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Long-Lasting Semex Sires Dominate Mature Cow Class At Royal

Developing cows that are built to last is key to reducing expenses and increasing profitability on dairies worldwide. These long-lasting, trouble-free cows are the real cows on real dairies that deliver real profitability day after day. They are the favourites on any operation and at the Royal Winter Fair on November 13, they were among the favourites at the entire show.
The Holstein Mature Cow Class was an impressive display of dairy strength and longevity for the thousands of visitors who watched as the 100% Semex-sired class proudly entered the ring. These veterans were sired by seven different Semex sires, known to deliver profitable daughters including: Shoremar James, TCET Lyster, Silky Cousteau, Comestar Lheros, Innwood Terrason, Markim Thunder and Comestar Stormatic.
Led by the 2009 Grand Champion cow, EX-97-2E Thrulane James Rose, who has nearly 64,000 kgs of 4.6F and 3.8P lifetime, each of these cows showed the qualities that spell durability and endurance. They each possess tremendous dairy strength, strong mammary systems and great feet & legs, and an average final score of 94 points, showing that they exemplify long-lasting, functional conformation.
Production drives profitability and these impressive individuals average 43,477 kgs of 4.1F and 3.4P lifetime to date, showing that Semex sires not only deliver long-lasting cows, but also deliver the real cows that deliver real results and real profitability.
Providing the genetics to breed those real cows on real dairies that are profitable and long-lasting is Semex's #1 goal. With the past being the best predictor of the future, dairymen worldwide can trust that Semex has the breeding knowledge, history and understanding to continue to deliver the most valuable daughters on any operation worldwide.
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Semex Celebrates 25th Anniversary In Japan With Nosawa

At the 2009 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Semex was pleased to award Nosawa & Co LTD with a 25 year service award as Semex's distributor in Japan.
"It is people and relationships which truly define Semex," says Sam Mitra, Semex Alliance Director, Sales & Business Development. "We celebrate longevity not only in the cows we breed but also the longevity of our relationships around the world."

"One of the foremost examples of a long-lived, mutually beneficial relationship is Semex's relationship with Nosawa. This year we celebrated Nosawa's 140th year in business, and also their 25th year with us. Semex looks forward to the next 25 years knowing that we have only just begun exploring what business we can do together."

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Semex Walk of Fame Shows Semex Works Everywhere

The 2009 Semex Walk of Fame as always was the place to be at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Hundreds of international guests visited the display, as well as Canadian country music stars Michelle Wright and Doc Walker, who both took their turns milking a cow. Additionally, Prince Charles, who made a brief stop on his busy tour through the fair to see Semex’s Walk of Fame cows, paid a Royal visit. Most importantly, dairymen from around the world visited Semex's display and reviewed the outstanding display of Semex sired daughters. Selected for their ability to sire healthy, long-lasting daughters, this year’s display featured 10 different Semex Holstein sires with daughters from very different environments. These 10 sires represent the best from Semex and their daughters showcased Semex sires’ ability to work everywhere: Anchoring the row was a daughter of 0200HO04608 Regancrest-MR Samuelo, Extondale Samuelo Fiona VG-88-2YR-CAN. Fiona was 2nd Milking Yearling at the 2009 World Dairy Expo and was able to display Samuelo’s proven ability to sire balance while maintaining excellent mammary systems and foot structure. As a Repromax™, Master Series™ and Health$mart™ sire, Samuelo demonstrated why he is the complete package, ready to work everywhere. 0200HO09804 Crockett-Acres Eight had an exceptional uddered daughter in the display in Buttermoor Apricot Eight VG-86-3YR-CAN. Apricot easily showed how this Oman son is able to sire fantastic udders with great shape and strength. One of the easiest cows in the display to work with, this Eight daughter had an aggressive appetite and showed how much production potential this bull has and why he can easily be considered a Health$mart™ sire. Dessaults Tatou Bonair VG-85-4YR-CAN, represented the very popular sire 0200HO05139 Karona Bonair. From a 1000 cow freestall barn, Tatou demonstrated her sire’s ability to breed for excellent production, backed by great strength and development. Her well-attached udder easily held large ... Read More...

Semex Holstein Sires Dominate Royal Winter Fair

The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair traditionally marks the end of the North American show season and is the culmination of 364 days of hard work by both breeders and exhibitors. The 2009 Canadian National Holstein Show was no exception as Judge Barclay Phoenix assisted by Judge Roger Turner placed 321 of North America’s finest Holsteins.
Semex sires out shown all others with extremely impressive results. Virtually dominating the show, 95 of the 157 individuals in the top 10 in their respective classes were Semex sired. These 95 individuals included 13 class winners and seven of the nine champions, representing 25 different Semex sires, showing not only our strength but also Semex’s influence and the respect our bulls have earned throughout North America.
In the heifer classes, Semex sires were predominant, with six of the seven classes going to Semex sires. Braedale Goldwyn quickly showed why he is still the world’s most highly demanded sire and the most hotly anticipated sire of sons as he began his early path to the Premier Sire Award.
His daughter T-Triple-T Gold Prize once again won the Intermediate Yearling Class and defended her Junior Champion title earned last month at World Dairy Expo. Honourable Mention Jr Champion was awarded to Philmardo Watch Out Im Here, the 1st place Jr Yearling sired by Semex’s Gillette Watch Out.
The milking classes were heavily influenced by Semex sires, with Goldwyn leading the way in the young cow classes, siring all the winners in the Intermediate Champion lineup.
Fine details separated many placings, with the judges choosing the winning Jr 3 Yr Old, Salem Goldwyn Theresa, as the Intermediate Champion, the winning Sr 2 Yr Old, Sherona-Hill-JH Rachel, as Res. Intermediate Champion and the second place Jr 3 Yr Old, ABF September Cheese, as the Hon. Mention Intermediate Champion.
“These cows send chills up my spine,” said Judge Barclay Phoenix. “They are the epitome of what dairy cows are supposed to be. They’ve got ... Read More...

Semex Sired Daughter Sets Record In Sale Ring

Amid a week of champions at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, one Semex sired daughter stood above others attracting international, mainstream media attention.
Like other famous celebrities featured on CNN and CTV, this famous Braedale Goldwyn daughter now just goes by just one name… “Missy”.
Selling for $1.2 million dollars at the “Morsan Road to the Royal Sale” on Wednesday, November 11, attracted international attention as Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy VG-89-2YR-CAN went down in the record books as the most expensive cow ever sold. But for Holstein enthusiasts worldwide, Missy was already a household name.
“We’ve been working with Missy and the folks at Morsan in Alberta for over a year,” says Semex Sire Analyst Mike West .
“She’s a tremendous individual who really is the complete package for us. She has what all breeders are looking for… She’s from an outstanding cow family, has top-notch genetics and show-winning appeal. We’re looking forward to working with her new owners and further developing her through her sons at Semex.”
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Sultan Wins Second Premier Performance Sire Award in Louisville

For the second year in a row, Semex veteran proven sire, “Mr. Customer Satisfaction”, 0200JE00303 SHF Centurion Sultan was named Premier Performance Sire at the All-American Jersey Show held in Louisville, Kentucky on November 9, 2009. This year’s edition featured 412 head from many states and provinces across North America. A total of six Sultan offspring placed among the top 10 in their classes, including Milk-N-More Sultan Brynn VG-87-2YR-USA. Brynn was 4th Sr 2 Yr Old in a class of 29 entries and was also chosen Premier Performance Cow of the entire show. Additionally, offspring of Semex’s 0200JE00131 Bridon Remake Comerica, an emerging second crop sire, achieved considerable success in Louisville with four daughters placing in the top 10 in their classes, including the winning Milking Yearling, Hillacres Rhonda Ricotta. Semex type specialist 0200JE00427 Select Scott Minister had numerous daughters place among the top 10 of their classes, including PM Minister Lea, the winning Junior Heifer Calf. Other present and past Semex sires with offspring that placed in the top 10 of their classes include: 0200JE00990 Sunset Canyon RP Militia; 0200JE00323 RJF Big Show; 0200JE00129 Bridon Jamaica; WF Shebull, Elliott’s Renaissance Duke; 0071JE00107 Curtsey Duncan Jude; Valleystream JIS Juno; and Glenholme Counciller who had eight daughters standing in the top 10 of their classes.
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Where Are Your Pregnancies Coming From?

Mark E. Carson BSc. (Agr). MSc., Gencor Herd Reproduction Analyst
When analyzing a herd’s reproductive performance, it’s important to know what heat detection tools are being used to select cows for breeding and then also the subsequent performance of these tools.

Take an example of a herd using a combination of observed heats, electronic activity monitoring and Ovsynch to breed their cows. For this particular herd, the breedings must be categorized as one of the following:

Observed heats
Activity monitored
First service synch

My preference is to categorize first service synch from re-synch cows (timed A.I. used on second breeding or above). This allows me to gain additional insight into the performance of timed A.I. protocol.

Categorizing breedings provides you with two key pieces of information about your herd:

The number of cows being submitted by each tool
What the conception rate is for each method

Having this information helps you make better reproductive decisions by knowing both what tools are working and also what tools need improvement.
For Dairy Comp 305 and Scout users, activating the Breeding Code feature will help categorize and track breeding the performance of each breeding tool. If you’re not tracking how your cows are being submitted for breeding, work with your herd veterinarian or Semex representative to help set up a system to collect this valuable information.
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Semex Walk of Fame Receives Royal Visit At Royal Winter Fair

The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair opened Friday, November 6 with "Royal" fanfare as the show was officially opened Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall. Charles and Camilla arrived at the fair in a horse-drawn open carriage, greeted by a large, enthusiastic crowd seated in the Coliseum.
The royal couple toured the exhibition, billed as the world's largest indoor agricultural show and international equestrian competition.
Included on their tour was a stop by Semex's Walk of Fame display where the Prince commented on "what a nice display" Semex has while visiting with Semex Sire Analyst Brian Carscadden.

On display at the Royal in Semex's famous Walk of Fame display are daughters by:

0200HO04608 Regancrest-MR Samuelo
0200HO00393 Rietben Tee Off
0200HO05139 Karona Bonair
0200HO03280 Gillette Final Cut
0200HO01861 Jerland Denison
0200HO05191 Kerndtway Howie
0200HO09804 Crockett-Acres Eight
0200HO00113 Cedarwal Spirte
0200HO05239 La Presentation Denzel
0200HO07321 Magor Baroque Allen

If your travel plans are bringing you to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, make sure Semex's Walk of Fame is on your "must see" list!
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Working together with complimentary product lines, Semex and Swissgenetics have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship since establishing their marketing agreement in November 2004. This relationship has led to many successes, as both organizations are passionate supporters of high quality dairy cattle genetics. Effective December 1, 2009, this relationship will be enhanced through an agreement which will have Swissgenetics providing Sire Selection efforts on Semex’s behalf in Europe. As a result, Swissgenetics’ Sire Analyst, Dr. Angelo Pozzatti will begin working with the Semex Genetics Department, and will be responsible for Semex’s European Holstein young sire selection. Well-known throughout Europe, Angelo is a veterinarian who for the past four years has worked in Switzerland for Swissgenetics as an area sales manager, with additional responsibilities for their Brown Swiss program. Beginning in 2009 he has also served as the technical and commercial director for Zorlesco, an AI stud in Italy. Prior to joining Swissgenetics Angelo worked for the Brown Swiss Association of Italy, managing the breed’s classification and judging programs. Angelo is also a well-known judge, officiating at more than 250 shows in 10 countries. Most recently he served as the Associate Judge at this year’s Central National Brown Swiss Show at World Dairy Expo, officiated the Brown Swiss Show at the 2008 International Dairy Week in Australia and the 2005 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Well-accomplished within Europe as well, he has officiated major shows in Verona, Cremona, Paris, Imst, Epinal and Lausanne. “Semex is very fortunate to have Swissgenetics provide a person of Angelo’s calibre to be part of our team sourcing top genetics in Europe,” says Pierre Laliberté, Semex Alliance Senior Vice President, Genetics & Research. “With top cows found all around the world it is essential for Semex to select the best young bulls wherever they are found. Angelo’s solid ... Read More...

Calving Ease & First Service Conception Rates

Mark E. Carson BSc. (Agr). MSc., Gencor Herd Reproduction Analyst
A difficult calving can effect a cow’s performance throughout the entire lactation. An examination of calving ease performance of first lactation cows from five dairy herds shows the impact it can have on first service conception. Dairy Comp 305 calving ease data provided by DHI was compared with first service conception on first lactation cows.

Calving Difficulty
1st Service Conception Rates
# of First Lactation Cows

Unattended or Easy


First lactation cows that had an Unattended or Easy Calving (U or E) were found to have a first service conception of 38%, while cows with a Hard Calving (H) had a conception rate of 22%. From these herds, having a trouble-free calving made the cows twice as likely to get pregnant on the first breeding!
To reduce calving troubles, work to manage body condition scores, age at first calving and appropriate sire selection. Also, make sure you are providing proper assistance to cows that need help at the time of calving. Managing all of these things will help to ensure your cows have a better start and make the most out of their lactations.
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