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Harvestor & International - Available

Semex Beef is excited to announce more S A V International 2020 and S A V Harvestor 0338 is now available in Canada. Contact your local representative to order today.
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Sugar Rush - Now Available

Semex is excited to announce that more Sugar Rush semen is now available in Canada. Contact your local representative to order today!  
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New Charolais Sire - Available in Canada

Silverstream Geddes is now available in Canada! Geddes is a smooth polled outcross New Zealand bred from the famed Silverstream Charolais program. Geddes excels in muscle shape and mass with tremendous volume and soundness. His outcross pedigree brings an array of new breeding options for Canadian Charolais breeders. Geddes ranks in the top 10% of the Charolais breed in breedplan for 200,400 and 600 day weight. Click here to learn more about Geddes.
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Semex Cross-Breeding Index

March 3rd , Semex launches the Brazilian Cross-Breeding Index. This index is the first of its kind and designed for the Brazilian commercial cattle industry focusing on the traits important to the Brazilian commercial cattle market. The Index focused on the evaluation of Weaning Weight, Yearling Weight, Birth Weight, REA, Positive BackFat, Muscle, Fertility and Frame Score to provide an economic value index to the industry. This provides the commercial cattleman to select the bulls best suited to their needs.

With the support of the Canadian Angus Industry, this index was formulated through the expertise of Dr. Jacques Chenais and designed by a leading group of top Brazilian sales reps focused on bringing profitability to their commercial clients in Brazil.

Leading the way in the first production of the monthly index was Vision Unanimous who is one of the leading EPD performers in the entire Angus breed in North America with a $R of 469. Rounding out the top 5 performers in the Index for the month of March include: SAV Piedmont at $R459, Jindra 3rd Dimension at $R428, SAV Riata at $R421 and Koupals Dante at $R418.
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New Clubbie Sire - I Da Man

Semex is excited to announce a new club calf sire, I Da Man, is now available in Canada. TH and PHA free this bull recieved tonnes of attention in 2013 and his first calves are hitting the ground and are getting rave reviews. Tonnes of style, eye appeal, bone, thickness and depth! Click here to read more on this exciting new sire!  
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Vision Unanimous 1418 - Angus Journal Ad

Check out this great Semex ad featured in the February issue of the Angus Journal. Featuring the popular Vision Unanimous 1418 bull, this one page ad features a number of progreny photos, all of which will be featured animals in the upcoming Peak Dot Ranch sale. Click here to read more on Vision Unanimous 1418.
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New Simmental Country Ad

Check out the two page spread Semex recently featured in the February issue of Simmental Country. Featuring some of the breeds hottest sires, click on the links belwo to learn about the bulls and see more photos and videos. TNT Bootlegger Z268 Mr Ishee Red Deepquarter Ellingson Klondike Y123 CCR Cowboy Cut 5048Z Erixon Pit Boss 21Z LRX HP Rocket 23Y
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New Angus Journal Ad

Check out the Semex ad featured in the January issue of the Angus Journal. Want to know more about S Titlest 1145, Mohnen South Dakota 402 or Peak Dot Gladiator 800Y... click on their name to visit their bull pages and see more photos, video and information.
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Pathfinder Sire Award - ISU Imaging Q 9111

The Pathfinder Angus program was established in 1978 by the American Angus Association, in an effort to better identify superior females within the breed. Females are evaluated based on their performance records with the Angus Herd Improvement Records (AHIR), with emphasis being placed on early maturity, breeding and early calving, regularity of calving and above-average performance of the offspring. The Pathfinder Report also requires that the female have at least 3 calves in order to truly determine her regularity of calving and ability to produce exceptional calves at weaning time each and every year. A significant part of the Pathfinder Report is the list of bulls that have sired five or more Pathfinder Cows in the given year. These bulls excel in their abilities to sire daughters with early puberty, regularity of calving and exceptional growth and performance with above average weaning weights. Semex USA is extremely proud to announce that ISU Imaging Q 9111 (reg. #13567604) was awarded the American Angus Association Pathfinder Sire Award again this year, having produced 8 daughters that qualified for the 2014 Pathfinder Report.  
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New Bull Videos Now Online

Semex is excited to announce, we have added a couple new beef bull videos to the website:

Peak Dot Gladiator 800Y

Red RRAR Palermo 20Y

WLB Lego 83T 90X

AXA Golden-Oak Xceed ET 704X

TNT Bootlegger Z268

LRX HP Rocket 23Y

Want to see more? Check out the Semex Alliance YouTube page for all Semex videos.
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