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Individual Cow Management & Building Immunity At D&D Dairy

After working for an electrical company, Lyle Smith decided to buy a farm and started milking 70 cows in Winona County, Minnesota in 1973. He slowly started building up the herd, and when his son Dean joined him on the farm in 1995 after graduating from college they were milking 150 cows.

They gradually expanded the herd to 300 in 2002, and in 2007 they bought in with a neighbor that was milking 150 cows at the time, building a brand new state-of-the-art cross ventilated barn and expanding the herd to 1,000 cows. Just a few short years later they bought out their neighbour, and today the partnership consists of Dean, his brothers Greg and Randy, who also grain farm and supply the feed for the dairy. D&D Dairy LLP is a Holstein herd being milked on two locations, with the two-year-olds on the original home farm and second lactation and older cows in the new cross ventilation barn.

Smith’s philosophy of breeding for profitable cows and selecting for health in genetics is what led him to conversations with his Semex team about Immunity+™ in December of 2012.

“I know there are cows in my barn that I never see and I don’t know who they are because they never have a problem and they are paying their way,” said Smith. Before using Immunity+ sires he was selecting for Productive Life, Daughter Pregnancy Rate, Somatic Cell Count, Protein, Fat and Net Merit. Looking at each figure individually, while trying to find bulls to meet his criteria overall.

“Immunity+ bulls show a great balance of everything I was selecting for before, but now I have the science behind it to prove the health traits more accurately,” Dean says. “I am also more comfortable with the 25% heritability of Immunity+ than just Productive Life and other health traits alone. This will speed up the rate at which disease resistance is built up in my herd. Proven science is more attractive to me than a calculation.”

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Semex Beef®: Feeding The World

The one constant in the beef world is change. The other, is that our market is a global market. In order to meet these changes and feed a growing world, nontraditional beef markets must grow and develop their own beef industry. And, in order for them to provide themselves with a consistent, high quality red meat product, we’re spending time with them. We’re listening to what they’re saying, learning from them and working hard to provide them with the resources they need to be successful. This change has dictated change in our Semex Beef program, and in just 10 years our program has come a long way. In 2003 we were sourcing genetics for just six breeds from only two countries. Fast forward 10 years, and we’re sourcing genetics from 14 countries, produced on five continents for 25 breeds! Our goal, however, remains the same… Provide the highest quality beef genetics to meet our clients’ needs worldwide. Russian Albeef Project In 2013, we began a pilot project in Russia’s Lipetsk Region known as the AlBeef Project. This project utilizes the Beef Solutions program from farm to fork. With approximately 20,000 cows, Semex is truly hands-on each and every day, managing all the necessary parts of this growing operation. This includes the cow-calf operation, feedlot, slaughter plant and on to the restaurants and super markets! Within this pilot project we will implement pasture management, nutrition management, facility design, herd health, traceability, breeding, genetics and staff training among other components vital to the operation. As Semex continues to grow our products and services, it is our goal to become a partner for our clients to ensure their success. Click here to read more. 
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Semex Immunity+ Sires Offer Dairymen Everything In One Package

Launched just one year ago, Semex’s patented Immunity+™ sires have a naturally high immune response. By using these sires, herds can improve their overall health and longevity, breeding a herd that has less disease, a greater response to vaccines and higher quality colostrum. “Every dairyman wants to get everything in one complete package,” says Jay Shannon, Semex Global Dairy Solutions Manager. “In the genetics and reproduction business, this is a tall order to fill, but Semex’s Immunity+ lineup is about as close as it gets to truly doing that.” “Every analysis we’ve performed since Immunity+’s introduction offers additional validation. And, we continually analyze the herd data of Immunity+ sires’ daughters to confirm the impact that one generation of Immunity+ bulls can have on a dairy,” says Shannon. “And, by using Immunity+ in your breeding program, each successive generation can accumulate further disease resistance.” Joining the proven Immunity+ lineup following the December 2013 genetic evaluation are: 0200HO03700    GLEN-TOCTIN LANGLEY  (PLANET x SHOTTLE) 0200HO06162    SCHILLVIEW GUNGHOE  (PLANET x SHOTTLE) The following Genomax™ bulls are also designated Immunity+: 0200HO03877 COYNE-FARMS JABIR  (FACEBOOK x FREDDIE) 0200HO03881 HAMMER-CREEK KOZAK  (FACEBOOK x MR SAM) 0200HO02871 MR LOOKOUT P EMBARGO  (FACEBOOK x SHOTTLE) 0200HO02869 MR CHARTROISE ELDORADO  (LAVAMAN x PLANET)    0200HO02953 DRIFTY-HOLLOW ACTION  (NUMERO UNO x BOLTON) 0200HO03913 CROTEAU LESPERRON UNIX  (NUMERO UNO x DOMAIN) 0200HO03912 CROTEAU LESPERRON URBAIN  (NUMERO UNO x DOMAIN) 0200HO06530 EDG SKATEBOARD  (NUMERO UNO x RUSSELL) 0200HO03879 FLAT-TOP-VUE SPENCER  (SHAMROCK x ALEXANDER) 0200HO03920 MACPES ... Read More...

December 2013 Proofs Confirm Semex's Commitment To Genetics for Life

The December 2013 genetic evaluation confirmed Semex’s commitment to offering our clients the best product to deliver profitable results. Dairymen working with Semex are covered whether they’re looking for outcross bloodlines, high fertility, newly released daughter proven sires or high reliability sires. This is Genetics for Life! For those dairymen looking for leading genomic young sires, Semex’s Genomax™ lineup is where you want to be, as five of the top 20, 10 of the top 40 and 13 of the top 50 GTPI genomic young sires born over a year ago, with semen ready for use call stud code 200 home. Repromax™: As the world’s only international fertility evaluation, Repromax sires offer you higher conception and non-return rates, which means more pregnancies on your farm. Joining this group of fertility leaders following the December evaluations are:    0200HO03695    CHARTROISE SATISFACTION *RC  (MR BURNS *RC x GOLDWYN)  0200HO03700    GLEN-TOCTIN LANGLEY  (PLANET x SHOTTLE) 0200HO03699    HOWARDVIEWWG LIGHTNING  (GOLDWYN x TOYSTORY) 0200HO03701    LADYS-MANOR ANDERS  (HOWIE x GOLDWYN) 0200HO02547    PARADISE-D GLONNI  (ARMSTEAD x GOLDWYN) 0200HO06162    SCHILLVIEW GUNGHOE  (PLANET x SHOTTLE) 0200HO03722    UFM-DUBS SHAC  (ACTIVE x SHOTTLE)      0200HO03711    VELTHUIS SOPHOMORE  (PLANET x LOU) 0200JE00469     ESTRAN RANDOM  (LEGACY X BLACKSTONE) 0200AY00697     PALMYRA BINGO  (POKER x JERRY) HealthSmart™: Semex’s HealthSmart sires produce profitable daughters that are healthier, more fertile and last longer. This means lower costs and more profit in the ledgers. Semex’s HealthSmart sires including ... Read More...

Semex Sires Receive Holstein Canada Awards

With each genetic evaluation Holstein Canada recognizes sires that reach elite standards in production, conformation and also genetic indexes through their Superior Production (SP) and Superior Type (ST) programs. The following Semex sires have been recognized in December 2013 as Superior Production sires having combined genetic indexes for Fat and Protein in the top 5% of the Canadian sire population. Sires must have a reliability of at least 91%. CLAYNOOK TRIPLEPLAY (LAURIN x TITANIC) ME-DO-CREST EXPLICITE (PAGEWIRE x O MAN) MS POSIBILITY PRODUCER (BAXTER x TITANIC) RALMA-RH CORNET-ET (BAXTER x GOLDWYN) The following Semex sires have been recognized as Superior Type in December 2013. Sires winning this award are within the top 5% of the sire population for their conformation proof (Conformation, Mammary System, Feet & Legs, Dairy Strength, Rump) and with a reliability of at least 87%. REGAN-ALH PRIDE (SOCRATES x DURHAM) SANDY-VALLEY ALLSTAR (SOCRATES x SHOTTLE)
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December 2013 Proofs Now Online At Semex

The December 2013 LPI & TPI proofs are now online on Semex's website at! Each proof round gives us the opportunity to share our Genetics for Life commitment to our customers globally. The December genetic evaluation showed that were committed to delivering the traits and breeding options to dairymen demand worldwide. Holstein Highlights: Semexs #1 Holstein LPI sire: 0200HO00528 Sildahl Jett Air gains 108 points and jumps to the #4 LPI position 0200HO09901 Clayton-Crest Ace (Shottle x Goldwyn x Durham Atlee) graduates as our #1 new release PTAT sire New release 0200HO02600 O-Bee Krusader (Planet x Shottle) graduates as a high type, balanced sire Jersey Highlights: #6 LPI Jersey LPI: 0200JE00463 Gillard Pancho (Legacy x Centurion) Semexs #1 New Release Jersey LPI: 0200JE00469 Estran Random (Legacy x Blackstone) Semexs #1 new release USA: 0200JE00485 All Lynns Vaughn (Impuls x Paramount) Genomax Semexs #2 new release USA: 0200JE00477 Lucky Hill Joker (Blackstone x Legion) Ayrshire Highlights: Semexs #1 New Release & #3 LPI Ayrshire sire 0200AY00702 Lessard Jumper (Normandin x Trident) Semexs # 1 LPI Ayrshire sire 0200AY00687 DAlbanel Marlow moves up 77 LPI points 0200AY00329 Jelyca Oblique moves up 63 LPI points as he adds second crop daughters To view video footage of many of Semexs sires visit our Youtube channel at Additional information on these bulls including complete LPI and TPI data is available at
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Semex and The Cenatte Group in Brazil are pleased to announce the establishment of a joint venture that enhances the strengths of both companies. Located in Pedro Leopoldo, MG, Brazil, Cenatte is one of the world’s leading biotechnology and bovine reproduction companies, working to increase beef and dairy client productivity for nearly 30 years. Enjoying excellent client satisfaction levels, Cenatte provides embryo transfer services, in vitro fertilization and genetic solutions, all now available through Semex Brazil. As both companies are dedicated to providing their customers and partners with the most innovative genetic solutions and technologies available, Cenatte aligns well with Semex’s global strategies and beliefs, and is well supported for future growth. “We are excited about partnering with Cenatte and its people,” says Paul Larmer, Semex Chief Executive Officer. “We know that we’re living in a global marketplace and we’re looking beyond our borders in order to provide leading genetic solutions. Cenatte will be integrated with our North American in vitro fertilization technologies, further strengthening our product line while offering the most up-to-date technologies to our Brazilian customers. We’re looking forward to working with our colleagues at Cenatte as one of our global partners, developing long-lasting and profitable herds for our clients. We believe that this is Genetics for Life and a key part of our vision and mission.” For more information on Semex, Genetics for Life or any of Semex’s suite of genetic solutions please visit
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Schuiling & Veres Join Semex Global Business Development Team

Semex is pleased to announce that Harry Schuiling and Zoltan Veres will be joining its newly expanded Global Business Development Team as Sales Managers effective early 2014. 

"We truly believe that people are our most important asset," says Paul Larmer, Semex Chief Executive Officer. "And, we're very excited to have these two gentlemen be promoted within our global organization to these new positions. Both have an exceptional history with the Semex family and we're pleased that they will be joining our global management team to further our growth strategies worldwide."

Harry Schuiling has served as the Operational Manager at Semex-Holland B.V. since 1997. He has been instrumental in building and establishing this organization as a genetic leader in Holland, Belgium and Denmark, providing strategic marketing and sales programs. These programs have resulted in growth, successful partnerships and profitable joint ventures. Prior to joining Semex-Holland B.V. Harry worked for a competing genetic company as a senior manager and was a veteran classifier for the Dutch Herdbook, classifying more than 10,000 cows annually. 

Zoltan Veres has been the Managing Director of Génbank-Semex Hungary Ltd. since 2002. During his tenure, Génbank-Semex Hungary has grown to be the market leader, being named the #1 Cattle Breeding Company in Hungary on the 2014 Golden List. Recently, Zoltan oversaw this facility's expansion that will allow it to accommodate 200 bulls under the Semex Gold Standard™ for collection, processing and distribution throughout the world. 

Working across territories, both gentlemen will work alongside John McDougall and Gordon Miller, two of Semex's Directors International Sales & Business Development. Harry will focus on Asian and European markets, while Zoltan will work in Central and Eastern European markets.  
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Semex's Growing Global Selection Program Drives Expansion of Hungarian Facility

Semex firmly believes that the best genetics are where you find them. With this in mind, Semex geneticists have been actively sourcing genetics well beyond North America’s borders for years. This sourcing has netted impressive results and the Semex facility located in Mezőhegyes, Hungary has been expanded to meet increasing housing, collection, processing and distribution needs.

“A prime example of finding exceptional genetics outside of North America is certainly the world’s genomic superstar, 0200HO07450 Amighetti Numero Uno,” says Pierre Laliberte, Semex Senior Vice President, Genetics & Research. “Born in Italy, Numero Uno ranked as the world’s #1 genomic sire longer than any other to date. His sixth dam was the result of an embryo imported from the US and through the continuous use of
top sires, the world’s first genomic giant was born.”

The new facility increases housing and collection capacity from 140 to 200 bulls, while also ensuring all European bulls are cared for in facilities that are governed by Semex’s stringent Gold Standard™ requirements for housing, production and distribution.

“The expanded Hungary facility solidifies Semex’s position in the European market,” says Robert McRae, Semex Vice President, Global Operations. “Having these bulls housed in the European Union (EU), and following the EU market health regulations, provides us with a product eligible for global distribution and offer us an enviable biosecurity advantage.”

“We’re genotyping more than 1500 European Holstein young sires a year,” says Laliberte. “This new facility will allow us to house nearly 200 bulls in state-of-the-art facilities and meet the growing demand for our Genomax™ product line.”
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Semex's Newest Genetics for Life Video Now Available On Youtube

Semex's latest video titled, 'Genetic Solutions For Life' is now available on Semex's Youtube channel by clicking here.

This video is an amazing piece that showcases how Semex believes in Genetics for Life, and how we believe that our people, our partnerships and our research will create discoveries and will help feed the world's growing population. 
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