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Congratulations To Semex's Tom Kroetsch!

Tom Kroetsch has been at the helm of Semex’s production laboratories since transferring from EastGen in 2002 to be Semex’s Technical Specialist, working closely with our partner semen laboratories. Since then his work has spanned the globe and taken him to our subsidiary and production facilities worldwide, ensuring Semex’s Gold Standard™ is universal. Semex congratulates Tom on his retirement from his impressive career, as his last day at Semex is today, Friday, March 31.
Tom started working for the Western Breeders Service, a member of Semex Canada's Marketing Group, in White City, Saskatchewan on April 1, 1975 as a lab manager. In the mid-70's most efforts were focused on custom collecting beef bulls. Tom moved to UBI (United Breeders Inc, predecessor of Gencor and EastGen) in 1979. In September 2002, Tom joined Semex as a Technical Specialist working directly with the Semex partner semen production and sire care groups. In about 2005 he took on the role of Director, Production and Quality Control, followed in 2012 with his current role as Director, Laboratory and Quality Control within Semex's HPD (Operations) division.
Tom comments, "One of my most rewarding, exciting and high-pressure experiences was being part of the production operations at our facilities in Brazil, China and Hungary. In the mid-90's Semex moved towards global production, with a joint venture in Hungary that became 100% Semex-owned in 2004. This centre houses our EU-sourced sires, with its production being exportable to North America and other countries. I have been working with this centre since 1997, focused on semen quality, production and process improvements.”

Congratulations and thank you from all of us at Semex to Tom Kroetsch! 
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Semex Sires Dominate Globally In December 2016

As the world’s fastest growing genetic solutions company, Semex sires continued to show their prowess globally with the December 2016 genetic evaluations. Highlights include:


December 2015 graduate, 0200HO02792 Sandy-Valley Saloon continues to top the GTPI list at #3 GTPI in December 2016!  This globally popular A2A2 sire is now+2637 with +2489 PTAM, +172 CFP and the best PTAT in the top five GTPI at +2.92!
Immunity+™ sire 0200HO06528 De-Su Nominee graduates as the #12 GTPI sire at +2550 GTPI, +0.03% for Fat and Pro, with great +6.9 PL, low 2.63 SCS, a +4.6 DPR and 6.4% SCE making him a HealthSmart™, Calving Ease, A2A2 and GrazingPro™!
Semex sires occupy eight of the top 20 PTAT positions and are led by global superstar, Immunity+ and A2A2 sire 0200HO06480 Val-Bisson Doorman +3.59. Doorman is also Canada's #1 Conf Sire at +18 and is the new #2 LPI Sire at +3190! Doorman was a leading sire at both World Dairy Expo and the Royal Winter Fair, underscoring his status as a ShowTime™ sire.
Calving Ease specialist 0200HO03895 Boldi VSG Airintake graduates in December at 6.1% SCE with exceptional +2.36 PTAT, +2.78 UDC, +2.03 FLC and +4.1 PL. He also ranks as #7 LPI sire with great functional and conformation figures. Dairymen tell us they're very pleased with their daughters and that he's working well in all environments.


Beyond North America, 200HO sires continued to dominate listings:

0200HO10777 Westcoast Perseus #1 PLI at £779
0200HO10659 Stantons Applicable #1 UK Type Merit
0200HO10624 Silverrridge Allclass #2 UK Type Merit
0200HO06267 Gen-I-Beq Lavaman #1 PLI UK Proven Sire
0200HO10744 Boldi V Gymnast #1 RZG


200JE sires had a great December evaluation, with G-Code bulls excelling once again:

#3 0200JE00913 Faria Brothers Messi {5}: +282 GJPI, 779 CM$ and a HealthSmart™ sire
#11 0200JE01065 Legendairy Moneybag {5}: +264 GJPI and an Immunity+ sire
#20 0200JE01058 Sun Valley Jolt {5}: +249 GJPI and an A2A2 ... Read More...

Immunity+®: Hottest Lineup In Herd Health

With over 20 years of research in immunogenetics and associated health benefits, immune response is highly effective and 30% heritable. This means that each generation bred to an Immunity+ sire is expected to reduce disease incidence by at least 5-10%!   "Working with our clients globally, we’re seeing the benefits of Immunity+ on herd health," says Paul Krueger, Semex Immunity+ Global Brand Manager. "There are other health solutions but none are like our exclusive Immunity+ and none are 30% heritable."   "In December, we increased our Immunity+ genetic offering with eight more sires ranking over +2600 GTPI, and 14 more over +2500 GTPI. It's a genetic solution for herd health with no genetic sacrifice."   In its elite Genomax™ lineup, Semex now has: 81 Genomax Immunity+ bulls over +2400 GTPI 51 Genomax Immunity+ bulls over +2500 GTPI 18 Genomax Immunity+ bulls over +2600 GTPI 14 Genomax Jersey Immunity+ bulls 8 Genomax Ayrshire Immunity+ bulls   This Holstein group is led by 0200HO10648 Endco Apprentice *RC (Kingboy x Supersire x Alchemy), who is the #2 Kingboy available in the breed at +2753 GTPI with a +8.0 PL, +2.4 DPR, +862 NM$, positive deviations and solid +2.43 PTAT and +2.22 UDC. He's also HealthSmart™, RobotReady™, Red & White and GrazingPro™. His dam is a VG-85 Supersire x VG-85 Alchemy x EX-95-2E Altitude, the dam of the famous Apple, making him popular worldwide!  
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Semex recognizes the need for cattle that are most profitable in a pasture-based production environment. This means sires that yield high components, produce progeny of a limited size while maintaining strength, durability and mobility. Efficiency is the key to good grazing animals. Semex’s GrazingPro sires will maximize component yield and put focus on health and reproductive traits to ensure highly profitable, long-lasting animals with limited problems. These animals will also ensure easier calvings and create more, darker coloured calves. GrazingPro sires are designed to make management in grazing environments as effortless as possible, while maximizing profitability and peace of mind. “These sires have been selected to be efficient, long-lasting animals that will provide high component yields and good reproductive performance,” says Dr. Steven Larmer, Semex Dairy Solutions Coordinator. “GrazingPro sires are also chosen for their limited calf size, good feet & legs and udder composite, limiting mobility and udder health problems. They are also selected for coat colour, ensuring no problems with fair-skinned animals in sunny climates. On average they are 30% better for component yield than other sires, have higher daughter pregnancy rates (1.3% higher), less difficult calvings (0.8% lower) and have 14% lower Somatic Cell Scores on average. Overall this means more profitability on pasture than other sires.”
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Semex & River Valley Farm Announce Partnership

As the fastest growing AI company in the world, Semex and genetic powerhouse, River Valley Farm, are thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership and the stud code series… 0200JE10000. Semex is now home to the River Valley Farm Bull Program and it’s star-studded lineup of over 25 young sires including Craze, VIP, Rockstar, Change-Up, Checkmate and Racer all available from Semex in the Fall of 2016. Semex has been River Valley Farm’s exclusive IVF embryo producer through Semex’s Boviteq, making this new partnership a natural progression. “Semex’s Boviteq has been our exclusive IVF embryo provider since 2013,” says David Jordan, River Valley Farm General Manager. “We’ve seen first-hand their commitment to technology, innovation and customer service. From Boviteq to Immunity+™ to research dollars invested to their rapid market growth, Semex was an easy choice for us when we began re-evaluating our Bull Program.” For more information on River Valley Farm visit This new partnership expands the Semex Jersey lineup to the fastest growing in the industry, and gives nearly immediate access to some of the Jersey breed’s most in-demand young sires. River Valley Farm’s maternal lines include 160 of the breed’s top JPI™ females following the August genetic evaluation as well as: three US National Show Champions; three World Dairy Expo Grand Champions; a World Dairy Expo Supreme Champion; a Canadian National Champion; and many All-Americans and All-Canadians. “Collaborating with industry-leading River Valley Farms and the entire Sauder Family is something we can not be more excited about,” says Brad Sayles, Vice President Product Development & Genetic Solutions. “At Semex we believe in cultivating long-lasting partnerships, and we see this relationship really benefiting our clients globally. Available very soon will be sires that rank at the top of Jersey listings, including seven bulls over 190 JPI, 12 greater than 21 JUI, six bulls over 90 ... Read More...


Recently, Semex sire 0200HO05592 Crackholm Fever reached the pivotal Millionaire Sire mark at Semex, joining 12 other elite Semex sires that have each produced over one million doses of semen.

Semex is an industry leader in delivering the ‘best selling’ sires of their time, which is the truest testament to breeder satisfaction and approval. As Semex's thirteenth Millionaire Sire, Fever is joining an elite fraternity of Semex icons including: Mainstream Manifold; R-E-W Buckeye; Ladino Park Talent *RC; Hanoverhill Inspiration; Madawaska Aerostar; Startmore Rudolph; Comestar Lee, Leader, Outside and Lheros; Stouder Morty; and Oliveholme Aeroline.

Debuting as the #2 Conformation sire in August 2010 Fever quickly became a stand-out in a sea of Goldwyn sons, and was dubbed the ‘Longevity King,’ as his proof only seemed to grow stronger as he added daughters from proof round to proof round. In August 2013, he was named the #1 second crop conformation sire, and with his great health traits and exceptional fertility he quickly became an international sensation, garnering his own searchable hashtag on social media… the #feverfanclub.

"Fever is an exceptional individual,” says Brad Sayles Vice President Product Development & Genetic Solutions. “In August 2010 we graduated numerous Goldwyn sons. Fever stood out to our international client base as highly desirable, not just because of his great conformation, but because he has great health traits and is extremely fertile. His popularity has not waned, and only seems to grow globally. We’re extremely proud of the success dairymen are having with his daughters worldwide and we look forward to hearing more about them for years to come.”

For more information on Semex or of its suite of solutions visit
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Semex is pleased to announce Michael Hurst has been appointed US Senior Sales Manager effective September 6, 2016. In this role Michael will lead our national sales team, being responsible for achieving sales and profitability targets through the development and growth of our US sales and distribution channels.

Hurst has over 20 years of business-to-business experience in the agricultural industry. After graduating from The Ohio State University with a master of science degree in animal breeding and management, Hurst worked for the American Jersey Cattle Association (AJCA) as an Assistant Manager of Jersey Marketing Service and Director of Appraisal. In this role Hurst managed seven area representatives, two office staff and five appraisers who evaluated 50,000 Jersey cows annually. During his tenure at AJCA, Hurst grew total sales, helped launch an internet auction service, streamlined data and workflows, and grew Jersey member program participation. Additionally, he coordinated and enhanced the All-American Jersey Show, assisting with the implementation of the Premier Performance Class, as well as the new show ring Exhibition Code, and was a field representative to the Mid-Atlantic states.

Hurst was also a Financial Service Officer for Farmer Credit Services of Mid-America in Springfield, Ohio. While at Farm Credit Services, Hurst’s full time producer portfolio consisted of operating, IT and mortgage loans. Hurst’s accomplishments include being named Rookie of the Year in 2006, as well as ranking in the top 10 year to date sales for the entire Farm Credit Services organization for 2009, and top 10 sales in 2008 after closing $31 million in new business.

In 2009 Hurst joined Semex as our North East Regional Manager. In this role he worked closely with our team, strategically growing Semex’s business while developing our people and business-to-business relationships at the farm gate.

Most recently Michael was Director of Sales at River ... Read More...

Semex Saddened By Loss of Gordon Souter

As General Manager of WestGen, Gordie Souter was integral in bringing together the four Canadian A.I. organizations (WestGen, CIAQ, Gencor and EBI now known as EastGen) to form The Semex Alliance in 1997.  At that time, the sire analyst group was brought under The Semex Alliance structure and Gordie provided leadership to the genetics team and was responsible for acquiring bulls in the Western Provinces until his retirement. Because he was a visionary leader, he was asked to work on special projects for The Semex Alliance including a review of housing, production and distribution nearly 20 years ago. Today, many of his recommendations have come into fruition. Known for his thriftiness, vision and passion for the A.I. business, Gordie provided leadership to Semex subsidiaries, liaised with the Board of Directors and traveled worldwide as a well-respected Semex ambassador. From Semex Partner-Owner WestGen: During his more than 40-year career in the genetics and AI field, Robert Gordon Souter – or as most people knew him, “Gordie” – made an impact on the Western Canadian industry that is simply unmatched. Born in Alberta and educated in British Columbia, Gordie joined what was then called the BCAI Centre (now WestGen) in 1961 as a technician, and worked his way up to becoming General Manager in 1977. His exceptional skills and vision in all aspects of genetic improvement enabled him to become a major innovator in the cattle breeding industry, and lead him to refine genetic evaluation methods, develop sire proving programs, introduce genetic mating programs, and improve cow identification and registration. Furthermore, no one has been responsible for the purchase of more millionaire sires than Gordie- Madawaska Aerostar, Oliveholme Aeroline, Stouder Morty and Mainstream Manifold are all credited to him.  In 2004, Gordie was inducted into the Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame. He and his wife, Barbara, were also presented with the Ralph J. Barichello Memorial ... Read More...


Semex is excited to announce the enhancement of its Product Development Team. Comprised of the Genetic Development and Product Acquisition groups, this team’s focus is ensuring Semex remains an industry leader through its unique genetic strategies and acquisitions, as well as its own internal product development and promotion strategies.

Working alongside exclusive and preferred partners and breeders globally, this team will cultivate long-term and mutually beneficial relationships that will continue netting the world’s most sought after genetics.

“We’re extremely excited about this talented group of people,” says Brad Sayles, Semex Vice President Product Development & Client Solutions. “Each one brings excellent knowledge and the proven experience in today’s fast-paced genetics environment that will continue propelling both Semex’s and our partners’ genetic strategies forward. We look forward to their contributions to Semex and the genetics industry.”

Genetic Development Team:

Thierry Laberge: Thierry’s contributions to Semex’s genetics portfolio are significant and he will continue working closely with Canadian partner herds as he has since joining Semex in 1995
Mike West: Since 2007 Mike has been a part of the Semex Team. His dual role saw him providing excellent product support as well as sire acquisitions in the US, Canada and Europe
Carl Saucier: Carl has worked closely with Semex through partner-owner CIAQ since 1991, providing excellent product support as well as leading international tours
Jim Biggar: Like Carl, Jim has worked closely with Canadian herds through his role at Semex partner-owner EastGen since 1996, providing excellent product support and leading international tours
Carl Barclay: Carl has been with Semex partner-owner WestGen since 2007, most recently as a Reproductive Consultant, providing technical knowledge to sales persons and clients in ... Read More...

Semex Immunity+: Full-Body Solution For Herd Health

The only product offering 30% heritability to improve herd health, Semex’s Immunity+ continues to distinguish Semex as the worldwide genetic company of choice.

With over 20 years of research in immunogenetics and associated health benefits, immune response is highly effective and 30% heritable. Each generation bred to an Immunity+ sire is expected to reduce disease incidence by at least 5-10%. These offspring produce higher quality colostrum with more antibodies and have a greater response to commercial vaccines. 

“It’s our mission to offer our clients the very best solutions to improve herd health and profitability,” says Paul Krueger, Semex Immunity+ Global Brand Manager. “There’s no question that Immunity+ is their best option. It’s 30% heritable and is the only full-body solution for herd health that begins at birth.”

In its elite Genomax™ lineup, Semex now has:

72 Genomax Immunity+ bulls over +2400 GTPI
37 Genomax Immunity+ bulls over +2500 GTPI
10 Genomax Immunity+ bulls over +2600 GTPI
13 Genomax Jersey Immunity+ bulls
  6 Genomax Ayrshire Immunity+ bulls

This group is led by 0200HO10648 Endco Apprentice *RC (Kingboy x Supersire x Alchemy), who is the #2 Kingboy available in the breed at +2724 GTPI, +840 NM$, +125 CFP, +7.5 PL, 2.71 SCS, +2.1 DPR with solid +2.39 PTAT, +2.11 UDC. He’s also HealthSmart™, RobotReady™ and Red & White and his dam is a VG-85 Supersire x VG-85 Alchemy x EX-95-2E Altitude, the dam of the famous Apple!

For more information on Semex, Genetics for Life, Immunity+, Genomax sires or any of Semex’s brands visit:
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