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Immunity+®: A Herd Health Solution Like No Other

Dairy producers worldwide are raving about the benefits of Semex’s exclusive Immunity+™ sires. As ‘real farm’ performance data accumulates, more clients, veterinarians and processors are excited to improve their own herds’ health naturally. Based on the HIR (High Immune Response) technology developed by Dr. Bonnie Mallard and her colleagues at the University of Guelph, the research surrounding this technology spans decades. It shows that HIR cows have 19-30% lower disease incidence compared to herd averages. These cows also respond better to commercial vaccines and produce higher quality colostrum. As a result, they are more profitable by bringing in more revenue, lowering costs and wasting less of the dairyman's time. And, most importantly, Immunity+ works. “It really ensures your herd is healthy, that your herd is looked after and it increases your return on investment,” says Paul Krueger, Semex Immunity+ Global Brand Manager. “For the first time ever we can identify the genetic link to immunity… How the animal responds to disease. No other product or solution available has this, or is 25% heritable with immediate effects… This starts at birth, there’s no wait.” In August 2015 Semex has: 12 Genomax Immunity+ bulls over +2500 GTPI 45 Genomax Immunity+ bulls over +2400 GTPI Two new Holstein proven and 10 new Genomax™ sires with Genomax sires averaging over +2500 GTPI One new Jersey Immunity+ sire: 0200JE01026 Faria Brothers Luda For more information on Semex, Genetics for Life, Immunity+, Genomax sires or any of Semex’s brands visit: 
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Easily Access Semex's A2A2 Sires

Dairymen and markets wanting to increase the A2 allele prevalence in their herds can now easily access Semexs A2A2 sires by clicking the A2A2 link under 'dairy' This list of both high reliability and Genomax Holsteins, Jerseys and Ayrshires includes a diverse lineup of 75 proven and 90 Genomax Holstein sires, 16 proven and 35 Genomax Jersey sires and eight proven and four Genomax Ayrshire sires. This group includes 0200HO02698 Misty Springs Supersonic, 0200HO06320, Cangen Pinkman and new releases 0200HO02770 Sully Hart Meridian and 0200HO02783 Danhof Detroit as well as 17 Genomax Holstein sires over +2500 GTPI. Check them out today!
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AI Industry Marks Passing Of Prominent Leader

It is with profound sadness that Semex and EastGen announce the passing of a prominent figure in the legacy of our companies. Wilbur Shantz passed away peacefully on the morning of July 19, 2015, at the age of 87.  Born on a farm in Pinehill, Wilmot Township, Wilbur began his career in 1952 as a technician inseminator with the Waterloo Cattle Breeding Association. In 1963 he was named General Manager of that organization. In 1968 (after an amalgamation of the Lambton, Waterloo and Central Cattle Breeding associations), Wilbur was chosen for the role of Operations Manager of United Breeders Inc. (UBI), Guelph, Ontario. Recognized for his great leadership skills and business sense, he was appointed General Manager of UBI in 1985, a role he continued to fulfill until his retirement in 1992. Well-respected within the A.I. industry, Wilbur served on several boards of directors and was past president of the Ontario Association of Animal Breeders (1965 & 1966), Canadian Association of Animal Breeders (1990), and Semex Canada (1992) prior to the forming of The Semex Alliance. Wilbur also assumed the role of Interim General Manager of Semex Canada from 1995-1996. During his distinguished career, Wilbur worked with industry colleagues to develop sophisticated young sire proving programs, and led the industry to build large semen inventories from young sires awaiting proof. The increased availability of top sires enabled Canadian breeders to establish the country as a world leader in genetic material and generated millions of dollars in live cattle and semen exports. He also initiated training courses for Ontario farmers and helped initiate reward incentive programs for herds utilizing breed improvement tools. “Wilbur Shantz will be forever recognized as a leader who was instrumental in building a strong foundation for the Canadian bovine genetics industry that today is recognized as a world leader,” said EastGen General Manager Brian ... Read More...


Semex is pleased to release one of the worlds top available Enforcer sons, 0200HO10258 Sandy-Valley-I Penmanship, a Genomax, HealthSmart and Robot Ready sire.

Penmanship ranks as Enforcers #2 GTPI son at +2572 and his #1 NM$ son at 728$! Backed by nine generations of VG or EX dams, Penmanships dam is a VG-85 Numero Uno, from Pine-Tree Monica Planeta VG-86, with over 30,000 at 2-1 and five VG daughters to date. Penmanships third dam is Pine-Tree Monica Sueal DOM and then Missy Monica VG-85 GMD DOM and Rudy Missy EX-92-3E GMD DOM.

Used as a sire of sons, Penmanship offers excellent 6.0 PL, low 2.75 SCS a 3.7 DPR, +0.09% Pro, 6.0% SCE and solid, breed-pleasing type suited for dairymen everywhere.

The demand for Semexs Genomax genomic young sires has never been higher. Were working diligently to meet this demand, testing over 6000 young sires in 2014 alone, with only one in seven making the cut and being designated Genomax.

Ask your Semex representative today about adding Penmanship or any of Semexs leading genomic young sires in the Genomax lineup today! For additional information on Semex, Genetics for Life, Genomax, HealthSmart, Robot Ready or any of Semexs products or services visit

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Semex is pleased to announce that Lowell Lindsay has been named a National Dairy Shrine Pioneer for 2015.

Each year the National Dairy Shrine honors three or four ‘pioneers’ of the dairy industry. An anonymous selection committee selects these pioneers based on their professional affiliations and activities, civic and community involvement and outstanding contribution to the dairy industry.

“It is a great pleasure and honour to support the nomination of Lowell for the National Dairy Shrine Pioneer Award on behalf of Semex,” says Paul Larmer, Semex Chief Executive Officer. “When I think of Lowell’s career, it is a reflection of this man’s love and passion for our industry, including his career, cows and also his various and significant accomplishments. And, while his career has been highlighted by the sires acquired, the daughters of these bulls will continue to influence our industry well into the future, as will the thousands of keen breeders, showmen, fitters and dairy youth worldwide that have been fortunate enough to learn from one of our industry’s true artists.”

The annual National Dairy Shrine Awards Banquet will be held on Thursday, October 1 in Madison, Wisconsin. For more information about the banquet or about students, producers or industry representatives being recognized by National Dairy Shrine, please contact Dr. David Selner, Executive Director, at
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Semex Announces Board of Directors

Semex is pleased to welcome two new members who will serve on its Board of Directors:

Art Pruim representing WestGen
Martin Grégoire representing CIAQ

In 2015-2016 Norm McNaughton (EastGen), will serve as President & Chairman of the Board, assisted by Vice President Gary Bowers (CIAQ) and Executive Member Henry Gisler (WestGen). Other members of the Board of Directors include: Léonard Chabot (CIAQ); Germain Lehoux (CIAQ); Robert Wright (EastGen); Warren MacIntosh (EastGen); and Gerrit Wensink (EastGen).

Semex is comprised of three Partner Owners: WestGen, CIAQ (Centre d’insémination artificielle du Québec) and EastGen.

For more information on Semex, Genetics for Life or any of Semex’s products and services visit 
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Semex's Immunity+ Continues Meeting & Exceeding Expectations

In 2013, decades of research and hard work in collaboration with the world-reknown University of Guelph in Canada resulted in the launch of Semex’s Immunity+ sires worldwide.

“Some cows and cow families just do not get sick,” says Semex CEO Paul Larmer. “They go virtually unnoticed in the herd, doing their job day in and day out. Worldwide, dairymen are requesting these sires because they know, just like we know, that it makes sense. And, lowering drug costs and increasing productivity through healthier calves and cows is a goal of all producers everywhere. In 2013, Dairy Herd Management recognized Immunity+ as an Innovative Product of the Year at World Dairy Expo. This was a very definite endorsement from the dairy industry that this technology is truly unique, valuable and a game changer.”

High immune response technology has shown the potential to be one of the more significant innovations in the genetics industry. Producers worldwide are recognizing the value of using Immunity+ sires in their own strategy to improve their herd and animal health.

Joining the proven Immunity+ lineup following the April 2015 genetic evaluation are:

0200HO06320            CANGEN PINKMAN : SUPER x BAXTER
0200HO06362            GEN-I-BEQ BACCHUS : SUPER x ...

Semex Genomax & Repromax Deliver Performance In April Proofs

Genomic testing over 6000 young sires worldwide, gives Semex’s industry-leading Genomax™ program a decisive edge. Consistently delivering the world’s leading genomic young sires, Semex is proud to debut 0200HO02770 Sully Hart Meridian on the international stage with the April 2015 proof round. With daughter data accumulating, this Repromax™, Calving Ease™ and Show Time™ sire is among the most sought-after sires anywhere.

He joins an elite list, including 0200HO06480 Val-Bisson Doorman and the program’s most famous graduates to date, Facebook and Numero Uno. Both of these bulls continue to reside in the top rankings worldwide, along with 0200HO02698 Misty Springs Supersonic, Millionaire Sire 0200HO00402 Mainstream Manifold and now also 0200HO06267 Gen-I-Beq Lavaman, the #1 PLI sire in the UK.


Joining this elite group for the first time in April are:

0200AY00768         DES COTEAUX MICHIGAN
0200AY01002         DU PETIT BOIS ANIMATE
0200AY01000         D'ALBANEL CRAFTMAN
0200HO06623        21GENETICS SHOWCASE
0200HO07836        ALL NURE SOCIETY
0200HO07833        BARCHI TUKO
0200HO10107        BENNER BACKFLIP PP
0200HO10210        BOLDI V ALIANT
0200HO10259        BOLDI V ARMOUR
0200HO10209        BOLDI V ...

Semex HealthSmart Lineup With Feed Efficiency More Valuable Than Ever

Semex launched the HealthSmart™ lineup as a way for Semex clients worldwide to quickly identify bulls that would sire the most valuable and profitable cows on the dairy. In December 2014, Feed Efficiency was included, emphasizing moderate-sized cattle that are healthy and efficient. The profitable kind of cows demanded worldwide, they have more efficient production, have lower maintenance costs, lower health costs, better fertility and lead longer, more productive lives. The HealthSmart lineup includes these popular sires:  0200HO00402       MAINSTREAM MANIFOLD 0200HO03753       MARBRI FACEBOOK 0200HO02698       MISTY SPRINGS SUPERSONIC 0200HO02753       BROOKVIEW MASTERPIECE * : DORCY x BOLIVER 0200HO06320       CANGEN PINKMAN * : SUPER x BAXTER 0200HO06343       OLSZEWSKI SMORE *: FREDDIE x SHOTTLE 0200HO02714       SPRINGWAY CELEBRATE * : MAN-O-MAN x BOLIVER The following Genomax™ bulls are also designated HealthSmart: 0200HO07846    RH SUPERMAN  : SUPERSIRE x MAN-O-MAN 0200HO09136    LEADERWIN MUSCADET : MOGUL x JEEVES 0200HO10240    COOKIECUTTER HEBDO : JABIR x SUPERSONIC 0200HO10181    DE-SU JIMJAM : JABIR x SHAMROCK 0200HO10179    DE-SU SUMMIT : JABIR x PLANET 0200HO10185    EVER-GREEN-VIEW EDIFY : DOORMAN x IOTA 0200HO06676    LADYS-MANOR OCTOBERFEST : OAK x DORCY 0200HO10130    SANDY-VALLEY CAREER : JACKMAN x SUPER For more information on Semex, Genetics for Life and the complete lineup of HealthSmart and Genomax sires visit
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April 2015 Proof Highlights

Semex’s corporate mission is to ‘Create value by developing and delivering innovative genetic solutions.’ We do not take this for granted and each genetic evaluation gives us the opportunity to reaffirm this commitment to our clients, whether they’re seeking GLPI, GTPI, GPLI, Type, Net Merit $, Calving Ease, Immunity+ or any of the other traits that drive profitability at the farm gate. Holstein Highlights: Top 5 genomic young bulls for UK Type Merit Top 4 genomic young bulls for PLI 0200HO06267 Gen-I-Beq Lavaman #1 PLI & #1 Increasing LPI sire Five of the top 20 new LPI sires 0200HO06320 Cangen Pinkman (Super x Baxter)  #1 Superstition son in Canada & #10 GLPI at +2951 Four of the top 20 GTPI sires 11 new proven Immunity+™ sires average +2599 GLPI/+2028 GTPI 9 new Genomax™ Immunity+™ sires average +3110 LPI/+2479 GTPI Jersey Highlights: 0200JE00075 Sunset Canyon Monopoly (Tbone x Lemvig) Semex’s #1 new release Genomax™ graduate #2 GLPI sire overall 0200JE00470 Comestar JDF Beautifull #7 GLPI sire overall Only double digit Conf bull in the top 30 at +11 with +10 Mammary and +13 Feet & Legs 0200JE09830 Sunset Canyon Determinate     #9 GJPI sire at 184 0200JE00183 Sunset Canyon David   #10 GJPI sire at 183 Ayrshire Highlights: 0200AY00713 Chaluka Virgile #2 GLPI sire Gains 220 LPI points and moves to #2 position 0200AY01003 Forever Schoon Perfecter (Rockstar x Calimero) High rated Rockstar son x famous Forever Schoon Perfecta EX 2E-96 0200AY01001 Des Coteaux Revolution (Orraryd x Poker) The #1 GPA LPI bull of the Ayrshire breed from the same maternal line that produced Rockstar, Decaf, Volvo and Mandarin 0200AY01000 D’Albanel Craftman (Volvo x Marlow) Top GPA LPI Immunity+™ Volvo son x deep pedigree with high production and Conformation To view daughter video ... Read More...