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Holstein Canada and Semex are extremely proud to announce that Roxanne Montplaisir of Trois-Rivières, QC will represent Canada on the 2014 Holstein Canada-Semex sponsored Young Adult Australia Exchange. 

“Roxanne’s knowledge of the Canadian dairy industry and hands-on experience working with dairy cattle, as well as her enthusiasm, passion and leadership abilities make her a fantastic ambassador of the Canadian dairy industry,” says Holstein Canada Chief Executive Officer, Ann Louise Carson. 

Fully bilingual, Roxanne grew up on a dairy farm, Ferme Monyka, where she is still actively involved on the family operation. Along with helping out on the family farm, Roxanne is employed full-time by Valacta as a Dairy Production Advisor as well as working part-time as the Marketing and Communications Coordinator for Eastside Holsteins in PEI. A graduate from the Université de Laval with a degree in agricultural science, Roxanne was involved in many university clubs and committees, including the judging team and the animal science club. She was also involved with Québec’s Rural Youth Organization, the Association des jeunes ruraux du Québec (AJRQ) for 17 years, serving as president for two years at the provincial level and at the national level as a member of 4-H Canada’s Youth Advisory Committee for three years. Additionally, Roxanne worked as a Summer Intern for La Coopérative Fédérée and Centre d’insémination artificielle du Québec (CIAQ). 

“The Australian dairy industry is vastly different from the Canadian dairy industry and we are certain that Roxanne’s time there will be a very exciting and interesting time for her,” John McDougall, Semex, Director Sales Development & Business Unit Manager, Australia. 

“I feel extremely fortunate to be selected to represent Canada's dairy youth in Australia and to ... Read More...

Semex Genomax Bulls Top The Charts

Genetics for Life is about delivering the best possible product to Semex’s clients. With only one in seven bulls entering stud qualifying for this elite program, the results in the latest genetic evaluation are obvious with five of Holstein USA’s top 10 TPI™ Genomic Young Sires belonging to stud code 200!

These and more great Genomax sires are all available from Semex today, and customers putting them to work in their herds are reaping the rewards these bulls offer…. Maximum genetic gain and profitability:

#2 GTPI: 0200HO03877 Coyne-Farms Jabir 99%-I (Facebook x Freddie)

HealthSmart™ and Robot Ready™
+2531 GTPI, +920 NM$, +5.8 PL, 2.55 SCS, +2.63 PTAT, +2.8 DPR and 6.7% CE

#3 GTPI: 0200HO03878 Coyne-Farms Jetset 99%-I (Facebook x Freddie)

HealthSmart and Robot Ready
+2501 GTPI, +915 NM$, +6.1 PL, 2.58 SCS, +2.36 PTAT, +2.3 DPR and 5.5% CE

#4 GTPI: 0200HO06528 De-Su Nominee 99%-I (Numero Uno x Massey)

Immunity+™ and HealthSmart
+2487 GTPI, +885 NM$, +5.6 PL, 2.58 SCS, +2.37 PTAT, +2.3 DPR and 7.3% CE

#9 GTPI 0200HO06534 Kellercrest Lancome (Epic x Man-O-Man)

+2463 GTPI, +808 NM$, +5.3 PL, 2.73 SCS, +3.18 PTAT, +1.3 DPR and 6.9% CE

#10 GTPI 0200HO07450 Amighetti Numero Uno (Man-O-Man x Shottle)

Immunity+ and HealthSmart
+2462 GTPI, +850 NM$, +6.3 PL, 2.61 SCS, +2.92 PTAT, +2.1 DPR and 7.9% CE

Semex’s rigorous and dedicated selection process for the Genomax lineup has netted some of the most desirable progeny proven bulls in the world.

For more information on Semex, Genetics for Life or the industry leading Genomax sires visit
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Semex Sires Receive Holstein Canada Awards

With each genetic evaluation Holstein Canada recognizes sires that reach elite standards in production, conformation and also genetic indexes through their Superior Production (SP), Superior Type (ST) and Class Extra (EXTRA) programs. The following Semex sires have been recognized in August 2013 as Superior Production sires having combined genetic indexes for Fat and Protein in the top 5% of the Canadian sire population. Sires must have a reliability of at least 85%. CLAYNOOK MAP (MR BURNS*RDC x GIBSON) CLAYNOOK THRILL (BAXTER x GOODLUCK) DE-SU AUTHORITY (STOL JOC x O MAN) DE-SU JOCKEY(STOL JOC x O MAN) GREENLANE SEEKER(BAXTER x TITANIC) HFK HEAVY(BAXTER x O MAN) HFK HUMOROUS(BAXTER x BOLIVER) MAPEL WOOD DEMETRI(MR BURNS x TITANIC) ROCKYMOUNTAIN LONGSUIT(DOLMAN x TITANIC) ROCKYMOUNTAIN TREASURER(BAXTER x GOLDWYN) SCHILLVIEW GLADSTONE(MR BURNS x O MAN) WINTERLANCE SOLARIS (BAXTER x GOLDWYN) The following Semex sires have been recognized as Superior Type in August 2013. Sires winning this award are within the top 5% of the sire population for their conformation proof (Conformation, Mammary System, Feet & Legs, Dairy Strength, Rump) and with a reliability of at least 85%. BENNER BILLY BOB(BONAIR x MORTY) CLAYNOOK TENNESSEE(MR BURNS *RDC x GOLDWYN) LORKA SASSO(BONAIR x MR SAM) MONUMENT IMPRESSION(SOCRATES x POTTER) ROCKYMOUNTAIN TAILOR(BAXTER x GOLDWYN) SANDY-VALLEY BRYSON(AIRRAID x SHOTTLE) STANTONS EMPIRE(SIDNEY x OUTSIDE) VALLEYVILLE MUSKETEER(BONAIR x GOLDWYN) Holstein Canada recognized the following Semex sire for Class Extra, which requires elite standards for both production and conformation. WINDY-KNOLL-VIEW PARTNER(MR BURNS *RDC x DURHAM)
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Semex Lineup Continues To Diversify With August Proofs

At Semex, we’re committed to delivering you profitable results. Working with you and listening to your needs directs us, ensuring that our line-up is the most diverse and profitable in the industry. Semex has you covered whether you are looking for outcross bloodlines, newly released daughter proven sires, extremely fertile sires or high reliability second crop sires. And, if you are looking for leading genomic young sires, Semex is certainly where you want to be doing business, as five of the Holstein USA official top 10 TPI Genomic Young sires call Semex home! And, that is Genetics for Life.  High fertility Repromax sires provide immediate results that increase your dairy’s reproductive performance and profitability. As the world’s only international fertility evaluation, Repromax sires offer higher non-return rates and conception rates. Joining this group of fertility leaders following the August evaluations are:   0200HO00578    DE-SU JOCKEY  (Stol Joc x O Man) 0200HO06083    FAVREAUTIERE GAG  (Socrates x Toystory) 0200HO07412    HFK HUMOROUS  (Baxter x Boliver) 0200HO06036    LA PRESENTATION KAMIK  (Baxter x Buckeye) 0200HO02561    SANDY-VALLEY DANON  (Socrates x Shottle) 0200HO02549    SANDY-VALLEY SPARROW  (Planet x Shottle) 0200HO06053    VALLEYVILLE MUSKETEER  (Bonair x Goldwyn)   0200JE00352     HOMETOWN ON THE MONEY  (On Time x Counciller) 0200JE00460     LOUISAND ELVIS  (Biestar x Sambo)       0200JE00466     MOLLY BROOK JARGON  (Blackstone x Fleet)       0200JE00154     PAULLOR CONTENDER  (Connection x By Whom) 0200JE00156     SPRUCE AVENUE FIDELITY  (Legion x ... Read More...

Semex Immunity+ Lineup Grows: Includes Numero Uno & Ayrshires

Semex’s patented Immunity+™ sires have a naturally high immune response, and by using them you can improve your herd’s overall health and longevity. The benefits of a high immune responder (HIR) are a healthier dairy animal with less disease, greater response to vaccines and higher quality colostrum. Now, in August, Semex is pleased to release Immunity+ Ayrshire sires and designate its famous Genomax™ sire, 0200HO07450 Amighetti Numero Uno as Immunity+. “We’ve seen a remarkable response to this product,” says Brad Sayles, Semex Vice President Global Marketing. “Dairymen worldwide know that some cows just go unnoticed and they want to breed more just like them. They believe in the science behind Immunity+ and are using them to breed healthier cows and herds.” Joining the proven Immunity+ lineup following the August 2013 genetic evaluations is: 0200HO00560 MONUMENT IMPRESSION (Socrates x Potter) The following Genomax™ bulls are also designated Immunity+: 0200HO07450 AMIGHETTI NUMERO UNO (Man-O-Man x Shottle) 0200HO02886 CLAYNOOK DUNBAR (Lavaman x Bolton) 0200HO03911 COMESTAR SUPERSEDE (Supersonic x Man-O-Man) 0200HO06528 DE-SU NOMINEE (Numero Uno x Massey) 0200HO06448 GEHRKE JOHAN DERAY (Sherac x Plan) 0200HO03901 MARBRI BLAZON (Shamrock x Baxter) 0200HO03883 RMW ANCHOR (Facebook x Goldwyn) 0200HO02938 ROCKYMOUNTAIN LOCHINVAR s(Numero Uno x Super) 0200HO02714 SPRINGWAY CELEBRATE (Man-O-Man x Boliver) 0200HO03876 STANTONS BOOKKEEPER (Bookem x Man-O-Man) 0200JE00384 GUIMO JOEL (Legal x Paramount) And, Semex is pleased to release one exceptional Immunity+ Ayrshire bull: 0200AY00699 KAMOURASKA DECAF (Jupiter x Peterslund) For more information on Semex, Genetics for Life, Immunity+ sires or any of Semex’s brands visit:
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August 2013 Proofs Online

The August 2013 LPI & TPI proofs are now online on Semex's website at!

At Semex we look forward to these evaluations, as it gives us the opportunity to reaffirm our commitment of Genetics for Life to our customers worldwide. In August, Semex sires continue to deliver the traits and breeding options dairymen around the world demand.  

Holstein Proven Bulls:

Semex’s #1 New Release Holstein LPI sire: 0200HO00577 De-Su Author (Stol Joc x O Man)
Semex’s #2 New Release Holstein LPI sire: 0200HO00578 De-Su Jockey (Stol Joc x O Man)
Semex’s #1 New Release Holstein TPI sire: 0200HO09225 Ladys-Manor Shane (Auden x Shottle)

Jersey Proven Bulls:

#2 LPI Jersey LPI: 0200JE00463 Gillard Pancho (Legacy x Centurion)
Semex’s #1 New Release Jersey LPI: 0200JE00352 Hometown On The Money (On Time x Counciller)

Ayrshire Proven Bulls:

Semex’s #1 New Release & #2 LPI Ayrshire LPI: 0200AY00699 Kamouraska Decaf (Jupiter x Peterslund)
Semex’s #2 New Release Ayrshire LPI: 0200AY00701 D’Albanel Jurassic (Jupiter x Copper)

To view video footage of many of these new release sires please visit Semex’s Youtube channel at Additional information on these bulls including complete LPI and TPI data is available at
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Boviteq Opens Operations In Wisconsin

Semex is extremely excited to announce the opening of Boviteq operations in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

Semex’s research and development arm, L’Alliance Boviteq, located in Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec, Canada, is world-renown for both its research and bovine embryo work. For decades, producers from coast to coast in both Canada and the USA have benefited from and looked to Boviteq as their source for reproductive excellence.

Now, with a world-class, state-of-the-art IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) facility open in Madison, Wisconsin, Boviteq is excited to offer Semex and its American clients a laboratory specializing in IVF for the commercial, elite and beef markets. 

“We plan to bring the standards that made us successful in Canada to the USA market,” says André Barnabé, L’Alliance Boviteq Chief Executive Officer. “IVF is a complex process and we consider success to be a true partnership with veterinarians and producers. This is the best way to provide optimum results to the customer.”

“However, we will not be housing cows for breeders,” says Barnabé. “Instead we will be working with and training our clients’ vets to our protocols. They will conduct the OPU (Ovum Pick Up) for their customers. These OPUs will be sent to our lab and we will either ship back fresh embryos or freeze them.”

Limited work has already begun with vet clinics and dairies nationwide, offering Semex customers valuable IVF solutions in both the commercial and elite genetic sectors. Those interested in exploring IVF solutions on their dairy should contact their Semex Genetic Consultant.
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Dr. Morris Freeman, Former Semex GM, Passes Away

Semex regrets to announce the passing of former Semex Canada General Manager, Dr. Morris Freeman.

Dr. Morris ‘Moe’ Freeman passed away peacefully on July 15 in Guelph, Ontario with his beloved wife of 57 years, Ruth, and loving family at his side. Born 80 years ago in Markdale, Ontario he was the loving son of Thomas & Annie (Graham) Freeman, cherished brother of June Falls (Ormond), Keith (Joan) and Doug (Eleanor); proud father of David (Laura), Michael (Odette) and Paul (Karen); and joyful and doting Grampa to Erin, Monica, Thomas, Danielle and John.

Moe was one-of-a-kind: a talented athlete, dedicated scholar and professor, successful businessman but, above all, a caring, kind and wonderful gentleman, who never forgot the lessons of humility, hard work, and compassion learned in a happy boyhood on the family dairy farm.

He was the first of his family to attend university when he started first year at the Ontario Agricultural College (OAC), now the University of Guelph. He often joked that his parents, although supportive, were convinced homesickness would bring him home in a couple of weeks. Happily, they were wrong and Moe went on to distinguish himself athletically and academically as a proud graduate of OAC 1955, including an athletic letter and playing on the collegiate hockey team, the last two years as captain. Moe also met the love of his life, Ruth Cooke, on a blind date in first year. They married in 1956 and shared an incredible, loving relationship that stood the test of time.

Moe's undergraduate courses and early work experience convinced him that his future lay in the study of genetics. And so, in September 1966, Moe and Ruth and their family of three boys moved to Ithaca, New York so that he could earn his PhD at Cornell University. Moe returned to his alma mater in 1969 as an Assistant Professor in Animal Science. He continued to be a consummate advocate, fundraiser and benefactor of the University of Guelph for the ... Read More...

Lowell Lindsay To Be Inducted Into Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame

Semex and EastGen are extremely proud to announce that Lowell D. Lindsay will be inducted into the Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame.

“It was with great and unreserved pleasure that Semex and EastGen, submitted the nomination of Lowell Lindsay for induction into the Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame. Lowell achieved a great deal in his career, however, Canadian agriculture and specifically the dairy cattle industry has been the true benefactor,” says Paul Larmer, Semex Chief Executive Officer. “It is impossible to measure the economic impact that Lowell has had, however his career spanned 53 years, and when one looks at the genetic progress made in Canada over that time period it is immense. Working for a ‘Producer Owned’ company for his complete tenure, Lowell always knew who he worked for… The dairy producers of Canada.”

EastGen General Manager Brian O’Connor comments, “Lowell was influential in turning artificial insemination, sire selection and young sire testing programs into the most impactful breed improvement tools to date within the dairy industry. Furthermore he was a driving force in establishing Canada as the world leader in Holstein genetics, and became an international industry icon for sire selection, cattle evaluation, judging and exhibiting cattle while also inspiring young people to drive the industry further in these areas.”

This year four Canadians will be inducted into the prestigious Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame. Lowell, along with John Oliver, the late John Wise and Donald Ziraldo will be formally inducted on Sunday, November 3, 2013 at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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Be Part Of Semex's Photo Contest!

Semex is pleased to announce its Annual Photo Contest. Semex is looking for new, exciting photos featuring Semex-sired progeny to use in Semex promotions such as calendars, posters, brochures, website and much more. Preference will be given to photographs that include Semex cows and attire and will be judged on composition, quality and character of image, suitability and/or creativity in relation to a category theme and overall impression of the photo. All competition finalists will be posted to Semex’s Facebook page to be voted on by our fans, making it a true ‘People’s Choice’ competition. Prizes will be credits to be used on and awarded as follows: 1st Prize: $150; 2nd Prize: $100; 3rd Prize: $75 (Canadian dollars). All entries must be received via the Semex website by September 1, 2013. Click here to enter and to access full contest rules, terms and conditions.
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