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As the bovine genetics industry continues to change, Semex also continues its growth trajectory. We're focused on our people, our strategy and our genetic solutions. We believe that people are the cornerstone of our success and we're pleased to announce the following promotions from within:
Semex is pleased to announce Michael Hurst has been named Director, USA Sales & Business Development. Most recently, Michael has been the Senior Sales Manager for Semex in the US, working closely with the sales team since his return to Semex in 2016. In this business unit leadership role, Michael will report directly to Gordon Miller, Sr. Vice President, Sales & Business Development.   Concurrently, Paul Krueger has been appointed to the new position of Vice President, Global Key Account & Solutions Strategy. Key to Semex's global growth, Paul will provide leadership and direction within Semex's key growth drivers. He will work closely with Semex's Business Unit Management Team, being responsible for key account strategy and management, our global IVF strategy, Immunity+® program management as well as strategizing and managing Semex's Solutions Suite to our global clients. 
"We're extremely excited to have Michael assume full management of our US Sales Team and for Paul to take on this new global role," says Gordon Miller, Sr. Vice President, Sales & Business Development. "Semex is proud to develop our leaders from within and we look forward to their continued contributions. Both gentlemen have the hands-on experience working with dairymen and our sales teams that make them ideal to deliver the industry's most innovative solutions to our clients."
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Semex Saddened With Passing Of Bertram Stewart

"Our hearts are heavy with the news of Bert Stewart's passing," says Paul Larmer, Semex Chief Executive Officer. "Bert was an international icon, promoting Canadian genetics everywhere dairy cattle could be found. To Canada, he was beloved by generations of dairy cattle enthusiasts. He was a consummate promoter of youth, being a coach and mentor to anyone that wanted to wear white pants or judge a show! At Semex, he was an influential mentor to many, many current and past employees, myself included. We were proud to have him be our representative on the Canadian 4-H Council and serve as their President. To say he will be missed is an understatement. Instead, we will honour him through our corporate and personal commitments to youth, in Canada and worldwide. Godspeed Bert, you have taught us well.”

Pictured above is Bert Stewart (right) with Semex legend Lowell Lindsay (left) at the 1989 Royal Winter Fair. 


Please find the obituary for Bertram Graham Hunter Stewart Below: 

Peacefully, at the Groves Memorial Hospital In Fergus, Ontario at the age of 85, surrounded by family, Bertram G. H. Stewart, beloved husband of the late of Hazel Stewart(201 I) of Elora, formerly of Hornby, Ontario and loving father of their four children, Paul, Lynne (Jim Moore), Donna (Tom Dotson), and Kelly French & Jason French. Proud grandfather, of Kristen (Scott Greenhill) & Adam (Erin) Dotson; Brian (Kim), Brent (Laura) & David (Alex) Moore, and Connor & Blaire French. He was blessed with great-grandchildren, Caden Greenhill, Evelyn Moore, Porter Moore and Andrew Dotson. 


Bertram was the seventh child of Ernie and Jennie Stewart of Better. Mourning his loss are his brothers Henry (Jean), Murray (Marnie), and his sister Dorothy (Lorne Paisley-deceased) He was predeceased by his brothers Andrew (Adele), R.J. (Betty-June), Hillard (Marguerite) and his sister lsobel (Elmer Russell). He was a loved ... Read More...


Semex is pleased to announce that Dr. Mehdi Sargolzaei was promoted to the position of Senior Geneticist at Semex, effective January 1, 2018.   Reporting to Dr. Michael Lohuis, Semex Vice President, Research & Innovation, Dr. Sargolzaei continues working with Semex's Genetics Research Team, expanding his responsibilities to include genomics project management and platform development.     Dr. Sargolzaei is extremely familiar to the Semex family, having first joined Semex's Research & Development Team at Boviteq in June 2009 as a Research Genomicist. In January 2014, he joined Semex's Genetic Team as Research Genomicist.   "We are excited to have Dr. Sargolzaei take a leadership role in Semex's genetic and genomic programs," says Lohuis. "Mehdi brings a wealth of experience in genomic evaluations, imputation and software development that will enable Semex to provide an even greater array of products and services to the global cattle breeding industry."   An accomplished geneticist with a Ph.D. in Animal Breeding & Genetics from Niigata University in Japan, an M.Sc. in Animal Breeding & Genetics from Isfahan University of Technology, Iran, and a B.Sc. in Animal Science from Sistan & Baluchestan University, Iran, Sargolzaei's extensive career began as a Research Assistant, National Animal Science Research Institute, Karaj, Iran. He later joined the University of Guelph, Centre for Genetic Improvement of Livestock in 2006 as a Research Associate. In this position, he developed several statistical methods and software tools, including 'FImpute' and 'snp1101', aiming at analyzing large scale genomic data encountered in livestock populations. The driving force behind his software developments has been a keen interest in applying newer statistical methods and advanced programming techniques for analyzing big genomic data.   He has authored/coauthored 65 peer ... Read More...

What Is Immunity?

By Dr Steven Larmer, Semex Dairy Solutions Coordinator  In 2012 Semex launched the Immunity+® sire line, a group of sires selected to create cows that will be more resistant and resilient to disease challenges faced every day by commercial cows. The question is, how does Immunity+ work and what does having better immunity really mean? Answering this question is not simple. It can be a lack of clear information. Here lies an important role for vets, feed advisors and hoof trimmers. Also, there seems to be a tunnel vision among farmers and advisors that stops them from seeing the shortcomings of the barns. Thirdly, fear of investing money and time will be involved, even though good management doesn't have to cost more than bad management. Here also lies a task for advisors: ideally they can not only provide the right information, but they can also help clients change.   The immune system of all animals is complex, and there are many factors that impact how an animal is able to respond to different disease challenges. There are several branches to the immune system. The two branches of the immune system most important for resistance and resilience to disease are the innate and adaptive immune systems.    The innate immune system is responsible for detecting any threat to the individual and initiating an immune response. The adaptive immune system is then responsible for determining the best response depending on the specific pathogen that has invaded the cow. Going a little deeper there are two separate components of the adaptive immune system. The antibody mediated adaptive immune response, or AMIR, is responsible for responding primarily to bacteria. Bacteria generally cause the more common on farm diseases, usually the ones that can be more easily treated. These include diseases such as mastitis, metritis, and digital dermatitis. Cell mediated adaptive immune response, or CMIR, on the other hand is primarily responsible for ... Read More...

Semex & Immunity+ Lineup Grows Stronger In December

Five years ago Semex answered the call of dairymen everywhere who wanted to breed more healthy cows with the launch of Immunity+, offering a genetic solution to health traits. Since then dairymen worldwide have seen firsthand the results of breeding healthier herds through the Immunity+ lineup. Five years later, real world data backs up the decades of research Semex supported at the University of Guelph in Canada under the direction of Dr. Bonnie Mallard, BSc (Agr), MSc, PhD, Professor Immunogenetics, Department of Pathobiology. We have taken data from over 35 large commercial herds, and analyzed data from over 30,000 cows and 75,000 heifers, says Dr. Steven Larmer, Semex Dairy Solutions Coordinator. The results have been astonishing. Reductions in every major disease have been seen, and range anywhere from 5-20% reduction in animals sired by Immunity+ sires compared to all others. Mastitis, lameness and mortality saw especially large decreases in frequency. We hear from dairymen worldwide on a daily basis that their Immunity+ sired calves out-perform their herdmates, says Paul Krueger, Semex Vice President, US Sales & Global Marketing. Were actively selecting sires that offer both Immunity+ and the genetic package needed. And in December, this lineup is stronger than ever. 13 Holstein sires over +2700 GTPI 24 Holstein sires over +2600 GTPI 14 Holstein sires over +800 NM$ 10 sires over 1000 DWP$ 10 sires over +3.00 PTAT 41 sires under 7% SCE 32 Jersey Immunity+ sires 12 Ayrshire Immunity+ sires Semexs lineups are growing with both proven and Genomax sires reigning popular and valuable worldwide: 70 over +800 NM$ 54 over +2700 GTPI 45 over 1000 DWP$ 45 over +2000 PTAM 45 over +3.00 PTAT #1 PTAT Sire 0200HO10036 OH-River-SYC Byway #3 PTAT Sire 0200HO06480 Val-Bisson Doorman 10 of the Top 50 UK Type Merit Sires 0200HO10659 Stantons Applicable #1 UK Type Merit 0200HO10757 Westcoast Lighthouse #2 UK Type Merit 0200HO06267 ... Read More...


The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair’s Canadian National Holstein Show showed 200HO sires continuing dominance in the show ring as global superstar 0200HO06480 Val-Bisson Doorman impressively sired 32 animals that placed in the top 10 in their respective classes.   These top placing individuals included three first places, 18 in the top five as well as the Res Junior Champion and 1st Jr Yrlg, JM Valley Doorman Lexi and Hon. Mention Intermediate Champion and 2nd Jr 3 Yr Old, Trefle Chassep Doorman. Known the world over as a fantastic sire of show winners and the #2 PTAT sire at +3.67   “Doorman has proven, that he is seriously taking over the reins as the Premier Sire at major shows,” says Julien Chabot, Semex Product Acquisition Specialist. “His domination was clear at the Royal, impressing with their harmonious balance of length and dairyness, combined with strength and the perfect width of frame. You add to this, their shallow, well-attached and veinatious udders with great feet & legs, and you get the complete package legends are made of. He makes the outstanding heifers that grow into special young cows that can win in the big league!”   Popular Genomax™ sire and Doorman son, 0200HO10146 Walnutlawn Solomon impressively sired six in the top 10 including the Junior Champion and 1st Summer Yearling, Kingsway Soloman Gorgeous.   Brian Carscadden, Semex Product Acquisition Specialist comments on Solomon, “Solomon’s family originates from Glen Drummond and was developed by Gen-I-Beq and Misty Springs. A Doorman from a tremendous Lavanguard, he’s definitely created a buzz as they begin to freshen, with shallow, well-attached udders and deep, open frames. They are very mobile and have a very correct slope from hooks to pins. There’s exciting days ahead for Solomon and I would not expect his popularity to wane anytime soon!”   Adding to the excitement surrounding this family, Semex is releasing 0200HO10992 Walnutlawn Sidekick, an ... Read More...

Semex's Millionaire Sire Fever Passes Away

Semex is saddened to announce that it’s 13th Millionaire Sire, 0200HO05592 Crackholm Fever, has passed away.   Debuting as the #2 Conformation sire in August 2010, Fever quickly became a stand-out in a sea of Goldwyn sons, and was dubbed the ‘Longevity King,’ as his proof only seemed to grow stronger as he added daughters from proof round to proof round. In August 2013, he was named the #1 second crop conformation sire, and with his great health traits and exceptional fertility he quickly became an international sensation, garnering his own searchable hashtag on social media… the #feverfanclub that is still active today.   "Fever was a truly exceptional bull,” says Paul Krueger, Vice President Global Marketing. “He stood out from all other Goldwyn sons because he offered high conformation along with desirable health traits. We’re extremely proud of the success he has had on dairies worldwide. Owners tell us that their Fevers are some of their most profitable and favorite cows they have. We’re very fortunate to have a limited quantity of Fever semen available, allowing dairymen to continue using this extremely popular Millionaire Sire.”
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The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and Semex are happy to announce that they have entered into a three-year agreement in which Semex extends and deepens its foundational sponsorship of The Royal. Semex is the presenting sponsor of what will now be known as the Semex Ring of Excellence, the main cattle show venue at the annual 10-day Fair. Semex will also expand its commercial presence and assume presenting sponsorship of the International Business Centre.


“Semex has a long and proud history with The Royal, and we are thrilled to be able to expand our partnership on behalf of all Canadian breeders,” says Paul Larmer, Semex’s Chief Executive Officer. “Our global clients come to watch this amazing showcase of Canadian agricultural excellence each year. And, in 2017 we’re excited about our expanded presence, and we once again look forward to welcoming hundreds of guests worldwide to experience The Royal in the newly named Semex Ring of Excellence!”


The 2016 Fair saw the Ring of Excellence expand and relocate to accommodate the growing breeding cattle shows as well as host three significant 4-H youth shows. It was also the first year that all shows were webcast with state of the art webcasting technology. This premier show venue places agriculture front and centre on the fair floor.


“Semex and The Royal have a long and thriving relationship,” says Charlie Johnstone, Chief Executive Officer of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. “We’re taking that relationship to the next level with this new agreement. With Semex’s generous sponsorship, we can continue to build on our mission to improve exhibitor experience for our world-class livestock shows.”


World renown for delivering high quality bovine genetics, Semex has been solving problems and satisfying producers through its distributor network for over 43 years. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with their ... Read More...


Semex’s Immunity+™ sires deliver a healthier herd through lowered mastitis, less lameness and less mortality. Exclusive to Semex, these sires offer the only genetic solution to herd health and are quickly becoming the choice for strategic herd health improvement globally.   “Long ago we recognized the need to help our clients breed a healthier herd,” says Paul Krueger, Semex Immunity+ Global Brand Manager. "Since December 2012 our Immunity+ lineup has offered the world’s only option to genetically improve herd health. Dairymen appreciate this and recognize the true value of a healthier herd.”   "Each proof round, our Immunity+ portfolio increases in quality, with the valuable Immunity+ brand found throughout both our proven and Genomax™ offering. Our Genomax Immunity+ lineup now has 16 sires over +2600 GTPI and 37 over +2500, offering the best genetic package possible in the world with Immunity+!”   In its elite Genomax™ lineup, Semex now has: 80 Genomax Immunity+ bulls over +2400 GTPI 37 Genomax Immunity+ bulls over +2500 GTPI 16 Genomax Immunity+ bulls over +2600 GTPI 23 Genomax Jersey Immunity+ bulls   8 Genomax Ayrshire Immunity+ bulls   Leading the Holstein group is 0200HO10693 Siemers Bloomfield (Delta x Numero Uno x Shottle), who is the #3 Delta available at +2808 GTPI with +8.2 PL, +4.1 DPR, 2.63 SCS, +103 PTAF with a +0.33% Fat and solid +2.29 PTAT and +2.93 UDC. Bloomfield is also a HealthSmart™ and RobotReady™ sire. His maternal line is popular worldwide, with his dam being a VG-85 Numero Uno from EX-94-2E 22* Gen-I-Beq Shottle Bombi back to Braedale Gypsy Grand herself.     For more information on Semex, Genetics for Life, Immunity+, Genomax sires or any of Semex’s brands visit: 
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Semex’s genetic development strategy is netting results for our clients worldwide. In August, we’re proud to add sires to the 200 lineup that offer our global clients the genetic solutions they need to remain and become more profitable and long-lasting:   Genomax™ sires are also topping the North American charts, with 25 over +2700 GTPI and 108 over +2600 GTPI! These sires average $784 NM$, +2.12 PTAT, +2.07 UDC, +6.9 PL and +2.1 DPR. This group is led by 0200HO10619 Silverridge V Imax at +2811 GTPI with +1952 PTAM, +90 PTAF, +0.06% Fat, +6.8 PL and +2.53 PTAT. Semex's new #1 daughter proven GTPI sire, is HealthSmart™ sire 0200HO10079 Regancrest Brigham! He's #26 on Holstein Association USA's Top 100 TPI International Bulls at +2549. Impressively, for bulls over +2500 he's #3 PTAT at +2.83, #4 UDC at +2.96 and #7 PL at +7.5. 200HO sires are at the top of the August 2017 PTAT list (with daughters) with #1 being 0200HO10036 OH-River-SYC Byway +3.75 and #2 0200HO06480 Val-Bisson Doorman at +3.67! Other chart toppers include: 0200HO10363 Stantons High Octane at +3.27 (#13); 0200HO02692 Gibbs-I Claynook Dude at +3.21 (#16); 0200HO03913 Croteau Lesperron Unix at +3.10 (#21); 0200HO02770 Sully Hart Meridian at +3.09 (#23); 0200HO02667 Duckett-BH Sennet at +3.07 (#26); and 0200HO10362 Stantons Capital Gain at +3.05 (#27)! 0200HO3910 Comestar Lautrust remains a top LPI sire at #2 +3248 LPI and is a high fertility Repromax™, HealthSmart™, Calving Ease and A2A2 sire. 0200HO03913 Croteau Lesperron Unix, an Immunity+™, ShowTime™ and Calving Ease sire remains Canada’s #1 Conf sire at +18 and scores an impressive +3.10 PTAT, +3.25 UDC with a 6.4% SCE. 200JE sires dominated the GLPI list in Canada with the top 12 GLPI all calling Semex home as well as 16 of the top 20 and 25 of the top 50. Semex’s Ayrshire sires continue to dominate in Canada, holding the #1 newly proven position, the #1 ... Read More...