows: 1st Prize: $200; 2nd Prize: $100; 3rd Prize: $50 (Canadian dollars). All entries must be received by August 1, 2010.

Visit to enter and to access full contest rules, terms and conditions.

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Semex Sires Canada's Fourth EX-97 Holstein Cow

noneQuality Carlton Pam EX-97-6E 2* has become Canada's newest EX-97 point cow! Sired by Semex's Gillette Carlton Pam will be 12 years old in July and has 1 Superior Lactation Award and has over 93,000 kgs to date lifetime. Pam was Nom. All-Canadian 5 Yr Old in 2003 and has two EX and five VG daughters.

Joining an 'All-Semex' group, Pam is the fourth EX-97 cow in Canada and the first to be bred & owned. Pam has elite company as an EX-97 cow in Canada joining the RWF and WDE Champion Thrulane James Rose (by Shoremar James), the All-American and All-Canadian Bruynland Storm Kendra (by Maughlin Storm) and Davidsons Raider Bronze (by Hanoverhill Raider).

Showing true longevity and profitability, each of these Semex sired individuals have tremendous lifetime production totals, averaging over 98,000 kgs to date!

Congratulations to Pam's owners Quality Holsteins of Woodbridge, Ontario, owned Paul & Ari Ekstein.

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Semex Works In Hungary!

noneApril 23-25, 2010 was a tremendous period in the history of the Hungarian animal breeding at the Hódmezővásárhely Show 2010. The number of Holstein-Friesian cows and heifers exhibited hit all records in the history of the show.

The field was extremely strong, as numerous daughters of the world's most popular sires represented the different breeding philosophies and were inspected by Judge Guido Oitano of Italy.

Semex has been present in the Hungarian Holstein-Friesian breeding for more than 20 years, with daughters by 0200HO03067 Pursuit September Storm *RC, Comestar Stormatic, Canyon-Breeze Allen and Deslacs Milkstar, as well as many Semex young sires, capturing many prestigous ribbons. Additionally, a Semex young sire daughter by Alibi placed second in the pregnant heifer class.

Grand Champion, Süsü, is sired by Semex's Meadow Bridge Markem, and showed amazing dairyness, silkyness and texture to her udder, with outstanding feet and legs.

Semex's MAGOR Nucleus Herd program run in Hungary has been put on the map by the world famous Semex sire 0200HO07317 Magor Bolivia Allen, who attracts breeders worldwide due to his ability to sire dairy strength.

Another valuable member in the program, Magor Salle (Shottle x Jesther) sired the Reserve Champion and Best Udder award winner. Her full brother, Magor Financial, is housed at Semex Hungary and was sampled in Canada and Hungary.

Normand Barriault, Semex Alliance Board Member; Vincent Bosquet, Semex Alliance CFO and Sam Mitra, Semex Alliance Sales & Business Director visited the show and met several Semex partners to see that Semex Works Everywhere!

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Semex Alliance & Holstein Canada Sponsor Canada-Australia Young Adult Exchange

The Semex Alliance and Holstein Canada are proud to once again sponsor a young adult exchange program along with their Australian counterparts, Semex Pty. Ltd and the Victorian Branch of the Holstein-Friesian Association of Australia.

This program offers a young Canadian the opportunity to experience the Australian dairy industry firsthand, and an Australian or New Zealand youth to travel to Canada and gain insight into our Canadian dairy industry.

The 2011 exchange program to Australia will involve exciting travel and educational opportunities for a young Canadian dairy enthusiast between the ages of 18 and 25. The Canadian trip recipient will spend approximately three months working on leading Holstein farms and artificial breeding centers in Australia beginning in January 2011 at Australia's International Dairy Week, and continuing through March.

Applications are available at and for a Canadian youth with a firm application deadline of July 15, 2010. The successful candidate will be contacted in August and publicly announced at the 2010 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

For additional information please contact Brenda Lee-Turner at Semex Alliance or Alain Lajeunesse at Holstein Canada.

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Semex Alliance Announces Board of Directors

noneThe Semex Alliance is pleased to introduce their 2010-2011 Board of Directors. Gary Bowers (Centre d'insémination artificielle du Québec, CIAQ), will serve as President & Chairman of the Board, assisted by as 1st Vice-President, John De Vries (Eastern Breeders Inc, EBI), and by Norm McNaughton (Gencor) as 2nd Vice-President. Other members of the Board of Directors include Tim Hofstra (Westgen), Guy Lavoie (CIAQ), Normand Barriault (CIAQ) and Semex's newest board member Robert Wright from Midhurst, Ontario (Gencor).

The Semex Alliance is a partnership of the Canadian artificial insemination cooperatives: Westgen, Centre d'insémination artificielle du Quebec (CIAQ), Eastern Breeders Inc (EBI) and Gencor. Semex Alliance is focused on global leadership in livestock genetics.

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